Three breaking news items last night. The most important and most sad was the death of Barbara Bush.

Wife of one President, mother of another. A class act. An independent women. Wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother. A political influence in her own way.

The world needs more Barbara Bushes.

Another breaking news item involved a Supreme Court case and Justice Neil Gorsuch. A Trump appointee. Trump’s only appointee so far. A conservative. Tipped the balance of power on the Court to 5-4 in favor of the conservative block.

A good Justice/Judge is one that cannot be depended on to vote the party line, so to speak. Gorsuch has generally been voting with his conservative brethren. Not in the Sessions v. Dimaya decision rendered yesterday.

Gorsuch voted with the liberal block. As a result, the Court struck down a part of one of Trump’s immigration laws having to do with the deportation of illegal immigrants who had criminal records. Thousands of immigrants affected.

Gorsuch wrote a decision saying the law was vague. What is a cime under the statue? Everyone? Traffic offenses?

Gorsuch wrote, “Vague laws invite arbitrary power.” I view Trump as an authoritarian figure. Arbitrariness part of authoritarianism.

Trump had to be upset. I can hear him now. I gave the guy the best job a lawyer can have. Made his career. And he does this to me!

May Trump experience more surprises!

The third breaking news item involved Sean Hannity. Turns out he has more than one Trump attorney. Victoria Toensing and Jay Sekulow have joined the club.

More interesting the nature of the representation.

On May 25, 2017, Toensing and Sekulow jointly wrote a letter to a Tulsa, Oklahoma radio station. They signed the letter as Counsel For Sean Hannity.

A conservative activist had said on a show that Hannity had been “creepy” towards her and invited her to his room.

The Toensing and Sekulow letter was a warning to the radio station to cease and desist from any further comment re the woman’s claims.

The woman’s name was reported.

I care not how many Trump lawyers Hannity uses. Though I do wish he would come clean on an issue that has nothing to do with anything.

By being silent, he may have opened the door to real aggravation. The woman’s statement. Time will tell.

Key West is to be honored tomorrow. Trump is visiting. Only for two hours. He is meeting with a military anti-smuggling group. An in and out trip.

This morning’s Key West Citizen says to expect protests. Meeting places include the White Street Pier and City Hall. Those protesting are asked to dress in black and carry signs.

Key West will not be behaving as One Human Family tomorrow.

KONK Life is a weekly publication. Covers the Keys.

I wrote a column for several years for KONK Life. The Key West Lou COMMENTARY. I considered the column the best writing I did.

I had too much on my plate and stopped doing the column two years ago. I have missed it. I believe I am better organized today.

My first column will be published in the KONK Life edition which hits the stands tomorrow. Concerns the Post Office. I believe the Post Office has been stomped upon in recent years. They are not at fault for today’s Post Office debt and insufficient help. Congress is the culprit.

The article is titled Congress To Blame For Post Office Debt. Eye opening.

Jenna Stauffer is a love of my life. My producer when I did my TV show for 3 years. Taught me everything.

Jenna continues to have a finger here and there in Key West life. One involves videoing for realtors houses they intend to sell. Her work professional. I know. She has videoed me several times over the years and each time I came out looking better than I did.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of our Revolutionary War in The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere. He wrote the work in the 1860’s. The ride of Paul Revere took place in the 1775. It involved Concord and Lexington and the beginning of our war for freedom.

Longfellow made Revere hero of the day. He was a hero, though not the only one. There were other riders through the night shouting…..To arms, to arms, the British are coming.

Besides Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and a Dr. Peterson.

The British captured Revere early in his ride. Questioned him roughly for two hours and then let him go. Dr. Peterson is reported to have completed Revere’s ride.

Dawes was captured also. He escaped by jumping his horse over a stone wall.  Subsequently, he lost his horse and had to walk to Lexington.

Prescott originally was not part of the ride. He was returning from a lady friend’s house at the awkward hour of 1 am. He was recruited for the ride. The British captured him, also. He escaped and rode on to Concord warning Patriots along the way.

Enjoy your day!






  1. I agree about Mrs Bush. She was a tough gal. I wonder if you’re read what professor randa jarrar had to say about her.

  2. You really are a dick Patrick, even if Randa Jarrar was brutally accurate in saying those things about Barbara Bush. I don’t think you really needed to bring that to everybody’s attention just now. That is unnecessarily tacky and in bad taste.

    • So, Louis headlines his blog with Barbara Bush, meaning, her name is relevant to the discussion.
      Patrick mentions that someone disparaged her. You agree with this sick professor and her tacky and bad taste comments.

      So PATRICK is the one unnecessarily tacky and in bad taste.

      Quite the spin there Ron. I’m dizzy.

      • Yes, no need for him to have brought up anything, apart from simply saying that he agreed with Lou in his admiration for Barbara Bush, simple enough and very respectful of Mrs. Bush and of Lou’s comments. Instead he chose to draw attention to some obscure California professor that no one is talking about, elevating comments that almost no one outside of his world would ever have known or cared about. Instead he chose to toss a bomb. I say that’s tacky and unnecessary.

          • This is a comment section. Where Louis welcomes different opinions and debate. And he welcomes Patrick’s input as he has stated several times. It seems that since Patrick is 180 degrees from Louis, he is not allowed to opine on the comment page. Do I have that right?

        • A simple lap around the internet will produce this story about the professor and her disgusting opinions about Barbara Bush, it’s not obscure at all. It was a very topical comment for the subject at hand. Perhaps you could have commented on how disgusting it was for the professor to have said that, instead of the Messenger (Patrick).

          • But she’s entitled to her opinions too, right? Especially if her statement are true and you just don’t like them. You also don’t need to bring them sunshine, introducing them to those of us who are not scouring the internet for hate, as you seem to be. I’m not sure if any of the Bush family reads Lou’s blog, but if they do, I doubt they were happy to see this brought up at this this particularly sensitive time for them. Neither was I and that is what I was saying. If you feel you are above any criticism and wish to twist that around, OK!

            I’ve tried to give you the benefit of doubt, being a fellow conservative. But I was wrong. I think Lou is wrong about you too, you are not about conservatism or about right wing views, you are really just a troublemaker who is more about spreading your brand of hate than any real serious discussion.

  3. In bad taste, ‘thats like your opinion man’. And we all know know what is said about opinions. I don’t care about yours. I liked Mrs Bush, I don’t like jarrar and think she was being the dick. I asked a simple question and I’m pretty sure you had to go and look it up.

  4. jarrar is no longer an obscure professor. She is in the headlines and apparently enjoys being there. She does have the right, on her own time, to say what she likes. But, she also has to then take responsibility for what she says and not try to hide behind tenure. I feel she should be fired and then lose the lawsuit that would probably come from it. After she loses the lawsuit she should be held responsible for all the legal costs.

    I also believe in information and to allow everyone to make their own decision. I don’t think there is such a thing as too much info. But, there are those that think info should be limited to their own beliefs and have to mindlessly refer to others as certain body parts when their beliefs differ. So to react in kind, ron [ little r ron], is 180º behind the dick.

    My initial question was directed at one person to see if he had heard/read about it. I didn’t expect to read a response from him, but, I think he would have looked it up if he hadn’t heard it. I’m pretty sure the Bush family didn’t have to read this blog to know what that professor wrote.

    • What Patrick has deliberately chosen not to mention, is that there was someone else who had something not very nice to say about Barbara Bush, right after she died. Someone far better known and much more visible. Roger Stone, the very well known Republican operative, said about Barbara Bush that “She was a mean-spirited, vindictive drunk, She is ascending into hell right now. She’s not going to heaven. She was a bad person” and he said all that in a high profile television interview. He also reportedly said on instagram that “Barbara Bush drank so much booze, if they cremated her …her body would burn for three days.” These were/are widely published reports, why would Patrick not mention these instead of the relatively obscure comments from the unknown Randa Jarrar? Had he just not done his homework, or was he trying to use Lou’s blog for some other reason? Patrick is really not a reasonable spokesman for the right wing, he’s just a deliberate troublemaker always trying to hide behind free speech.

  5. Bragging about your ‘special’ relationship with Key West Lou (above) seems a cheap bit of grandstanding. Especially in that I don’t ever recall him saying or even suggesting you be above any criticism or comment. The posts given to you here on this reply area were pretty mild and arguably warranted, certainly rightful, despite your over the top responses of questionable self-indignation. And nowhere that I can see, was anyone saying you shouldn’t be posting, nor challenging you about your feelings about Barbara Bush, or Randa Jarrar or anything about your right to post what you did on this site. Your honor has not been imputed, apart maybe from within your own paranoid mind. What game are you playing?

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