The New Zealand shooter Brenton Harrison Tarrant is a nationalist, white supremacist. Before going on the rampage with 2 others which resulted in 50 deaths and many injured, he issued a 74 page manifesto. He bragged of his support for white power and made many observations in support of his position.

One regards our esteemed President Donald Trump. Many in the U.S. recognize Trump as a nationalist and white supremacist.

Tarrant wrote re Trump that he was “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”

Putting everything into perspective, it is obvious one of Tarrant’s motivations were Trumps words over the past 2 years re white supremacy.  Tarrant had to think if the President of the U.S. thinks this way, it has to be good. Something like the Smuckers slogan.

Trump must  learn to bite his tongue, to think before he speaks. His words impact the world. He will not however. Not his nature, not the man.

Instead of spreading good, he encourages evil. Tarrant and what occurred in New Zealand one example.

Ho, ho, ho. Not Christmas. St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone is Irish!

St. Patrick was of Roman-English origin. When 16, he was captured by Irish pagan warriors and taken to Ireland. He spent 6 years in Ireland before escaping back to England.

Patrick became a priest. Returned to Ireland. His intent to convert the pagan Druids to Catholicism. He was successful. A reason he was elevated to saint status.

Shamrocks cover lawns by the thousands. Everywhere. Patrick used the 3 leafed plant in helping with the pagan conversion. He was having difficulty explaining the Trinity concept. Three persons in one God. He used the shamrock to get his point across.

It is claimed Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Not true. All scientific findings are clear there were no snakes sin Ireland. Had something to do with glaciers centuries before.

He did drive certain persons out of Ireland, however. Druids who refused to convert. The Druids over the years have transformed into snakes.

Duval will be packed with party goers today. Big time. Most going from one bar to another for a drink. Many will drink too much and pay for it later.

Schooner Wharf and Irish Kevin’s will be bursting at the seams with customers.

I am not sure I will be on Duval. I am at a stage in my life where these huge gatherings have lost their interest. Perhaps I did it too much in the past.

Have to hustle. I have a house guest arriving this morning. Doing the airport pickup.

One of the difficult problems with a house guest is getting the house ready. I have been at it a couple of days. A real pain!

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Trump is not alone in his hate and bigotry. We must understand that something like 89% of all republicans support Trump. We can ONLY asume they too support this hate and bigotry. You cannot support Trump and not support his ideology.

    • Well said, it is distressing to think how many have been willing to compartmentalize when it comes to Trump…… Dump Trump 2020! That will surely Make America Great.

  2. That New Zealand guy is just the tip of the iceberg. I have heard locals expressing similar sentiments. Imagine that, if you can.

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