St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Two whole days this year because of the weekend. Everyone is Irish. Most will be wearing the green.

Party time! Two days of the Duval crawl. Imagine! Drinking all that beer. Colored green, of course.

Key West party goers are fortunate. We have in excess of 300 bars.

Corned beef and cabbage. Oh, how I look forward to it. Only once a year. On St. Pat’s Day. One problem. Can’t get it. Everywhere I go, even with reservations, the restaurants are sold out.

I have a house guest coming in tomorrow for 2 weeks. Barbara. I am going to surprise her! Buy a piece of corned beef from Publix and ask her to cook it for me some day this week.

Hopefully, she will be amenable.

Key West will be crazier than normal these 2 days. There are locals, tourists, and spring breakers. My running around will be limited.

Chart Room last night. Still feel heavy re Che’s death. That feeling.

John, Steve and Cindy at the bar. Some Che discussion. Not much. I suspect everyone wanted to avoid the topic.

Mary there, also. We ended up having dinner together at Pier 1 outside on the deck. A beautiful evening, a beautiful view. Boats going back and forth in the distance. The boats returning home after watching Key West’s fabled sunset.

I must share something. Pier 1’s food is exceptional. A new chef was hired last year. She is amazing!

Living on an island, one learns respect for nature, fish, birds, little deer, etc. Something about it. Man becomes conscious of nature.

You are already aware of the nut who jumped off a pier onto a pelican. Can’t do it. Pelicans Federally and State protected.

William Hunter Hardesty the guilty tourist.

He left town. A warrant for his arrest was obtained. Everyone is upset with the man. He had the event videoed and run on Facebook, also.

A warrant was issued for his arrest. Evidence of the seriousness of what occurred is that the warrant was 10 pages long. Highly unusual.

Hardesty was vacationing yesterday in Ocean City, Maryland. Bragging to everyone re his exploit with the Key West pelican. Some had read in the news re his wrongdoing and that the police were looking for him. They called the police. Hardesty has been arrested. Bail $80,000.

The charges include cruelty to a migrating bird and intentionally feeding a pelican.

The message: Don’t jump on our pelicans! Serious wrongdoing!

I have been preaching for several years that robots are coming. People everywhere are aware. Our politicians not. Government is not doing anything to plan for the invasion and retrain the multitude of humans that will be out of work.

A new robot was introduced yesterday. The Guardian LFI, Mark 3 Underwater Robot.

Perfect for Keys’ waters. The robots’ sole function are to control the lionfish population.

Lionfish generally reside on coral reefs at a depth that divers cannot safely reach. The depths where lionfish breed.

The robot can dive to the depth a human cannot. The robot stuns a lionfish and brings it to the surface. Each robot can stun up to 10 lionfish a dive.

Lionfish are extremely dangerous to native reef fish. Scientists estimate lionfish ae reducing native reef fishes by 79 percent.

This blog has in excess of 69,000 subscribers. Readers from all over the world. I hear from distant followers frequently.

Today, Theodore Markis. A Greek. I love Greece!

First time I have heard from Markis. He sent via Facebook a copy of a Greek newspaper. A newspaper published in Epirus called Proinos Logos. A copy of the 3/4/19 edition.

Markis lives and works in Ioannina, Greece. Don’t know what he does. He studied at Northwestern.

Markis has become friends with Key West artist Raymond Rolston. They have been together in Key West and Greece.

The purpose of the newspaper was to introduce me to the artist Rolston. He shows at Sunset at Mallory Square and the Island Arts Gallery.

Rolston has done a number of paintings incorporating Key West and Greek scenes. Makes for special works.

I am ashamed to say I have never met Rolston. I will do so soon. Hopefully Markis and I can have a continuing e-mail relationship. I ask Markis to write me directly at

The following galls me. It will gall you.

September is the last month of the Federal budget/fiscal year. No one tries to save money. Any monies remaining in the till in September are spent. God forbid a surplus at the end of the year. Such might mean fewer dollars in the next year’s budget.

Trump says we are hurting financially. He wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Before he does so, he should look at the wasteful September spending in the government.

September found the budget with $197 billion unspent. Working under the use it or lose it philosophy, following are some examples of where our taxpayer dollars went.

The Pentagon spent $4.6 million on lobster and crab. Someone ordered a $9,341 Wexford office chair. $11, 816 on a foosball table. $258,901 on pianos.


Enjoy your day!



  1. Geez. It was just one pelican that wasn’t even harmed. What about all the others that choke to death when people throw their fish junk in the water? I guess you never had them crap on your dock or your boat.

    • Because it is wrong? Because there are laws against it? Because you have to be a cretin to do such a thing?

      Ever occur to you that YOUR dock or boat is in THEIR water/habitat?

  2. Top o’ the evening to you, Lou! I was in KW last year for St. Patrick’s Day and enjoyed a fabulous corned beef and cabbage from Fausto’s hot deli. Take out of course but I must say it was absolutely delicious!! ☘️

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