I was out last night. The talk was Jimmy Buffett was in town and would be performing tonight at Margaritaville on Duval. Purportedly he was in Key West to do some recordings today.

Not sure. People hyped, however. Again, I may not be correct. Go at your own risk. The worse that can happen is you will enjoy a good burger.

My night began at the Chart Room. John bartending. My farmer friend Devon from northwest Illinois at the bar.He had just returned from Illinois. Checked things out, bought some seed, visited his bankers.

Devon still not a happy camper as far as Trump is concerned. May never be. As he tells it, Trump has screwed everything up in the farming industry. People in his area are going out of business or hanging in there suffering big time.

He and his brother run a large farm. Big time farmers! Soybeans their primary product. The soybeans are filling barns and lying under carps on the ground.

Devon is happy the Canada/Mexican deal is a go. He won’t make more money. He will make the same, however. Nothing will ever make up for the loss his operation has suffered.

The China deal does not impress him. He has experienced China shenanigans before. He will believe a somewhat China resolution when that which he grows moves and sells.

In the meantime, Devon enjoys Key West. He is a snowbird. Owns a huge condominium complex at the corner of Fleming and William Streets. Purchased when things were good.

Stopped at the VFW on the way home for a bite to eat. A grilled cheese sandwich.

Met Abigail. Cute bartender.

The VFW has dancing music friday nights. I was unaware. Many couples. Happily dancing the night away.

I did bad last night. Had 2 drinks. Beefeater on the rocks. I said screw it! It was time to cheat a bit.

One at the Chart Room, the other at VFW.

This day in different years Key West movie time.

On this day in 1956, The Rose Tattoo premiered at the Strand and San Carlos Theaters in Key West.

A movie filmed in Key West. Most of the filming done at a house on Duncan. Two doors from Tennessee Williams’ home. Williams had written the play The Rose Tattoo.

My Lisa lives 1 1/2 blocks from The Rose Tattoo house and Willams’ home.

Burt Lancaster and Anna Mangani starred in the movie. Mangani won the Academy Award for Best Performance by a Woman.

Come 1959 and Operation Petticoat was being filmed in Key West. A humorous World War II submarine movie starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

Trump’s attorneys for the Senate impeachment trial have been announced. Two are Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz.

My thoughts concerning each.

Ken Starr is now 73. He “prosecuted” the Clinton impeachment. I considered him a slime then and still do. His pursuit of a case of oral copulation and a lie would have been comparable to Hitler or Stalin having been out on trial for their wrongdoings. I did not like the manner in which he pursued “victory.”

I was especially disappointed when he obtained court orders forcing Secret Service agents who were protecting Clinton to testify to whatever they knew of his transgressions. A first for the Secret Service “telling” on the man they were sworn to protect.

Starr had a distinguished legal career before becoming  Special Counsel. He had been a federal appellate judge and Solicitor General of the U.S.

I suspect he took on the “heavy responsibility” of proving a blow job because he thought it might lead to a U.S. Supreme Court seat.

He was fooled. He ended up a Professor of Law at Pepperdine University and then Chancellor/President at Baylor University.

Interestingly, sex initially made him popular and some time later sex led to his downfall. There was an accusation of sexual violence having occurred at Baylor and the Administration not doing anything about it.

Baylor “punished” Starr by removing him for the President’s job. He was permitted to stay on as Chancellor. The only class thing I give Starr credit for involved what happened thereafter. He resigned the Chancellorship and left Baylor saying, “The Captain goes down with the ship.”

Monica Lewinsky was made aware of Starr’s appointment to the President’s team yesterday. She tweeted, “Are you f–king” kidding me?”

I would expect nothing less from her. Starr maltreated Lewinsky badly during the investigation. Like secreting her in a hotel room away from counsel while grilling her as to what had occurred. Starr and staff beating up in effect on a young lady hidden away from an attorney and her family.

Alan Dershowitz. Now 81. An outstanding attorney most of his life. I am not sure as to his ability at this stage of his life. Time may have passed him by.

Dershowitz spent most of his career as a Harvard Law Professor. During those years, he was permitted to practice outside of his teaching duties. His 2 most famous cases involved Claus von Bulow and O. J. Simpson.

His efforts have been all over the place in recent years.

He campaigned against Trump in 2016.  He has already endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 Democratic primary.

Dershowitz has been critical of many of Trump’s decisions. Like the travel ban, rescission of protections for Dreamers, and failure to single out white national provocations in Charlottesville.

On the other hand, he does not believe Trump’s firing of Comey constituted an obstruction of justice, believes the Michael Flynn conviction strange, and Russia’s collusion in the 2016 election not a crime.

Regarding impeachment itself and perhaps the reason Trump selected him, Dershowitz published in 2018: The Case Against Impeaching Trump.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It’s hilarious to see now, where in a 1999 interview Donald Trump called Ken Star a “Lunatic” and a “Disaster.” He went on in a separate interview, that same year, to call him a “Freak” an added that he’d “bet he has got something in his closet.”

    Now who’s the “Freak” ?

    • It’s even funnier to see where Ken Starr recently, during the House Impeachment proceedings, panned the “President’s “Poor Judgement” and that the “Testimony against him doesn’t look so good.”

      Trump probably hired Starr to help defend him, because everybody else said no.

  2. Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin has been banned from speaking a hotel owned by a local family. Here in the “one human family” town we have folks who do not want others to speak. But the students from the U OF MAINE found an other venue and filled it just like Trump does.

  3. You are so full of crap Sandy Brains, it is a wonder anyone would believe ANYTHING you talk about. One can almost always know that whatever you babble about isn’t accurate or probably not true at all.

    FYI, it was CONSERVATIVE groups in Maine, tired of her racists and anti-Semitic rants, that got her speech canceled.

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