Today is the birthday of an event that has become part of American history. To be remembered for all time.


On this day in 1969, Woodstock opened. A three day event. A half million in attendance. A musical counterculture.

The event was three days. For many, it took an additional three days to get out of the upstate New York area where Woodstock was held.

Larry Smith and Christine Cordone were there. Singing, sloshing through the mud, hungry, dirty, etc.

The half million attendees were known as hippies. Anti everything. Trying to change the face of America. Succeeded in many ways.

Larry is still playing and singing as is Christine. Christine is a school teacher by day. Also has developed into one of Key West’s premier water color artists.

Larry entertains tonight at The Little Room Jazz Club. Take his performance in. Recall as he plays that this is a man who played and sang at Woodstock. He is a part of the history. Fifty years ago.

I spent yesterday afternoon writing this week’s KONK Life column. Mommy, I’m Hungry. Starvation today in Venezuela.

I wrote the column last sunday, also. Lost it before I could send it out. It is somewhere in never never land. Redoing it this week provided the opportunity to reorganize the article. Not necessary. Did it for the hell of it. I like it better than last week’s. The content the same. the structure different.

A most interesting time at the Chart Room. One other guest. A professional employee at the local hospital. He provided insight. Big time. I learned many interesting things.

All he wants is for the hospital to reorganize so better care is afforded th patients. He conceded it was not the best. Everything should be on the table. From billing to staff attitude.

Will it happen? He was doubtful. Too many different forces at work. Each with their own ax to grind. Some seeking personal gain.

Then to Publix. There would have been no breakfast this morning had I not gone.

I was home by 9. CNN had advertised a sociopath show all week. A subject I am deeply interested in. The show was not run. Another in its place.

Tomorrow night, the Key West City Commission meets. On the table is Truman Waterfront Park. Specifically, Truman Harbor.

The Park has been in the development stage for 15 years. I think it is time something is done.

The Harbor problem is relatively new. Brought up by new City Commissioner Payne. Kaufman is another new Commissioner who comes up with impractical ideas

Payne is a retired Judge. Sounds like a cranky old Judge. Leave the Harbor issue alone. It is 15 years and still nothing done. Hiring a specialized law firm to study and if feasible sue will result in nothing but a waster of money. Will add more years of delay onto the already 15 years of nothing done. Move ahead as the plan is presently formulated.b

Kaufman, you are trying to do too many things. Take a step back. Pause for a moment. Prioritize. Be practical.

To the Commission as a whole, you think you are performing wonders. You are not. You think the community is behind you. They are not.

Here I am criticizing the City Commission. I would also be critical of the Wyoming State Legislature.

Wind power is a growing business in Wyoming. Or, was. Four years ago, Wyoming decided to tax the wind used. $1 per megawatt.

Tax wind?

The reason was not revenue. The fossil fuel industry was against wind power. They influenced the Legislature to pass the wind tax to discourage wind power development. The lobbyists succeeded. Only $15 million has been collected in four years.

No other State has opted to tax the wind used in wind power industries.

Enjoy your day!


8 comments on “WOODSTOCK

  1. I was a college waitress in Hyannisport Cape Cod during Woodstock. I couldn’t stand to be around those smelly, pot smoking, acid trip hippies. haha.

  2. Well, at least you got the right decade. Woodstock ran from the 15th to 17th 1969 in Bethel/White Lake NY.
    A friends band played there, bought a hose [ Big Pink] and never left.

  3. I forgot.

    hose + house

    Your new friend from the hospital is right. The treatment at the hospital is the pits/ incompetent. But, then it is bad thru out that town including the urgent care. Anyone in need of some competent care needs to head to Miami.

  4. Lou, Two comments:

    1. Woodstock was in 1969. ✌

    2. The wind tax in Wyoming sounds similar to the rain tax Martin O’Malley enacted in Maryland a couple years ago, which has been repealed since O’Malley wore his welcome out and Larry Hogan, a man who seems to have a semblance of common sense, thank God, became governor oF Maryland.

    Enjoy your day, as well.


  5. “To the Commission as a whole, you think you are performing wonders. You are not. You think the community is behind you. They are not.”

    Sounds like you need to run for office on the Commission and fix things.

    “Wind power is a growing business in Wyoming. Or, was. Four years ago, Wyoming decided to tax the wind used. $1 per megawatt.”

    Wyoming is a stronghold for the rich fossil fuel interests, anything that won’t burn they’ll tax, as hypocritical as adding a “tax” should be to them, their wallets always come first before their so-called “principals.”

  6. Louia, you so nor need to run for any Keys office. Age maybe reason. Main reason though is – keep your precious time remaining years to just do your blog. That’s your calling imo

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