Key West belongs to the ladies this week. Womenfest 2022 officially begins today and runs through September 11.

Several thousand women will meet, great and party. The event is one the largest gatherings of lesbians and their friends in the United States.

The fun begins!

My ankle swelling continues. Seven weeks now. Where is the relief? When?

Saw the doctor late yesterday afternoon. I am pilled out. Water pills at capacity level. Potassium, also. Compression socks next. I’m going to look beautiful!

Stopped at Sally O’Brien’s for an early dinner. Women’s Wimbledon on TV. Chatted with bartender. She bartended in Dubai when major tennis tournaments were scheduled. She said, “Dubai went crazy!”

Two items of significant importance on the agenda this morning. Judge Aileen Cannon’s off the wall decision in the Mar-a-Lago case and Putin’s cruelty.

Bess Levin describes the whacked Judge’s decision in her 9/6/22 article in Vanity Fair: Trump’s Special Master Situation Is Shady As Fuck, say Legal Experts.

Levin claims Cannon “threw the ex-President an outrageous, legally-suspect bone.” She granted Trump’s request for a Special Master and blocked prosecutors from using the 11 thousand documents in their criminal investigation until a Special Master review was complete. Her order specifies “personal items and documents and potentially privileged material subject to claims of attorney-client and/or executive privilege.”

Levin pulls no punches. Claims the Judge’s decision is considered the worst of the worst by the best legal minds in the Nation: “If you’re wondering if Cannon’s decision was one…..the legal community would agree was well-founded, legitimate, and completely unimpeachable, the answer is no, no, and hell no…..the ruling is laughably bad, and the written justification is even flimsier.”

As stated, leading legal scholars and attorneys are in accord. The Judge’s decision the worst of the worst. Comments included “Trump is being privileged / ultimately lawless / Cannon has disgraced her position as an Article III judge / first year law students would have written a better opinion / Cannon giving special considerations to the former President that former ordinary, everyday citizens do not receive.”

The most galling observation was that “the argument by Cannon that Trump would suffer grave reputational harm” if  a Special Master was not allowed to intervene. Levin nailed that one to the wall: “A claim that most legal experts agreed was utter bullshit.”

Vladimir Putin is plain evil. He is my way or the highway. Revenge and retaliation the order of the day if he is thwarted.

He brought the Ukraine on himself. He now blames everyone else.

Two tools Putin is using to reek revenge and retaliation are the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and gas sales to European nations. Suffer and die from nuclear radiation and freeze to death in the winter.

The guy’s a real winner!

The nuclear plant. A UN watchdog agency completed its 5 day investigation of feared leakages from the plant. The agency released its report yesterday. The report calls for a safety zone around the power plant. A “nuclear safety and security protection zone” around what is Europe’s largest nuclear plant.

Ukraine and Russia have blamed each other for shelling dangerously close to the plant, prompting warning’s of a potential radiation disaster.

Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency: “We are playing with fire and something very, very catastrophic could take place.” He said shelling must stop around Zaporizhzhia and stop immediately.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres demanded that Ukraine and Russia establish a “demilitarized perimeter” around the plant.

Understand clearly any leak could in short course cover all of Europe. Chernobyl repeated on a much larger scale.

Russia is a major supplier of gas to European nations. Various sanctions are torturing Russia economically. Sanctions imposed because of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Putin is financially strapped. He has issued an ultimatum. Lift the sanctions or I will cut off gas deliveries to European nations.

Another example of the hard ball Putin plays. He caused the problem for himself by invading Ukraine. He can’t continue paying for his sin, however. He is a rat cornered. Expect anything and everything from him.

Winter is around the corner. If countries are without Russia’s gas, many will freeze, become ill, babies and elderly die.

Zaporizhzhia and Russian gas are Hitler’s gas chambers for Putin.

Enjoy your day!




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