What I am about to share may initially be received with no way! Louis is out of his mind! Could be. Though I doubt it. My thoughts are merely another step in  a progression that began with the repeal of Roe v. Wade

Republicans finally succeeded in destroying Roe. v. Wade. Within days, The American people realized there were other adverse impacts involved. States like Texas immediately legislated many. All making the life of women more difficult. Court decisions completely unreasonable came down where abortions were cried for and no local immediate relief was available. The 10 year old girl requiring an abortion comes to mind.

Treatises and other writings  tell us contraception is on the chopping block. Even talking to a doctor in some states about where to go for abortion relief.

So nothing is really insane when examining the fall out.

Fascism is on the rise in the U.S. The democratic process of voting in 2022 and 2024 may eliminate the danger. If not and even if democracy wins, blood on the ground may still be inevitable.

What is this “danger” that in most areas does not even rise to a whisper? Forced childbirth. There is a Republican undercurrent that believes increased childbirth among Republican white women is required to maintain and continue the victories achievable with the defeat of Roe. Legislating in various forms would make it possible.

Mussolini was a fascist. He is the historic hero of forced childbirth. The idea is force women to give birth under the cloak of pro-family citizenship.

At this point many may be thinking Mussolini/Italy are no way similar to persons in the U.S. today. A state legislator already tried to play the game. Delaware State Republican Representative Richard Collins in 2019 introduced legislation which would force women to give birth against their will. The bill went nowhere. Collins still a member of the Delaware House of Representatives.

Back to Mussolini’s motherhood factories. Referred to also as “industrial motherhood.” On 4/1/22 Matthew Wills wrote an article on the subject in JSTOR Daily: “In fascist Italy, childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood were given a hybrid structure of industrial management and eugenicist biological essentialism.”

Mussolini began his battle for increased births in 1927 and promoted the same through 1943. His purpose to increase his military force. He realized his military was inadequate to achieve his goal of an Italian Empire to rival the Roman one. To achieve the goal, he had to increase Italy’s population from 40 million to 60 million.

There is a similarity here between Mussolini and Trump. Both liars. At the time, Italy’s population was 47.5 million. Mussolini was giving himself an edge to guarantee later success.

First step was to ban abortion. Then to provide incentives encouraging large families. Loans to married couples. Part of principal cancelled with the birth of each new child. Any married man with 6 or more children was exempt from taxation.

Mussolini was a cult figure as Donald Trump is. The Italian people began to believe they had a duty to produce as many children as possible.

Those persons less productive than the numbers set forth were penalized. Examples included bachelors being increasingly taxed, civil service recruiting only men fertile and married.

Women were also encouraged. Five children and a woman received a medal. Another medal for each subsequent child. Hopefully the medals would make the woman feel proud. As would walking around with an extended pot belly.

Mussolini constantly preached to the Italian women: “It’s up to you to create a generation of soldiers and pioneers for the defense of the Empire.”

The forced childbirth program was not a success. Failed big time.

Mussolini was executed in 1945. A study was done in 1950 to determine the success of the program. Whereas the population actually was  47.5 million when started, it was 47.5 million years later in 1950. Marriage rates had remained the same.

In the early 1940’s, Mussolini recognized the program’s failure. He felt the lack of enthusiasm had cost him 15 army divisions.

Would a child factory program succeed in the U.S.? I don’t know. If post Roe legislation similar to those recently passed and off the wall court decisions are rendered, we are in trouble. Again voting becomes important in the next two national elections.

Let me admonish the courts will be no help. There was a time, courts were the last bastion of freedom. No more. Roe is proof the Supreme Court is lost. The U.S. Magistrate and District Court Judges in the Mar-a-Lago search warrant case are proof many Trump appointees are either loyal cultists he nominated or incompetent or both. The recent decisions in the Mar-a-Lago search case proof a poison has stigmatized the entire federal court system.

I repeat again, VOTE!



  1. Your statement about dangers of forced childbirth makes little sense. In 2019 abortions in US by race were 33% whitle, 38% black, 21% HIspanic, and 7% other. Banning abortions would increase number of blacks and Hispanics born.

    • Incredibly misleading and racist information from a long time enemy of Lou’s, whose opinions and statements always reveal a way over estimated self intelligence.

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