Great day for America yesterday. The good guys won, the bad guy lost.

Women first and foremost! Winners all! The pollsters would have had us believe the ladies forgot how upset they were with Roe being reversed. No way! Women never forget. They were the leading factor in the Democratic victory, the Republican loss.

America won! Another way of saying Democracy won. Republicans thought Democracy was an empty issue. Tried to bury it with inflation and crime. Valid issues. However of lesser importance when basic American values were being trampled upon.

Then there was Trump himself. Viewed himself as the winner leading up to yesterday. He never sees what is. Yes, he won in 20216. He has however been a loser in every type political competition since. Many times a year, including yesterday.

Trump always the winner. In the event he failed, not his fault. In an interview yesterday during the day before any returns were in, Trump referring to “his candidates,” said, “Well, I think if they win, I should get all the credit.” He followed it up with, “If they lose, I should not be blamed at all.”

Yesterday marks the beginning of the end of the political Trump and MAGA. The American people went back to their roots and began the rejection process.

Some observations.

Who controls what. It appears the Democrats will not control the House. They will be in the minority anywhere from 1-5 votes. Manageable. Will still handicap Republican activity. There will be impeachments, etc. Not enough to hurt. The Democrats must win the Senate. Close. Will be several days before we know who has won. A Supreme Court seat might come up. One reason alone for there to be Democratic control of the Senate.

Biden must be complimented. He lost the first Presidential mid term by the narrowest margin in 40 years, assuming the House goes Republican. By a handful of votes. Not the 20 to 60 the nation is accustomed to.

I have one fear. Trump’s candidates, those that love and admire him so much, who lost, will not go quietly into the night. Some will erroneously contest the election results. Ballot fraud again. A sinking ship issue. However they will be happy to go down with their Captain at the helm.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Well Lou, you may not have been right about any kind of “Blue Wave” in this election, but you sure got it right about Republicans ginning up the polls, as most honest and legitimate political analysts were saying.

    It just shows how Republicans are willing to do anything to win and NEVER playing fair. I think it also shows how this phony, know-it-all “Steve” (regardless of what ever name he uses) is just a full of crap troll who, like most other Republicans, will say anything ignoring the truth. Hey Steve – your dishonesty is in control of your integrity, please apologize.

  2. Karen, thanks for thinking of me! It appear that the Democrats with keep control of the Senate and the Republicans will have a small majority in the House. The Democrats did a good job of connecting some candidates to Trump- who I do NOT support. While I am a Republican- he is a egomaniac who has done damage to both the Republicans and our country.
    You might be surprised how many other Republicans feel as i do- we like some of the policies he endorsed but dislike the man.
    What you response shows me is how mean spirited some on the Democratic side can be while accusing the Republicans of doing same thing. What I really dislike is hard liners on either side who seem to think that their values are always RIGHT while other side is always WRONG.
    If that makes me a troll- so be it!

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