Oh, the abuse which will be heaped upon me tomorrow if I am wrong. I believe today will be a Democratic wave. Not the Republican one most believe will occur.

First, I do not accept the polls as valid. To use a Trump term, I believe many are “rigged.” They are controlled by far right monies. Recognize also the stupid things said and positions taken by Trump selected Senate candidates. No matter how out of line, they continue to run neck and neck with their Democratic opponents.

Then the ladies. How upset they were just a few months ago when Roe v. Wade was reversed seems to have been forgotten. We are told the price of milk, eggs and bread is more important to them.

I don’t buy it.

Forget not the saying involving a woman scorned. They never forget. Memories like an elephant. My mother was that way. My former wife also. Years later and they still recalled.

The Republican Supreme Court in reversing Roe made women aware that certain men and groups consider them second class citizens. The ladies may not talk about it. However, they have not forgotten. They will express their innermost feelings as they cast their ballots.

Another consideration is Trump himself. People are becoming increasingly sick of our divided nation. A division lead and promoted by Donald himself. Even to this day. The people of the United States are a family. Disharmony at the dinner table cannot continue on a daily basis. Trump has to go together with those who support him.

Election surprises are not uncommon. Truman’s 1948 victory an example. He kicked the Republicans in the ass royally on November 2, 1948.

Several days later on November 8, Truman arrived for a vacation in Key West. He was greeted by a crowd estimated at 25,000 who lined his route from Boca Chica to The Little White House. It was the largest crowd ever assembled in Key West up to that time.

Keep in mind the hurricane season is not over. Technically does not end till November 30.

Nicole is on the way. A subtropical storm. Expected to become a Category 1 hurricane, nowhere near the strength of Ian. Nicole will hit landfall on the Florida east coast wednesday night bringing with it wind, rain , storm surge and flooding.

Landfall is not expected to involve Key West. Landfall presently estimated to be somewhere between Hallandale Beach and to a point 200 miles north.

Governor DeSantis has already declared a state of emergency for 34 counties in Nicole’s path.

Syracuse won its first game of the official season last night defeating Lehigh 90-72. Boeheim said after the game that the score would have been higher had he just played his usual 7. However the game was going so well he didn’t want to run the score up and the opportunity presented itself for him to play many more. Which he did.

Syracuse’s next game is November 15 against Colgate.

Jean Thornton telephone yesterday to invite me out for stone crabs last night. I begged off. My back has been out for several days. I opted to remain in. I would have enjoyed the company and the meal.

I’m going to try getting out today. The walls are closing in.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I agree with you. I have a feeling if most women are feeling the way Indo the Democrats will prevail!!
    Thanks for the encouragement

  2. I pray you are right Lou, but I fear Republicans will cheat more than ever (they ALWAYS do). And no matter how badly they lose, they will claim otherwise and create as much havoc and mayhem as the willing press and churches can sustain.

    This is going to be ugly, all by a group of fools who have no interest in governing anyway, they only want to rule.

  3. There wasn’t as big a red wave as most thought would happen, except for Florida. But it was big enough hopefully to make a difference.

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