Veterans Day! Remember and honor all who fought to preserve our Nation.

I have found Key West recognizes our men and women very well. Better than celebrations I experienced in other cities.

Key West will begin at 11 this morning at the Veterans Memorial Garden in Bayview Park. I have attended several times. Most veterans will be wearing their caps. Some in uniform. The best is the look on their faces. Never fails. Pride!

The Parade at 4. Begins at Duval and Virginia Streets. Always well attended. The Parade itself exciting.

Today had its beginnings with the signing of the Armistice ending World War I. It was on a friday on the 11th day of the 11 month in the year 1918 at 11 am. The signing of the Armistice at that time not only officially ended World War I, it was also to signify the ending of the “war to end all wars.” Unfortunately, it was wrong in believing all wars were ended. No more wars to be. Man has proven he is a warmonger at heart. There is always a group or nation so inclined. Which means unfortunately wars will be with us for all time.

On November 10, 1954, the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial depicting the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima in 1945 was dedicated in Arlington, Virginia. The Memorial is immediately next to the Arlington National Cemetery.

I visited Washington, D.C. many times over the years before retiring. Always on business. Never saw anything.

In retirement I have been fortunate to visit 3 times as a citizen tourist. I recommend it to everyone. Don’t wait. Go soon. If you can, visit with children or grandchildren. Everything is exciting. Most free. The kids make it extra special. They get to view things they are studying.

Donald Trump in the news big time! He is held responsible by most for the Republican loss.

Trump is not taking it well.

Bess Levin wrote a piece on 11/9 titled: Trump Is Blaming Everyone But Himself For The Midterms. And, Yes, That Includes Melania.

Levin reported one of Trump’s advisers said, “Trump is livid” and “screaming at everyone.”

Levin wrote Trump “fucking” hates DeSantis.

Levin wrote another article the next day on 11/10 titled: Rubert Murdoch Knees Trump In The Balls While He’s Doubled Over Coughing Up Blood.

The message emanating from Murdoch’s media empire clear: Pack up your bags bitch. You’re done.

Levin describes how Trump is to be regarded: “As a has been loser who, at this point, couldn’t win an election for deputy director of the Mar-a-Lago Park and Recreation Department.

The New York Post depicted Trump as the anthropomorphic egg Humpty Dumpty, naturally headlined “Trumpty Dumpty” and “Toxic Trump.”

How I see Trump at the moment: An emperor without clothes.

He does not know it.

Trump’s loss in the midterms is consistent. He has lost at every turn since his stunning 2016 win. The question to be answered: Can he bounce back?

He will try. He will fail. Too many Republicans have seen the light as Republican losses in the midterms indicate. Trump will not be able to bounce back.

One of the most unforgettable questions in history “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

It was asked on November 10, 1871. Scottish journalist Henry Stanley found missionary David Livingstone. He had been unheard from for years. The world wanted to know if he was alive, where he was, what he had been doing, etc. Stanley found him near Lake Tanganyika in central Africa.

One of Key West’s most popular and best restaurants is Bagatelle. Located at 1150 Duval Street. Once a 2 story house on Fleming Street next door to the Library. It was moved to its Duval location 11/10/1974.

The 41st Annual Race World Off Shore Key West Off Shore World Championship runs through sunday. Wednesday’s races were canceled for fear of possible rough waters caused by Hurricane Nicole.

The races are powerful and dangerous. Extremely dangerous. Referred to as the “ultimate test of skill for racers.”

Syracuse/Florida State tomorrow. Both teams 6-3.

Syracuse’s final home game. Syracuse a 7 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “VETERANS DAY

  1. Hey Lou, I’m not so sure Trump won in 2016 either, at least not legitimately. We know from the Mueller report he colluded with Russia, even the Russians now (Yevgeny Prigozhin) admit to that.

  2. What is the world going to do with Trump and his supporters can’t even cheat enough to win anymore. My god what’s next, lying going to be no longer fashionable? Making things up to justify an opinion not good enough? Honesty a value?

    Wow, America just won’t be the same old place.

  3. Yes Levin, Trump hates DeSantis, but that’s no surprise, he “HATES” everyone including M*lania!

    Think about that, and that she made him negotiate the term$ of their marriage agreement before she would actually move into the White House with him. So is he the real problem or is it the American people who follow and worship him, knowing he basically brought a whore into the White House.

    Can’t Make this stuff up!

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