I was excited about wednesday’s blog. Title and main topic had to do with Key West winning the cruise ship war. I was so excited, I could not wait to write it. I did the cruise ship portion tuesday evening following Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

It appears that things changed in Tallahassee about the same time as I was writing that Key West West had beaten the State and cruise ships.

I never went back wednesday morning to check if the result was still as I had written the night before. I have learned a lesson. I should have. Things can change. The House bill was amended and resubmitted again. This time time to pass.

My apologies.

The bill has been sent to Governor DeSantis. He has 30 days to act on it. If he does not, the bill automatically becomes law.

Something stinks!

The story will play out as time goes on. The result could be embarrassing to certain persons involved. Pay for play may be involved.

Assuming the bill becomes the law, Key West is left with no alternative but to appeal. Grounds for a successful appeal might lie because Key West is the only port affected by the legislation.

Carry on the battle Key West! It still remains possible for David to beat Goliath!

A recent Citizens’ Voice commented on the political screwing Key West is taking: “So, late at night, one day before the session ends a very specifically worded amendment is added to a bill that was seemingly dead. Politics at its dirtiest and most demeaning.”

Busy day yesterday. Had to be in Cudjoe. Forgot what a long drive it can be. Traffic was heavy. The drive no fun.

A stop on my way home was fun. A late lunch at Geiger Key. The lovely Lucy bartending.

Yesterday, I mentioned Willie Nelson and Huckleberry Rose. Today I note Willie Nelson is 88 years old. Happy birthday to one of America’s greatest entertainers!

Today a significant one in American history. The U.S. and France concluded negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase. The parcel so vast in doubled the size of the U.S. The U.S. negotiated a steal. Total cost $15 million. Less than three cents an acre.

It was not the “skillful” negotiations by the U.S. that accomplished the “steal.” Nor an possible impending war between France and Great Britain nor a possible blockade of France by Great Britain.

Concededly French problems. However, inconsequential in the total scheme of things.

It was the mosquitoes on the island of Haiti that motivated Napoleon to “give away” Louisiana.

Haiti belonged to France. There was a slave revolution. A tiny prick in France’s side. Though exasperating to Napoleon.

Napoleon ordered his brother in law General  La Clerc and a large contingency of French troops to New Orleans to improve French defenses there. However, Napoleon ordered Le Clerc to first stop in Haiti and end the bothersome slave revolution.

Napoleon and Le Clerc knew nothing of he dangers of mosquito caused yellow fever. The natives never got sick. They had developed an immunity over the yeas. The French had no such immunity.

In was 1802. Le Clerc’s first year in Haiti. He lost 6,000 troops to yellow fever. Even Le Clerc came down with yellow fever and subsequently died while still in Haiti.

Late in 1802, Napoleon sent 20,000 additional troops under General Rochambeau to Haiti. In one year the General returned to France with only 3,000 troops. Seventeen thousand died on Haiti.

Napoleon had it! He wanted nothing more to do with the new world. He instructed his staff to sell all of the Louisiana territory to the U.S. He did not care for how much. He was through with the Americas.

The bottom line the U.S. “stole” Louisiana from Napoleon. Obviously not so.

On this day in 1939, the New York World’s Fair opened in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

Some time after it opened, my father took me to the World’s Fair. I was  at the time 4 years old. I have certain, though not all, recollections of the visit.

Three things stick out in my mind even today. The world globe, monument, and ride through the City of the Future.

The names of the globe and monument were actually Perisphere and Trylon. Both imposing structures.

I recall clearly the Futuramic Ride through what was described as the City of the Future. The event itself not the reason why. It was the ride on a padded bench through the city.

I believe the Perisphere and Trylon stand to this day.

Increasing food prices continue in the news. I spoke of  the issue yesterday.

Today, there appeared an article that noted increasing food prices would continue and reach such a high elevation  and that social unrest would follow: “We are edging closer to a Biblical price increase scenario.”

I don’t buy the disaster situation. Every pending crisis has the same scenario. The end of society/the world as we know it. Such never seems to occur, however.

A doctor visit at noon. The goiter problem. My right ankle continues to be “huge.” Spoke with Dr. Norris on the phone and he said to come in today as he has to see the ankle before deciding what, if anything, has to be done next. The super pill prescribed killed the pain, but has not affected the swelling.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Carry on the battle Key West! It still remains possible for David to beat Goliath!

    Sadly, mostly in fairy tales.

  2. Lou, I sent you a text….let me know if you received. If not, reply on my email address. We’ll be in KW until Thursday. Don

  3. So now we have Republicans trying to scare everyone that Biden and Democrats are putting us in danger with serious spending increases, while all the time failing to mention that it was Trump (with full support) that increased our debt to an all time high in just four years, Or that the previous Republican control of the government (under Bush) took a Clinton’s substantial surplus when he started office and shredded it into a financial catastrophe by the time he was done. The REAL facts are that the past four Republican administrations (Regan, Bush, Bush and Trump) have been financial disasters and the two Democrat administrations (Clinton and O’Bama) have been financial miracles, both dragging us out of SERIOUS financial problems, including collapse), even the last time we had a balanced budget (Clinton), and leaving the country in good shape.

    Wake up America. Republicans are trying to con us AGAIN !

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