We’re into a Willie Nelson/Dyan Cannon situation.

Recall their 1980 movie Honeysuckle Rose. A terrific film. A bit of a tear jerker. The movie’s best song was There Must Be Two Sides To Every Story. The key line for my purposes this morning “two sides to every story.”

Center Academy is a New York City private school. Pre-K to fifth grade. Three hundred students. Tuition $30,000 each year per student. Cash flow close to $1 million per year.

Leila Center and her husband are co-founders of Center Academy. Leila e-mailed employees saying the school would not employ people who had been vaccinated against COVID-19. You read the last sentence correctly. If an employee had the shots, he or she were out of a job.

A day or two before the e-mail, she had a video conference call with faculty and staff  in which she said in effect vaccinated persons could no longer be employed.

Her reason was a complaint by one parent who said her child was having headaches and the headaches were caused by association with persons who had been vaccinated. Leila also claimed she checked with three doctors who agreed there could be adverse results to children who came into contact with persons vaccinated.

I throw up my hands!

In recent years, I have complained how the Catholic Church had gone too far right.  The Catholic Bishops Conference was in bed with far right organizations.

The Catholic Reporter ran an interesting article this morning re the Church’s alliance with MAGNA. The article claimed the Church’s support of Trump in many instances had caused a large number of Catholics to exit the Church.

It is the same story over again. Too many prelates wanting to exercise political power as well as religious. Forgetting priests belong in the pulpit and not the political sphere.

Biden’s State of America Address last night was different. Different in a favorable way.

He reminded me of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his fireside chats. Soft and easy. Considerate. He also reminded me of Ronald Reagan who speeches were likewise special. Though coming from a different political perspective.

Biden compared January 6 to the Civil War. Many Republicans who work on the other side like Cruz, Hawley and Lindsay sat smugly listening to Biden. They reminded me of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee who left the Union to support the Confederacy.

It was strange to watch the Address with so many seats empty. Coronavirus protections were enforced. Masks and social distancing.

Rudy Giuliani. Is he in deep shit trouble? Time will tell. What goes around comes around.

I went out last night. Enjoyed. Slept well after. Feel terrific this morning.

I attended the Sons and Daughters of Italy meeting. I have not in 2 years.

First, the location. The Stock Island Yacht Club. First time. Way out on Stock Island.

Beautiful. Perched on the open harbor. The food spectacular.

I sat with an old friend and 2 new friends last night.

Santa Claus one. He looks like Santa. Was Santa Clause to Robert and Ally in their early years. Learned something interesting about Santa Claus. He is a U.S. Army retiree. Spent 7 years in Europe as NATO’s Chief Chef.

Two ladies sat with us. I never met either before. Ansh and Charlene. Vietnamese. Own and operate a small nail salon near Winn-Dixie.

My three cohorts at the table all attend the Vineyard Church in Big Pine. I have to try it some Sunday. Sounded interesting.

We had a fun table.

Not all police are bad.

Chy-Niece Trachr was driving down a highway. A police officer stopped her. As she was searching through her purse for her license, etc. the police officer said forget them, I am not giving you a ticket. I stopped you to tell you your brake lights are not working and you should get them fixed.

Chy-Niece went into a tirade. She explained she had the brake lights fixed one month earlier at Firestone. She returned complaining her brake lights still did not work. Firestone said it would cost her an additional $600 to check the wiring. She didn’t have the $600.

The officer had her pop the trunk. He checked things out. Found no problem. Had Chy-Niece open the hood. No problem there either. Got on his hands and knees and checked connections under the dashboard. Again no problems.

The officer was unaware Chy-Niece was recording everything. She went to the station the next day and explained to the officer’s superior what had occurred, had him play the recording, and told him how pleased she was with the officer.

I don’t know if the brake lights have been fixed. However Chy-Niece was one happy camper.

One of America’s most embarrassing moments occurred on April 9, 1975.

The U.S. war with the Vietnamese had ended in failure. The Vietnamese Army was rolling into Saigon. Before the day was over, they were at the gates of the U.S. Embassy.

The last Americans and persons loyal to the American position had entered the Embassy for safety.

At some point during the day, it was obvious the Embassy was going to be over run. Everyone had to be evacuated. The plan was to have U.S. and CIA helicopters remove persons from the roof of the Embassy.

Seven thousand persons were so removed and flown to U.S. carriers out to sea.

Near the end of the evacuation, the Vietnamese soldiers were breaking through the barriers and shooting at persons on the roof. The U.S. Marines did a magnificent job protecting everyone.

One negative, however. How embarrassing for the strongest nation to end its long war beaten by the enemy and escaping from the Embassy rooftop. I was embarrassed and sad at the same time. The scenario did not make sense to me.

Enjoy your day!



15 comments on “TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY

  1. “Biden’s State of America Address last night was different.”

    Well, different maybe from what we had for the past for years. Biden’s speech was a welcome return to honesty and civility.

    The comments from Mr. Scott however, were not.

  2. Biden is proposing $6 trillion in new spending. The increase in spending will add just over $18 thousand to the existing debt of each and every American (currently at $70,598). When it’s all said and done the US will have the world’s best housing, education, infrastructure and free stuff. The country will also be broke, and on the edge of poverty with a worthless credit rating.

    And when they tell you that all of this will be paid for by the rich and by corporations, I will say “right. When has that ever worked?”

    • Where were you when Trump spent what ever HE wanted, with full support from his congress and NEVER a peep from you or ant other Republican supporter.

      We don’t need to take ANY advice or criticizm from you turncoats, who have no idea how to govern, but plenty of ways to line your own pockets with our money

      • Biden’s proposals for an additional $6 trillion in spending are real plans to spend real money. Your angry response isn’t going to change that. My opinion is that he wants to spend trillions that we don’t have. Do you have a thoughtful opinion on the subject? Or is name-calling as far as you can go?

        • My thoughtful position is that YOU are only here to create criticism when it suits your own subversive views and therefor cannot be trusted.

          If you had NO criticism of the previous regime’s careless spending spending habits and deeds, what gives YOU the credibility to now come out of the closet and advise ANYONE about what THIS president does?

          If you were even a little self aware and a lot less pompous and arrogant, you would keep your thoughts to where they belong and stop scolding the rest of us with your personal, not so hidden political intensions.

          If you want to play the part of an azzhole know-it-all when it suits you, expect some criticism.

          • Criticism of my posts is always expected here, and you don’t disappoint. But the best criticism includes a reason why you disagree, and perhaps a comment or two that we may not have considered. Again, you disappoint.

            • Just asking for a friend, has there ever been anything that hasn’t disappointed you?

              My friend thinks perhaps you would be better off if you spent more of your time trying to pin something else on Hillary Clinton, rather than stirring up nonsense and spinning reality. That might reduce your ‘disappointment’ with anyone who doesn’t fall for your gazzlighting bull sh*t

              • Hillary who?
                Sorry, I was expressing concern about President Biden’s domestic spending plans. I guess you lost your focus along the way.

                • Biden explained exactly how he was going to pay for his plans, you chose NOT to even mention that part, only the part you wanted to talk about. That’s not just misleading but dishonest. Please tell us why we should listen to ANY of your garbage.

                    • Talk about focusing, you are slipperier than an eel. You tried to blur bomb nonsense about “increased spending” while already burdened by inherited debt – DELIBERATELY ignoring that the infrastructure proposal was financially balanced. Now you’ve got endless excuses and side steps, proving you were insincere, dishonest and only tossing a cheap political grenade to begin with.

                      Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, twist, twist, twist.

                      Again, please tell us why we should listen to ANY of your garbage.

  3. Apparently the kookiest of the GQP in attendance last night did not create the outbursts I was expecting from them during Biden’s speech.

  4. At some point in time the Human Race is going to have to start working together or it will not be around much longer, relatively speaking. Biden is on the right track.

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