All the bad acts committed by FOX continue to come out. Yet Rupert Murdoch makes no noises/offers to settle.

This is a case FOX has t0 get behind it. The publicity will only get worse. Liability dollars will continue to grow.

One reason the case is not yet settled is it may not be Murdoch’s money that is going to change hands. It’s insurance money. FOX may have a policy to cover the wrongdoing alleged.

A couple of items come into play. The insurance company may need FOX’s permission to settle. Murdoch may believe any publicity is good so he is withholding permission till the last possible moment. Or, FOX’s insurance company may have filed a disclaimer refusing to pay because Fox’s actions were intentional. Intentional acts void coverage.

The insurance company may be providing a defense, at the same that it advises will not pay any monies. Such is customary and ordinary practice in cases of this nature. In the meantime, negotiations are ongoing on the side between FOX and its insurance company to see if a package can be put together to resolve Dominion’s claim. Again, the way the game is played in cases of this nature.

A big money war from all sides!

A bipartisan group of six Senators will introduce a bill today – The Railway Safety Act of 2023 – aimed at preventing a repeat of the toxic firestorm in East Palestine.

Typical government action. After the horse is out of the barn, after a tragedy has occurred.

The legislation is probably required. Too late however to help the residents of East Palestine. Their suffering not yet appreciated. Their fears today and tomorrow not yet understood.

The federal government must move its ass to limit the illnesses and deaths that can occur. Which probably will occur. Including plans to move a whole town if the same becomes necessary.

Today is Harry Belafonte’s birthday. The actor-singer is 96 years old.

Happy birthday, Mr. Belafonte! He is deserving of the “Mr.”

Pope Francis is marking his tenth year as Pope. Sitting in St. Peter’s chair has not been easy. His time has been marked by tenacious resistance from the conservative wing of the Church.

Even the Catholic Church has it Trump style/MAGA type group. They have lashed out at Francis in ways once thought unthinkable.

Beside those opposing him in the Vatican itself, half of American bishops are opposed to his teachings. Not really on religious grounds. Rather from a power perspective. They want to be in positions to run the Church themselves. Recall the many times I have written that persons like Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich support and actively encourage them.

A study was released today re the price of gas for the past year. From 2/22-2/23.

One year ago, the average price of gas was $3.50 a gallon. At some point, rose to just under $5. Now, $3.40.

The numbers break down to 6 percent cheaper since last year at this time. However, note there has been a 2 percent increase just since January.

I always find these numbers amusing. They never apply to Key West. We are always $.30 to $.50 more expensive.

The Citizens’ Voice this morning: “Now that we are at record room rates that are so high visitors are cutting back on attractions, shopping and dining out, will we finally do something abut the TDC? Are we going to wait till businesses go broke since visitors spend their entire budget on hotel rooms? Enough advertising!”

An accurate observation. My personal observations support it.

From the Chart Room, I see Pier House guests returning to their rooms at dinner time carrying a pizza and six pack. Restaurant tables rarely turn over. The La Te Da inside bar is one of the finest such attractions on the island. Generally, music and entertainment. Dancing available. The room used to be crowded. A fun place to greet and meet. One of the hottest places in town. Now rarely crowded. Been a long time since I have seen a ton of people.

Syracuse beaten again last night. Decisively! By Georgia Tech 96-76.

The 3 pointers fell like flakes in a major snow storm. Georgia Tech made 18 out of 4o shots taken.

Things were so bad, Boeheim switched the team to man to man defense with 14 minutes to go in the second half. Made no difference.

The zone not working. Syracuse has lost its last 4 games. Winning teams in each instance hit 90 points. Boeheim understands. Assumes responsibility: “We have not been able to stop anybody four games in a row. And that’s on me. It’s my defense. We’re not able to stop anybody with it. That’s where we are.”

I meet Fran and Tom Dixon at 5 at the Chart Room.

Enjoy your day!


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