Blacks speak for blacks. Militia people for militia people. Police for the police.

Who speaks for the rest of society? The majority and primarily white.

Congress, I assume. Useless, however.

So there we are. Our country slowly being taken over. The race to second class citizenship for most whites accelerating.

Seattle an example.

A several block neighborhood taken over by what initially were protesters. Mostly black. Many Black Lives Matter people.

Now a black conclave.

The police precinct in black hands. Plantings of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Police absent. Plans being made how to change/reconstruct the area. Now known as CHOP.

Andy Ngo is a journalist. He visited CHOP by day and night. He reported them to be as different as Jekyll and Hyde. Peaceful by day. However, the “mobsters” come out in the evening.

Ngo observed in the night time a black man with a bull horn announce he needed 100 persons for a task. There was an auto body shop several blocks down. Its white owner not cooperating. Whatever that means.

The 100 marched to the body shop. Carrying handguns, rifles, batons, and knives. Their intent to burn the body shop down.

The owner anticipated something would happen. A few friends with him.

They captured one of the arsonists.

The owner called the police. Nineteen times. The police never came.

There are photos this morning on the internet. Photos of concrete barriers put up by the city/police to keep the transgressors inside the area they were dominating.

The concrete barriers of no assistance to business owners and residents inside CHOP.

The area has been described as a “cop free zone.” No one to help the business owners and residents. They describe themselves as “sitting ducks all day.” Abandoned by their city and the police.

I wrote yesterday that blacks believe they have won. Situations like CHOP can give them the feeling. All over the country there exists this feeling of victory. Statues and monuments coming down or vandalized. Even those of persons who were anti-slave.

Some major corporations are scumming. HBO’s initial stance that it would not rerun Gone With The Wind.

Another  Quaker Oats who announced that Aunt Jemima was being rebranded. Aunt Jemima a popular syrup and pancake mix. It has been around for 130 years.

Quaker Oats is rebranding because Aunt Jemima is “based on a racial stereotype.” The logo’s inspiration inspired by the minstrel song “Old Aunt Jemima.”

A stampede is moving across the country. Growing by day. Leaving behind trampled members of the majority.

Trump was mocked yesterday big time on the media. Came out looking like a fool. Portions of John Bolton’s book appeared in the New York Times. “The Room Where It Happened.”

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Clearly many people are overreacting to the American policing situation. Eventually they will get bored, lose interest and go home.

        • Total votes by county does NOT paint a different picture. Overall, Hillary won more votes of the American people by nearly 3 million more votes than did Trump, even with significant concerns with GOP cheating. That would satisfy the statement that the majority of Americans voted for Hilary Clinton in the last election, regardless of how you feel or want to spin or outright lie about this.

  2. Trump electoral votes 306
    Hillary electoral votes 232

    In the count that counts, looks like Hillary lost overwhelmingly.

    • That may be true, but has nothing to do with the post you are trying to discredit or spin.

      The original post said “The majority will have a chance to speak on November 3rd.”

      The response to that post was “Last time the majority had a chance to speak in that way, they voted overwhelming for Hilary Clinton.”

      That response is accurate and your “electoral votes response is irreverent to the discussion, apart from i’s accuracy and attempt to spin the moral illegitimacy.

      Let me repeat, the last time the majority had a chance to speak in that way, they voted overwhelming for Hilary Clinton.

      Let’s hope the majority this coming November will do the right thing again and that the Ellectoral College will too.

      • You are incorrect. The electoral process is established by the Constitution. The only “majority” that counts in an election is the majority of electoral votes.

        You can try to spin that any way you want. If you don’t like the electoral process, change the constitution.

        Again, The majority will have a chance to speak on November 3rd.

        That is an accurate statement. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the way the game is played.

        If Hillary wanted to have a contest with individual votes, that was her choice. Trump went for the electoral votes…the majority of the electoral votes. Which he got.

        • Talk about spin!

          You just don’t get it do you? The majority of people in America voted for her, which MEANS the majority of people wanted her and that was how the original post was written.

          The rather strange way we elect a president in this country, is what it is, and so be it, but she still won more AMERICANs than Trump did while he screwed the pooch concentrating on a few states where he could manipulate the American public. As did the Republican president before him, neither the will of the majority of the AMERICAN people.

          The majority will have a chance to speak AGAIN in November. A few (delegates) will then vote along their party lines. While Trump finds a dishonest way to win the few, at all cost and you figure out how to disingenuously spin the will of the people hiding behind a flawed constitution.

          • Again, change the constitution if you don’t agree with how the game is played. Trump played the game as written. Hillary didn’t understand that.

            I’m not spinning anything. In baseball, the team with the majority of hits doesn’t win the game. It’s the majority of runs.

            In an election, popular votes are hits. Electoral votes are runs. It’s just the way it is.

            On November 3rd, the country will again have a chance to speak for the majority. And this time it might be both, majority electoral votes and popular votes. Do you think that will end the conversation?

            • This topic was NOT about the electoral college, who is president or how he got there, nor was it about the Constitution, until YOU high jacked it into something YOU wanted it to be about, to suit you guilt.

              It was about the American peoples choice by way of the popular vote. The vote that the current president did not get.

              You really need to get your own blog or stop twisting things to suit your misinterpretation of what other people say.

            • Your baseball analogy is redicioulous and makes no sense other than as a spin by a desperate mind, especially when the original poster wasn’t even talking about a win, only that the public spoke their mind with more votes (hits?) for Hilary Clinton than for Donald Trump.

              Is this just another comprehension issue with you or are you just a demented loser trying to cover for another bad dead 19 call?

  3. Before the 2016 election Trump claimed that the Electoral College was a disaster for America. As it turned out, for once he was actually right about something.

  4. Remember way back when the Left hated Bolton and all that he stood for? “The enemy of my enemy is my dearest friend.”

    • I do remember that, and still think he’s a drip. There’s no sudden acceptance of Bolton, it is all comeuppance. Only those on the right think that Bolton is a darling on the left. Not true.

    • Remember way back when the Wacko Right loved Bolton and all he stood for? Now they don’t because they see what Democrats always knew!

  5. Trump needs to go and then we will be afflicted with Biden. How sad all we have for a choice is two decrepit old white men. That must change…soon!

  6. CHOP is not a black enclave. It is racially diverse. The residents and businesses there support it. Andy Ngo is a nut who routinely stages violence.

  7. Theory: Trump is pushing ahead with his Tulsa rally because he has had antibody shots. His followers are on their own.

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