Boogaloo Bois an odd name. The name may be silly, their actions are not. A group to be feared.

The group has been quietly making the news the past few weeks. Silently. A little bit of news here and there.

My May 30, 2020 blog is titled It Can Only Get Worse. In it, I described what could be found re Boogaloo Bois. My intent was to introduce the group to my readers.

I wrote as follows.

“An online militia movement has grown. Unquestionably gearing up for the heated summer ahead.”

“There is a far right militia group out there whose identity has only recently come to attention. Boogaloo Bois. Worked in the shadows before. Now, in the light. Very anti-police. Thought to be instrumental in last night’s riots.”

“Boogaloo Bois hopes are for an armed confrontation with law enforcement. A confrontation that will build momentum. The organization’s goal a new civil war in the U.S.”

“Pay attention to Boogaloo Bois. Do not let the name fool you. They are intelligent and committed. Also capable of raising large funds of money. In the past year, allegedly $50 million.”

Their uniform not the usual military garb. Instead, Hawaiian sport shirts.

I write today about them again.

Yesterday, two members of the group were arrested and charged in the drive-in killing of a federal court house guard in Oakland, California during a night of nearby protests against police brutality.

An interesting development re Boogaloo Bois must not be missed. I fear not enough people may be aware of the organization.

The blacks want statues, monuments, and names of military bases of those who supported the Confederate cause or slavery to come down. Boogaloo Bois supports the black position.

Another group has been added to those to be torn down. Union heroes and other American luminaries previously respected. People however who may have supported slavery even in the smallest way.

Sounds strange. For real, however. The blacks have expanded those they seek to demean. Again, leading anti-slavery figures. These blacks, and it appears to include most, make no distinction between Confederate and Union, abolitionist and pro-slavery, 15th century figures and 20th.

Their target not the Confederacy. It is the United States.

Why has this happened?

The various black groups believe based on the protests re George Floyd world wide that they are winning the battle. Most believe they have already won. They want their proper place in society. A place where they sit in control of government and business. It is their time!

These black groups believe all of American history is racial and genocidal. Ergo, all symbols of American history must come down. A new history in its place. A black history.

They seek to cleanse their consciences of ever having lived in such an evil and irredeemably racist country in the first place.

Black Lives Matter an integral part of the group.

Examples of non-Confederate statues, etc. that have been taken down or vandalized include Matthias Baldwin. His statue in Philadelphia. He was an early abolitionist.

Civil War Union heroes include Admiral David Farragut and General George Thomas.

In Philadelphia stands the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the American Revolution. Vandalized with “Committed Genocide” written in large letters across it.

The Shaw Memorial commemorates the all Black Battalion that fought for abolition. It has been vandalized.

A peaceful protest was taking place Sunday in Whittier, California. The statue of John Greenlief was vandalized. Greenlief was a prominent Quaker abolitionist. Considered the most prominent literary voice leading the fight to end slavery. A fight that took place decades before the Civil War.

BLM was sprayed on his statue.

The worst of the worse thus far is Thomas Jefferson. The third President of the United States, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, and one of our Founding Fathers.

A school in Portland, Oregon is named after Thomas Jefferson. In front of the school a statue of Thomas Jefferson seated in a fashion similar to the Lincoln Memorial.

Two ropes were thrown around Jefferson’s neck by a young black woman and the statue torn down. Then a black man came forward with an ax. He took the ax to Jefferson’s body several times.

Monday night two statues of Juan de Onate were taken down in two different cities. De Onate a name little known in the east. However, well known in New Mexico.

He was a Spanish conquistador. A despotic one. Consider by some to have been a demon.

Long has a simmering tension existed between Native Americans and Hispanics over Spain’s conquest of New Mexico.

The statues were located in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

The protests were moving calmly along. One group was reciting the Hail Mary. Four shots were fired. One of those hit a person praying.

The police retaliated with tear gas, flash items and several non-lethal projectiles.

An example of a today group trying to right a racial injustice that occurred several hundred years ago.

One of the groups involved was multi-racial. They wanted the statues removed. The other group were right wing militants. Armed and white. They wanted the statues to remain.

For whatever reason, female protesters in the multi-racial group were violently shoved to the ground.

I wrote this blog to portray a new evil spreading throughout the U.S. Bad feelings may have always existed. Definitely among blacks.

From black rights to get rid of Confederate statues, etc. to get rid of all statues, etc. that in any fashion, even indirectly, had a slavery connection.

In less than a month, this change in vision by the protesters has even moved to small communities and relatively unknown historical figures such as de Onate.

Positions are turning into an all or nothing situation. The blacks want it all. Will not happen. Less to them not enough. Where will it all end?

Intimately part of this charade are the police. Many did wrong. Some believe all must pay for the sins of a few. Yet the police are fearful of functioning these days. Understandably.

Whites are in jeopardy. With no one protecting the rights of one side, the turmoil can go on forever.

Enjoy your day!



7 comments on “BOOGALOO BOIS

  1. Who really knows what exactly the Boogaloo Bois REALLY want? For now they seem to want chaos by way of anarchy. They are not focused on any one thing, apart from overthrowing everything, at any cost. Sound familiar? Yep, Steve Bannon!

  2. These Boogaloo Bois are a REAL threat, they are deeply involved with motorcycle gangs and ingrained with supremacist groups and state level police departments across the country, particularly in New Your state and in Oregon. They have White House insider support with Stephen Miller and we’d better know they will play a big part in the November elections.

  3. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK.

    The real targets in this new revolution are not the police, they are but agents seen as supporting the old regime. The socio-economic system is the oppressor.

    As one multinational bank puts it, “While the bottom half of adults collectively own less than 1 percent of total wealth, the richest decile (top 10 percent of adults) owns 85 percent of global wealth, and the top percentile alone accounts for almost half of all household wealth (47 percent).”

    In a world of 7+ billion human beings, this is unsustainable.

  4. We had a pretty big BLM rally here in Albany (actually Troy, NY) some 13K people. It was a mostly peaceful gathering, without any hint of those ghost like, so called ‘AntiFa’ guys. There were quite a few armed right wing nuts however, some reportedly part of the Boogaloo Bois and some rumored to be part of a group apparently known as the New England Military Militia. Apparently the police found lots of weapons, fireworks, ammunition and a tactical manual which they described as “eye opening to read.” We’ve had problems with extreme right wing supremest groups around here for years, but nothing this organized, one of the guys arrested was a soldier at Fort Drum.

    Like you say Lou, things are not what they seem and it looks like we are up against some well armed and well organized thugs stirring up some real trouble.

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