Remember, this all started with blacks wanting to topple statues of Confederate Generals. Then moved on to other whites who had slaves or maltreated blacks in any fashion. Like Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt to name a few.

How far does this black lets get ’em thing go? At the moment, even Abraham Lincoln is under consideration. Over the weekend, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison made it known they wanted Lincoln’s statue on their campus removed. The black group leading the movement recognize Lincoln was anti-slavery. He was not “pro-black,” however.

How far does this insanity go?

Jesus Christ has entered the fray. Even God is not beyond reproach.

Historians generally believe Jesus was a Palestinian Jew. As such, He would have been a person of color. His eyes probably not blue nor his hair yellow.

The Jesus Americans know is the European idealization of Him. They were white so Jesus had to be white. Such followed those who immigrated to the U.S.

Some universities and scholars have investigated and continue to explore the concept of a black Jesus. All that do agree Jesus was a man of color.

The black movement has moved into the Church. Not as yet with the same rigor it has with other statues and monuments. What may have to go is the white Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Their statues and pictures. Murals on the walls . Glass windows depicting them as white.

All replaced by the truth: A black Jesus with a black family.

Some countries represent Jesus as having been colored. Certain African ones understandably.

Those seeking to bring the true Jesus to the forefront believe it is necessary for two reasons. First, a white Jesus is a Jesus connected to the powerful and not the oppressed. Second, the impression conveyed by a white Jesus and a white God is authority is white.

Twenty years ago, the NCR celebrated the new millennium by sponsoring an art contest. The winner was a Janet McKenzie. Her portrait painted Jesus as a person “dark, thick-lipped, looking out on us with ineffable dignity, with sadness but with confidence.”

A black Jesus the winner!

In 2007, the novel The Shack was published. One of the finest novels written. I bought 30 copies and mailed them to friends. Wanted to share my discovery with them.

The Shack was a best seller. A movie made based on it.

The uniqueness of the novel is that it portrayed the three persons of the Trinity living in a shack, friendly and helpful to all.

God was a fat black woman. Jesus a dark Middle Eastern Jew with a large hooked nose. The Holy Ghost, referred to as the Spirit in the book, a frail Asian woman.

I recommend the book be read.

Note that in The Shack God and Jesus are persons of color. Even the Holy Spirit who is Asian.

The underlying question in today’s blog is how far does the black movement go in changing historical things.

Another entity to consider are cities themselves which prohibited blacks from staying at most hotels in days gone by.

Back when, Miami was such a city. Hotels in Miami Beach had signs: No Blacks or Jews.

Perhaps the black movement should consider recommending that people of color not visit those cities nor do business with them. Proper retribution.

The Key West City Commission got blown away this past week. Re an item of major concern. Rising sea levels.

The Army Corps of Engineers did a major 3 year study of how it will be and what should be done to avoid its impact. The projection is that sea level around the Keys will rise by 15 feet. Big!

The cost the mind blower. To correct in advance costly. Like $3.8 billion. Sixty five percent would be paid by the federal government, 35 percent from non-federal sources.

Key West does not have that kind of money! No way! The Commissioners know it and expressed it. Note Key West’s annual budget (general fund) is $60 million. Where would the money come from? Impossible for Key West to pay its share.

The Commission laid the matte aside for further study.

The $3.8 billion would be spent as follows. To build 6 revetments (concrete retaining walls) along U.S. 1, elevate 7,100 structures in the county as a whole, flood proof another 3,800 structures, and acquire by eminent domain 280 houses not considered salvageable when future floodings occur.

Personalities are resulting in in-house fighting in certain cities re how to handle coronavirus protections. Los Angeles an example.

Los Angeles closed its beaches for the Fourth of July weekend. The Sheriff will not enforce the ruling. Says no one consulted him before making the determination. Also, his department’s philosophy is “Care first, jail last.”

Would you believe? Elected and appointed officials who cannot work together to protect the people.

A failure of responsibility.

One of cinema’s greatest stars of yesteryear is Olivia de Havilland. Today, her birthday. One hundred four years old. God bless her!

She starred in 49 pictures, including, Gone With the Wind, Robin Hood, The Heiress, To Each His Own, Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Captain Blood, and The Snake Pit.

Stay healthy! Do what you are supposed to do. Hopefully we can all go to the beach , socialize in the bars, and enjoy barbecues with family and friends next July 4th.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I would not worry too much, people will lose interest in statues and blm and move on to something else shiny.

  2. I say, make Jesus (or God), the colors of the rainbow.

    Then everyone is happy and it will have extra meaning every time a rainbow is spotted.

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