When I was a young man, birth control and abortion became major issues. It was the 1950’s, I was in college and law school.

I believed that life began at the moment of conception. I was pro life.

Since that time, my thinking has evolved. By the late 1980’s, I had moved over to the other side. I firmly believed in a woman’s right to choose.

My primary reason for being pro life was not a religious one. I believed if we killed the young at that time, we would kill the old years down the road. When I was older.

At 85, I am older. And because of the coronavirus pandemic, society is mysteriously considering that medical care not be provided everyone. That it be limited to those who have a better chance for survival. Those younger than 85? The cut off point no one has yet decided. Guaranteed it will be close to 85.

Consideration will also be given to withholding medical care from those with a Charlson comorbidity index of 5 or more. Those younger, but who have other serious illness which will kill them sooner or later anyhow.

Why am I raising the issue now? Simply because it is in our faces. We are eyeball to eyeball with it.

Some may be thinking about the issue. Most not. The shock will be horrific. It may be right around the corner. As close as to 2-4 weeks away.

The coronavirus numbers reported over the weekend indicated to me it was time for the open discussion. Perhaps too late.

Over the weekend, the U.S. hit in excess of 11 million cases. One million were added last week in less than 7 days. The numbers shot up to 11 million less than 1 week after it hit 10 million.

No end appears in sight. The numbers are surging. Faster than ever before.

Hospitalizations have risen. Dramatically. As of yesterday, more than 69,000 people were hospitalized in the U.S. Hospitals are reaching the breaking point. In addition to insufficient beds, doctors and nurses are being overworked. Supply shortages beginning to appear.

The solution is some have to be denied medical care. Rejected on the steps of the hospitals. Young being favored over the elderly for treatment because their generation has a better chance of surviving.

Some examples where medical care had to be selective. Not all coronavirus cases. The problem the same, however.

Several months back when Italy was in dreadful shape, it is now slowing being revealed  hospitals decided 2 groups would be denied treatment. Those older than 80, those who had a Charlson comorbidity index of 5 or more.

Remember Katrina. New Orleans was suffering a total power failure. The hospitals were overwhelmed, the heat was overburdening. The hospitals could not treat all those requiring attention.

Washington State at one point was discussing behind doors when their hospitals were becoming overwhelmed, who would receive medical care and who would be refused.

Even Auschwitz and the other Nazi concentration camps had a selective system as who was to be gassed. If an individual had a profession or trade useful to the Germans, they were permitted to live. Doctors, scientists, and the like. Attractive young ladies also. To entertain German soldiers in the bordellos located on camp grounds.

Who decides? The thought is doctors and nurses. Doctors who were sworn to save lives will now be required to decide who is to die.

Some doctors or nurses may very well refuse to make that judgment. It violates their lives of work and dedication to saving people’s lives.

Triages may first be established. Small groups of doctors and nurses. To make the decision process more palatable. Note that the need for decision making will be based on a lack of beds, equipment and personnel. Imagine! A person refused attention because of a lack of a ventilator.

The thought occurs as to how older doctors and nurses are to be treated. Realize there can be no exceptions. There must be consistency. Everyone must die. Including the older doctors and nurses who returned to work during the epidemic.

Should people be told why they are not being admitted to a hospital or receiving sufficient care at home? A serious question.

I believe the answer to whether a person lives or dies should belong  to the patient. It should be recognized as a right equal to any other.

Age or health should not alter a person’s entitlement.

Heavy stuff being considered here.

Restricting people from accessing medical care is around the corner.

Permit me to conclude with those I hold responsible for our nation being placed in this position.

First, Trump. For failing to recognize coronavirus was a dangerous threat and have dealt with it. He never really has. He left our people vulnerable when he could have taken steps to minimize coronavirus potential as a killer.

Then there are the American people. Appears half or close to half think they have “rights” not to wear masks, social distance, etc. Caring not for those they come in contact with.

I normally end with “Enjoy Your Day!” Can’t today. Not with the solemn message presented.


  1. It’s not a perfect world. Sometimes saving everyone who wants to be saved is just not an option, for all kinds of reasons (not just because of “Trump”). I agree that it should be the patient’s choice to receive care, whether 85 or 18. But there is also a personal choice of letting others get care before you….empathy? hope for the future generations? common courtesy?

    This discussion reminds me of the time in the 80’s or early 90’s when news programs were filled with people in long lines, waiting to get the Flu vaccine, which was in short supply.

    One particular video showed a couple people (about 85), standing in line, fighting with a pregnant young woman. One of the elders struck the young woman with his cane.
    Made me feel ashamed for the “greatest generation”. I remember at the time, what is he saving himself for, in place of her, a few more weeks of sitting in his recliner, surfing channels?

  2. I agree with you Lou on your views both on Abortion and on what is becoming a call by those especially on the (abortion) right for what can only be called euthanasia. The hypocrisy is extraordinary, but not surprising.

    So many people still won’t take this pandemic seriously and can find excuses for every facet of the issue, including so many people dying, as if it wasn’t so bad really. REALLY?

    You even have people on your blog still trying to pazz this Covid calamity off as a hoax, even smearing scientists in order to do so, some of them your friends, using you to further their own political agendas.

    I think it’s one thing for you or me to die of this disease, I just hope we’re not somehow pazzed off and blamed because were too old and in the way, you know more expendable than an unborn child.

  3. I their continuing effort to defy intelligence, yet display nastiness and hate. A pro-Trump caravan descended on the homes of Bill and Hillary Clinton on Sunday. chanting “Lock Her UP”

    This is the Republican party today! This is their way of requesting respect ?

  4. Trump isn’t quit, he’s just going to freshen up for the next four years. He will remember who stuck with him and they know it. In 2024 the whole gang will be back including Rudy and Newt and Rush and Tucker and Dobbs and Miller and Hope, etc, etc. In the meantime they will be sniping at Biden and company from the sidelines.

    • Unnecessary wild speculation, no better than typical FOX news reporting.

      Better we simply hope a pray he does not scorch earth than traffic in childish right wing false flag rhetoric.

    • Same old hate posts by the same old hate poster who has no clue what is going on and only wants to stir up trouble and promote more hate.

      Turns out the BLM didn’t loose the election, Trump’s hating base did.

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