Trump’s people demonstrated in Washington yesterday and into this morning’s early hours. As one participant said, “The purpose to keep his spirits up and let him know we support him.”

The name of the demonstration: Make America Great Again.

As usual, disagreement as to the size of crowd. Trump’s press secretary said over 1 million. Police and other persons said, Thousands” or “tens of thousands.”

I watched part of the demonstration. The crowd appeared large to me. I would doubt however it was anywhere close to 1 million.

The crowd was shouting “Stop the steal…..Count every vote…..USA, USA, USA…..Four more years.”

The demonstration ran well past midnight. That was when most of the trouble began.

There were those on the other side. Those not supportive of Trump.

Police arrested 21. One for a stabbing, 20 for assault. I do not know the numbers arrested from each side.

The confrontations involved knives, fists and clubs. I assume guns also. However, I found no mention of guns in the reports.

The neo-Nazi Proud Boys were there in significant numbers.

The Trump people were convinced Trump was cheated. One said, “We can win because he did win.”

Except for 2 instances, Trump has not left the White House since election day. One the Rose Garden address re what might be described as a Covid-19 0ne.

The other involving Trump yesterday. He did not appear before the demonstrators nor speak to them. He was driven past and nodded.

Within the White House itself, discussions do not center around the virus. The discussions center on Trump’s election loss.

A “bunker” mentality is developing.

What goes around comes around.

A report by Newsmax Health this morning provided information re a recent research project. The result: Seniors are turning to pot for common health problems.

The seniors of today are the product of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Just about everyone smoked! Then illegal, today in most areas legal. Especially for medicinal reasons.

Elders are using pot to ease pain, sleep disturbances, and psychotic conditions like anxiety and depression.

I have been writing in recent days about coronavirus and its impact on Key West. Today, let me share a bit of the whole re the State of Florida.

Off the wall! A disaster.

One reason is Florida Governor DeSantis’ relationship with Trump. He is Trump’s lap dog. He has consistently danced to Trump’s tune when it comes to the virus and anything else. So much so that Trump refers to DeSantis as the best Governor in America.

Florida is and has been one of the worst states number wise. Total cases number 871,000. In that number, 17,444 deaths.

Thursday, Florida reported its highest number of new cases in one day: 6,933. Yesterday (Saturday), the number still high though not as much as Thursday: 4,544.

Virus numbers have been surging since October.

Deaths are increasing. Hospitals at the breaking point. Either out or running out of intensive care beds. Medical staffs wiped out.

Comments re the surge the same through out most of the U.S. The surge is on the rise. Dramatically.

A couple of brief reports signifying the increase.

Los Angeles City’s coronavirus numbers are hitting summer highs.

Orange County could be in the “purple tier” as early as next Tuesday, the 17th.

Lancaster County reported 276 new coronavirus cases for Saturday. A record one day high.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Trump’s post election BS is typical of him going back to 2016. He did an about face on Obama’s birthplace overnight, leaving those whom were sucked in by his lies to stew in their own juices.

  2. Well….., that’s NOW the Republican Party!

    Republicans, all of them, sold their soul for what they thought was power, now they’re Trumpers, with all that stands for! Not exactly something they’re going to be proud of, when they wake up. But that’s what they are now.

      • The healing can’t even begin until BOTH sides try. The losing president won’t even acknowledge he lost and millions are demonstrating in support of him NOT trying to heal. Including you with your sarcastic and unhelpful post

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