My friend Flaminia lives in Italy. I share with you the contents of a Facebook message she sent the world .

The specifics.

Sixty five Cuban doctors and nurses landed in Milan 3/23. Came knowing they most likely may get infected themselves. They came even though Italy still has an embargo with Cuba (to stay in line with American policies). Never the less, they came.

Nine Chinese doctors, who helped lead the battle and fight against coronavirus in China arrived last week, along with 500,000 face masks. China also sent dozens of ventilators and other necessary equipment. Hundreds more medical personnel, experts in fighting the epidemic, will arrive soon from China as well.

Russia has sent 15 military airplanes full of medical equipment and vehicles to spray disinfectant.

The world has stepped up to help Italy. Why not the U.S.?

Donald the problem?

I find it amusing Putin could lend a helping hand to Italy, but has not to his “good friend” Trump.

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  1. We on the other hand, well Trump was the one – he sent personal letters, offered to help North Korea and Iran. Both of which are sworn enemies and with whom we have had some very bad blood recently.

    What’s gone wrong with us?

  2. Two ways to look at Lou’s remarks:

    1) it’s good to see countries helping each other out in this time of crisis. We are all in this together.

    2) Nations with Communist governments will take advantage of the crisis to curry favor with other countries where a segment of the population is leaning toward socialism.

    Which do you believe is more likely?

    • Your first point sounds nice, but it doesn’t seem to be happening, because the United States (America), as an example, isn’t actually helping anybody else in this crisis.

      Your second point is strictly your opinion and also does not hold up to even the most minor scrutiny, Italy, as an example, is ALREADY socialist.

      JG you need to stop posting things as fact, when they really are not true.

      ..and by the way, we as a non socialist country offered help (that we can not actually provide) to two very socialist countries (North Korea and Iran) where the only explainable justification would be for us to curry favor in a time of crisis.

      JG you need to stop posting things as YOU want them to be, instead of the way they really are.+

      • Italy has been a democratic republic since 1946. They also have a minority socialist party. That’s not the way I want it to be. That’s just the way it is.

        • So, they are NOT a Socialist country, like France, Germany, England, etc., etc., and the rest of the world, when it suits you, but they ARE a Socialist country like France, Britain, England , etc., etc. and the rest of the world when it suits you, too?

          More twist and shout from your pompous spun brain.

          Socialism is really nothing but a scare word for you guys isn’t it. Unless of course you are trying to wiggle out of some stupid remark you made thinking the whole world is as gullible as YOU
          say it is.

  3. And remember Italy had a hand in the HRC Trump paper which was paid for by the left leaning DNC. The British “spy” who wrote it for HRC and was later found to be not true by a two “investigation” Thank God “David” can not get infected. It is all above my pay grade but I believe Socialists are well represented by the sucker jumping in to the volcano.

    • Trump apologist and almost always wrong political gadfly SANDY FEET, always seems to overlook the fact that the “Steele Dossier” he constantly harps about on Lou’s blog, was originally started AND funded by Republican donor Paul Singer and the Washington Free Beacon website to provide general opposition research on Trump and other presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton eventually took this over after she became the candidate and Republicans no longer had any use for it.

      Dishonest and hate monger troll, SANDY FEET never seems to mention this old smear accurately, as is the case with almost everything else he posts.

      Don’t give this poster, whose name isn’t even Sandy or Feet, any time. He is both a pest and a dishonest jerk.

  4. The new Nancy bill Does not permit workers in a Trump hotel get any aid, BUT a worker in a China owned Waldof Astsris Hotel get aid. A bathroom attendant at a Trump Hotel is out while a mid-level exitiutive in a Commie china hotel is given aid. Thank you Schumer and Nancy. Hennery Flagger just rolled over ,

  5. The “one human family members” do not care that if you work for Trump you get nothing but if you work for THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA you get Tax payer money Your money!

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