Yesterday, I wrote about the food supply diminishing. A strange topic since no one seems to be talking about it. Neither the government nor consumers. The reason probably being we are all so concerned about the initial problems involved with coronavirus that our minds have not  traveled far enough into the problem.

The government has thought about it. Plans are in place in the event  widespread domestic violence occurs as a result of food shortages brought about as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Martial law will come into play. Suddenly! Without warning!

There was much concern immediately following 9/11 as to the need for martial law in the event a nuclear device were exploded in one of our cities. CONPLAN 3502 was adopted.

Under Trump, CONPLAN 3205 has been amended several times. The most recent, CONPLAN 3600.

Ever hear of a CONPLAN. Probably not.

It provides for the U.S. military takeover of the government in the event of 1 of 2 specific happenings. Described as “extraordinary happenings.”

The first if widespread violence breaks out due to food shortages. The second if Constitutional successors are incapacitated.

The most recent addition/amendment to the CONPLAN took place February 1, 2020. Less than 2 months ago. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper signed orders directing the U.S. Northern Command to take certain actions.

The U.S. Northern Command was established following 9/11 to provide “homeland defense military authority.” The U.S. Northern Command’s responsibility is to “prepare to deploy” in support of “potential extraordinary missions.”

Described as “emergency authority.”

Recognize the whole idea of the U.S. Northern Command being deployed where food shortage is involved is a new problem. As is military takeover if so many of our elected officials are dead or so sick there is no one to run the government.

Uncharted waters without question. Coronavirus and its attendant problems new to the U.S. Ergo, new laws, rule and regulations required to act if the coronavirus pandemic adversely affects the U.S. in the 2 instances earlier specified.

The “boss” would be four star General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy. Age 55. An Air Force Academy graduate. Presently “Combat Commander” of the U.S. Northern Command.

The military take over is not permanent. Intended to only be temporary. Except no one knows for certain how it will come to an end since the whole take over game in a pandemic situation is new.

Important to note that Trump does not have the power to implement martial law under the circumstances and law described herein. The military makes that decision solely on its own. A when circumstances warrant situation.

I bring what is contained herein to your attention since such is basically unknown to the American people. Would be surprising to wake one morning and see tanks rolling down the street in front of your home.

Another reason is that the food shortages I described in yesterday’s blog could very well happen. The government and military believe it. Otherwise, there would be no need for the CONPLAN law involved.

Some will ask what’s the difference. I would respond whatever, we have a right to know (1) our government foresees a coronavirus food shortage problem which it has not disclosed to its people and (2) ground rules are set for a military takeover of government based on food shortage violence and/or physical incapacity of our government leaders.

Some will say there was martial law during the Civil War. Yes, Lincoln declared it.

The difference is that Lincoln was alive, well and running the government. Under the plan described herein, there is in effect no President or Constitutional successor running the government. The military then steps in and takes over.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Please join me. I will be discussing food shortage and military takeover, plus other coronavirus inspired problems.

Note that I have also been doing a daily Facebook podcast. A few minutes of me ranting and raving on one particular subject.

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  1. Just because Trump isn’t supposed to be able to declare martial law, doesn’t mean he won’t do exactly that. There have been tons of things he isn’t supposed to be ale to do that he’s just gone ahead and done and nobody has been able to stop him, for any of it!

    Please tell us who’s going to stop him if he does.

  2. Well, that’s why there’s such an increase in gun and ammunition sales. Americans are getting ready to fight ourselves, father vs son, buddy vs. buddy.

    Some peoples are gonna get killed, probably the gun nuts among us. Maybe that not such a bad thing, it’ll help clear out some of the nut cases, @ssuming they don’t wimp out. It’ll sure be better than having to watch tractor pulls on TV.

  3. Everyone is now panic buying all the food in sight, their houses must be getting full by now. When this is over they will have to start eating the stuff, which will start another recession because nobody will be buying the current food production.

  4. Wasn’t this all supposed to be over by now? Wasn’t that what he predicted?

    Weren’t we supposed to have a vaccine by now? Wasn’t that what he told us?

    Were we being lied to?

  5. Liberty University is welcoming it’s students back to their campus dorms this week after spring Break. I wonder how many of them were on Key West or Miami Beaches?

    Let’s see how that goes!

  6. The Waldorf Astoria Group is owned by a group from China.
    Will the tax brake money go to Americans or back to china.
    Do you think Flagler is spinning in his grave?
    Also AMC movie chain.

  7. Where is Joe Biden? If anyone sees Uncle Joe, tell him to call in to CNN. They miss him, and want to get his virus outbreak recovery plans on the air right away.

  8. I know, I know. Anbang Insurance Group was taken over by the government for not paying it’s bills. The Anbang group owns the Waldorf.

      • The northern part of Italy, the Malian area, is the industrial section as well as the fashion section of Italy.
        A neighbor who is a neutralized American since the 70’s and still owns a home over their. He is retired from the computer world but takes regular trips back to his child hood home. In his section of Italy, Malian, there over 380,000 Chinese’s living their full time. They travel back and forth to China on a regular bases with little or no restrictions.
        There was no restrictions in November, Dec., Jan., and February bringing in the Bug to Italy. China did not stop them from coming to Italy when they knew about this vinous,
        when they were lying to the world and USA about it.
        May be some one could tell us if there are that number of full time Chines living in just that northern section of Italy. See you at the movies. There is a great movie showing “Trojan Horse”

        • Scare tactics and smear. There are Chinese living everywhere, many in places that have not had outbreaks of the CaronaVirus. The truth is there are Americans living and traveling to Italy ever day, they too could have been the source.

          The Chinese did NOT invent this virus nor are they intentionally spreading it anywhere (not in their best interest, smart guy).

          Your smears of the Chinese is on the other hand intentional AND shameful. It is also ignorant and hateful of YOU. No different than your hatred of Puerto Ricans.

    • Gettin’ old isn’t he, like Trump, just not as mentally lost. Funny how people want to make fun of Biden based on his age things, ignoring that he and Trump are both really old men. Only difference is that Trump acts so much older and so much more out of it.

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