Angelica needs a kidney!

I first became aware of Angelica Harris last November. I dedicated the title and opening topic of my 11/24/20 blog to Angelica’s problem. I also spent about 10 minutes discussing it on an afternoon talk show I was doing at the time.

I have 70,000 subscribers. Angelica has been beating the keys on Facebook and Instagram.

No kidney yet!

Her need was discovered in August. Doctors told her it could take up to 5 years for a match. Angela lucked out. Within one month a match was found in a California woman. Unfortunately, the donor had a history of kidney infections and the kidney turned out not to be usable.

Angelica is on the United Network for Organ Sharing. I believe the first match was discovered via the organization.

My message today. Lets move our asses! How I don’t know. Keep your eyes and ears open. Speak of Angelica’s problem with your friends.

We must find Angelica a kidney!

The Great Curfew Rebellion crumbled. I worried Key West was neither trained nor equipped to handle any curfew altercation that might occur New Year’s eve.

I was wrong. We all should be proud. The City also in backing what was obviously an unpopular restriction. Between the passing of the ordinance and its enforcement, the City seems to have accepted their responsibility. Good for them! We all live and learn. I congratulate the City on a job well done.

Curfew was 10 pm. Everyone off the streets by 10:30. Thousands of tourists out and about.

I didn’t think the police and other officials could do the job. It took till 11:10 for Duval to be empty. No problem. It got done. The time frame in enforcing the ordinance still slight.

The active protesters were young white men. One called a police officer a “Communist” while standing in front of Sloppy Joe’s at 10:30. He persisted in violating the ordinance. The police found him out and about again at 2:06 am and arrested him.

Arrests estimated at 6. Joe Walsh one of them. Joe Walsh a prominent person in Key West. Owner of several restaurants.

Restaurants were to close at 10. Walsh kept Fogarty’s open. Open in clear defiance. His outdoor restaurant was packed. Walsh was finally arrested following several requests that he comply.

Fogarty’s was the only restaurant that defied the 10 o’clock curfew.

Those arrested were taken to the Stock Island jail where they were fingerprinted and mugged. Violation of the curfew ordinance is a crime. A misdemeanor.

Some have way out concepts of what Key West actually is. Perhaps our fault in the way we advertise and the way we have conducted ourselves in the past.

One young man told a passerby that he came to “Key West because there is no rules.”

The protesters had a degree of organization when they wanted to openly defy the law. Unfortunately for them, so also did the police.

A group of young mainly white men created a human barrier at Sloppy Joe’s. They stood in the street at the corner of Duval and Greene facing down Duval.

The police came down Duval towards them on motorcycles. They in a straight line and close to each other also. Every 20 feet, the police stopped for a few minutes. Then continued for another 20 feet and stopped again. So they continued down Duval towards the protesters.

When the police and protesters were 10 feet apart, three mounted police officers entered upon the scene. They maneuvered the horses between the two and approached the protesters.

The protesters moved swiftly away from the horses. Then 2 City street cleaners entered Duval at Sloppy Joe’s and moved down Duval together. They are huge, throw up dust, and then water to clean the streets. No one was going to fool with the street cleaning machines.

At which point the rebellion was over. The protesters never formed again.

Very few of those enjoying the evening before and after the curfew were wearing masks. Forget about social distancing. An impossibility.

During the protest portion, the protesters were chanting “USA, USA, USA” and “We’re not going to take it.”

Pru Sowers in the Key West Citizen described the evening best. The evening was “more whimper than a riot.”

I obviously was not out. Day #331 of my self-quarantine. My information regarding Duval and New Year’s eve comes from 3 excellent sources. The 2 front page columns of today’s Citizen and Jean Thornton.

Jean and Joe are still self-quarantines in Birmingham. They watched the action in front of Sloppy Joe’s via Sloppy’s webcam. Even saw Joe Walsh’s arrest via another webcam.

Trump’s complaining fashion is consistent. He continues to decry the Presidential election. Fraud everywhere. Yesterday, he went after the run off elections taking place in Georgia tuesday. Described them as “illegal and invalid.”

When you are on top and in control, few will dispute you. When the end is near, supporters fall along the wayside in increasing numbers.

Trump is close to being out. His power ends January 20. His ass kissers and followers will be significantly diminished.

The loudest example so far. The Senate this week overriding Trump’s veto of the defense bill. Significantly: 81-13. First override of a Trump veto in 4 years.

Trump’s days sowing chaos and undermining national security will not be possible in any significant fashion. He will have become yesterday’s news.

When you’e out, your’re out!

Another Trump inspired lawsuit has been thrown out of court. Representative Gohmert’s suit against Vice President Pence re overriding the electoral vote.

The Federal Judge ruled the plaintiffs had suffered no specific damage, Congress did not have the legal right (standing) to sue, and plaintiffs’ lawsuit presupposed what the Vice President would do.

Another victory for the good guys! Sixty one lawsuits. Trump or his people won only one.

History will recognize Trump as responsible for COVID-19 being as bad as it has become in the U.S. Trump should be proud. He has blood on his hands.

There are now 20 million confirmed cases. Close to 350,000 dead. One model suggests an additional 115,000 will die in the next 4 weeks.

Thank you, Donald!

Enjoy your day!


12 comments on “WHERE’S ANGELICA’S KIDNEY?

  1. In some medical transplant circles, especially in bigger cities, young motorcycle riders are affectionately referred to simply as “donors.”

  2. Walsh is a douche as are you. Just die already. And screw your friend. Stop trying to influence peddle. Typical New York trash.

  3. Closing up Key West at 10:30 pm is another great victory to finally stamp out this disease. Science has proven that the virus is transmitted easier after 10:30 at night. The waitstaff at all the restaurants and bars can just take a fourth job to make ends meet living in a high cost location.

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