A trying last night ending what has been a trying last year.

All Key West midnight drops were cancelled. A 10 o’clock curfew in effect.

Turns out, all but one. Sushi went down in the Red Shoe for the 24th consecutive New Year’s eve. Not at midnight, however. At some point before 10 pm.

The drop took place not on Duval. Rather from the back area of Bourbon Street. A beautiful place in itself. Rarely seen except by gays. It is open to everyone the two nights of Goombay.

A large area. Sushi came down from the second floor on the back side. A bar and pool below. Tables and chairs throughout the remaining massive area.

The number of persons permitted to view Sushi was limited. Social distancing was enforced. Don’t know about masking.

I had a curiosity as to the the size of the Duval crowd and whether the police were able to handle the curfew. Called several local friends who I thought might have been on Duval. The calls made at 7 this morning.

No happy campers at the other end of the line. I woke them all. No one had gone to Duval.

Nothing in the morning papers.

The story too late to print apparently.

Yesterday day 331 of my self-quarantine. Obviously did not go out. Was in bed asleep at 9.

My sleep time not comfortable. Kept waking. The air conditioning broke around 8. Good luck getting an air conditioning person on New Year’s eve.

I started in bed. Went downstairs and back and forth between a barcalounger and wing back. Neither helped. Hot was hot!

On this day in 1997, Jimmy Carter and family spent New Year’s at the Little White House. The former President became thrilled with Key West and the lower Keys in general. In subsequent years, he stayed with friends on Summerland Key.

Howard Livingston’s home on the same street as the home the Carters stayed in. Howard would tell me when they were there. His yearly trips to Summerland were kept secret, except from near by neighbors.

It continues to amaze me. Carter was one of our worst Presidents. Nothing went right for him. Note Trump far worse. No comparison between the two.

Carter has become the best former President in retirement. The man is amazing! Now in his 90’s and still going strong.

The Casa Marina Hotel 100 years old today. Opened New Year’s eve 1921. Room with bath $9. The physical land 6 acres, including 1,200 feet of beachfront. Purchase price for the land $1,000.

A right on comment in the Citizens’ Voice this morning: “My hope for the New Year is that instead of yelling at our selfish visitors to wear their masks, I could go back to yelling at them to stop urinating in my driveway. Isn’t life in Old Town grand!”

It appears Governor DeSantis is guilty of another wrongdoing. Respectfully, the man is a disgrace.

He has who gets the vaccine at what time all screwed up. Actually, he left the decision to the respective areas. There is no set method. Each does it their own way.

The number of vaccine doses were far less than anticipated.

As of monday, Monroe County had received 800 doses. Three hundred twelve were administered on monday. Who is to go 2nd, 3rd and 4th all screwed up.

Moderna the vaccine received.

There is also a dramatic decrease in the number of doses Florida has received. Trump’s fault. He claims the federal government’s responsibility ended with delivery to the states.

Passes the buck all the time.

There was a time when the cigar was King in Key West. For example, on this day in 1905 there were 20 cigar factories employing 1,527.

The man is never happy. I refer to Trump, of course.

He returned from Mar-a-Lago early. Yesterday. Deserted Mar-a-Lago where 500 people expected to party last night with the President and Melania.

The reason given is that Trump has spent his entire time at Mar-a- Logo unhappy, complaining, etc. He believes not enough is being done for the electoral ballot confrontation  in Congress on January 6.

He is back to fix things. January 6 may be his last hurrah in the election fight.

It appears Trump is also unhappy with Melania. He delegated the responsibility to her to renovate what is to be their home in Mar-a- Lago after January 20.

He did not like the job she did.

I have a question, a concern. Was Melania paid? Forget not that Ivanka received significant consulting fees from her father.

If paid, from what account and what was the money purportedly paid for if not the renovation.

On this day in 1954, NBC broadcast the first coast to coast colored TV event. The Tournament of Roses Parade.

Colored TV did not sweep the nation rapidly. Why, I do not know.

It was a day 3 years later in June 1957. Earlier that day, I had graduated from Manhattan College. Dinner for family and guests afterwards was at the Stella D’Oro restaurant a few blocks away.

Stella D’Oro was and still is the famous Italian cookie maker. They had a lovely large up scale restaurant sitting in front of their plant.

Suddenly, everyone was moving swiftly to the bar. I went also to see what the excitement was all about. The bar was showing a colored TV program.

Most of us watching had never seen colored TV before. I stood in awe.

Happy New Year! May it be a better one for all of us.


  1. And constant haraszment for stupid stuff (his brother’s buffoonery and his daughter’s looks), by not just the entire Republican hate machine (Run then by Roger Ailes), but also from Ted Kennedy’s camp of sore losers.

    He never stood a chance

    • I wish it were merely a chineese fire drill. Borrowing from the dubbed over words of Gunny Highway…

      The Donald’s fail leadership has turned this into a complete cluster “flop.”

      January 20 can’t come fast enough.

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