Most people would be honored to have a former President as their next door neighbor. Every former President, except for Donald Trump.

A Mar-a-Lago neighbor says Trump is prohibited from making Mar-a-Lago his home.The neighbor’s attorney sent a letter to the Town of Palm Beach and the Secret Service which said in part: “Mar-a-Lago is a social club, and no one may reside on the property.”

Mar-a-Lago was originally owned by Marjorie Merriweather. In 1985, Trump purchased the property with the goal of turning the private residence into a business.

Trump signed an agreement with the Town of Palm Beach in 1993 allowing him to turn the private property into a business. A club. That which it is today.

Certain conditions attached to the agreement.

No one could reside at the property.The property had 10 guest rooms which could be rented. Rented only by members who could stay no more than 21 days a year. The 21 days was divided into 3 stays that could not be used consecutively.

Trump supposedly is a member. His attorney was asked in 1993 if Trump would reside at Mar-a-Lago. Trump’s attorney said, “No, except that he will be a member of the Club and therefore entitled to the use of guest rooms.”

The issue of Trump staying at Mar-a-Lago for longer than 3 non-consecutive weeks was not raised as a matter of respect during Trump’s 4 years as President.

Neighbors however are “fed up” with the traffic, noise, etc. a Trump Mar-a-Lago brings with it. Ergo, one neighbor is raising the agreement and saying in effect he does not want Trump for a neighbor.

The attorney’s letter hinted the people are fine with Trump being a Palm Beach resident, but not at the golf club.

Donald has 2 reasons to be unhappy re Mar-a-Lago. He put Melania in charge of renovations for their personal residence. When he saw the finished product, he was unhappy with Melania’s efforts. Now even if he were happy or could make himself happy re the renovations, a neighbor does not want him as such. And the neighbor may have valid grounds for the Town of Palm Beach to block Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump has to be a very unhappy camper. First, he loses the election. Then 60 out of 61 lawsuits. Finally, he may have no place to live after January 20.

Police enforcement over the years has consistently gone a step too far.

A new move has been discovered in Florida. Police are keeping a secret list of children in middle school and high school with bad grades labeling them “potential criminals.”

The Pasco County Sheriff’s office has such a secret list. A list of students who could “fall into a life of crime” based on a student’s poor grades.

Strange when you consider that in the U.S. a person is considered innocent till proven guilty. Florida is accelerating the prosecution process without regard for the Constitutional rights of the child.

A couple of examples where Florida’s program flies in the face of reality.

Thomas Edison was kicked out of school at the age of 12 for poor math grades and an inability to concentrate.

Steve Spielburg temporarily dropped out of high school. When he later returned, he was put in a “special-ed” class.

The purpose of Florida’s program is to recognize at an early age an “at risk” student. It is part of what is called  the Early Warning System.

Some things which require a student to be placed in the Early Warning System include the following. Any one of which finds the student’s name placed thereon.

A D on a report card. Missing school more than 3 times in a quarter. Witnessing domestic violence. Having a parent in prison. Being the victim of abuse or neglect. There are others.

Police would rely on any one or more of the preceding to prematurely label a young person. Chilling!

Many are now labeling the COVID-19 pandemic as World War III.

Bombs and bullets are not required to label a happening a world war. A proper measure is number of deaths.

The enemy is the STRS-OV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. Deaths now exceed 350,000. Deaths are occurring at a faster rate than German and Japanese bullets used against Americans in World War II.

If the virus were actually a shooting war, everyone from top government officials to persons on the street would be working and fighting to defeat the enemy. Since a virus is the killer, the concern is not the same. All Americans have to start treating coronavirus as the killer it is. To view it as a shooting/bombing attack on the U.S.

I was without air conditioning for 3 days. From thursday morning till last night. Horrendous! I had forgotten what it was to live without air conditioning.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. The CDC has released records that show that the actual virus death figures are much more likely to be about 440,000+that the 350,000 usually quoted and the CDC is under Trump’s control. Which is generally thought to be routinely under reporting deaths.

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