Yesterday will go down as one of the best days in American history. Two biggies in one day. Vaccine approval by FDA of the coronavirus vaccine and the Supreme Court throwing out the Texas lawsuit against the four battleground states.

The FDA announced during the day that it had given emergency approval. There were a few minor details to clear up. However, formal approval would be coming the next day (today).

Trump got on his high horse. No way, he said. A message was conveyed to FDA Director Dr. Stephen Hahn on behalf of Trump. No way a tomorrow approval. By nightfall today (friday) or your resignation. His “job would be in jeopardy.”

FDA approval was forthcoming last night as Trump wanted.

The man cannot stop being a bully and buffoon.

I plan on getting the vaccine as soon as available for my age group. There is a concern on my part, however. Suppose the vaccine does have ill effects as some fear? Even to the point of death.

Then I will die. Either way, I could be a loser. Although I am self-quarantined, some how I could come down with the virus. I am 85 with several underlying conditions. Odds are I would not make it.

Ergo, what difference does it make?

The vaccine is our only hope. Nothing else on the horizon. Definitely better than injecting or ingesting bleach.

One doctor described Trump’s interference as “a veneer of political meddling.”

The Supreme Court decision in the case of Texas suing the four battleground states. The Supreme Court moved with dispatch in throwing the case out.

In a short one or two line order, the Court ruled one state cannot sue another under the fact pattern of the Texas case.

Trump does not give up. He was moaning all day and night yesterday. In fact, he tweeted around midnight that the “Supreme Court really has let us down. No wisdom. No courage.”

Obviously better than Giuliani’s, however.

I view yesterday’s decision as the fat lady has sung. I have to add I hope so. With Trump, you never know.

I suspect one thing that hurt or disillusioned Trump was that his three appointees to the Court did not support his position.

Trump’s problem is he believes he owns anyone he helps. The new Justices let him down. Good!

I admit I was concerned. I worry the Supreme Court has become politicized. The Court’s decision in the Texas case leads me to believe I may be wrong. However, I am not convinced yet. The next six months will tell.

The “beauties” have come out from under the woodwork.

Prior to the Court’s decision, the Rev. Pat Robertson was on TV assuring his fellow Evangelicals that God had promised a great Supreme Court victory for them.”

After the Court’s decision came down Robertson said, “That God is such a kidder.”

Rudy Giuliani has been discharged from the hospital. He beat coronavirus. He went public almost immediately He was interviewed on Newsmax TV.

Giuliani words indicate something is missing in his cerebellum.

He is his worst enemy. Apparently he received treatment and medications that are not available to the public. He thought nothing of it. Described such as the manner in which a “celebrity” is treated.

Giuliani assured the “legal fight would go on.”

January 5, 2021 is the next significant date in the ongoing political battles. A very important one. The run off election in Georgia. Two U.S. Senate seats up for grabs.

The future of the U.S. rides on both Democratic candidates being elected. Such will give control of the Senate to Biden and the Democrats. Otherwise, it could be as it has been for many years with McConnell and the Republicans being obstructionists.

To not elect the Democratic candidates would be like sending Biden into a street shootout in the Old West. One problem, however. Biden will be gong forth with no six shooter in his holster.

Patricia Tedesco. A great lady from my distant past.

When I first returned to Utica and began practicing law, Pat and her husband were part of our social group. Then over the years as  happens, the group dissipated.

At least 40 years elapsed since Pat and I had communicated in any fashion.

Several years ago, she happened upon my blog. Wrote me. It was wonderful to hear from her! She is now living somewhere between Florida and Utica, N.Y. Precisely where, I cannot recall.

Pat sent me a Christmas card. I responded with an e-mail.

I was duly chastised for not sending a Christmas card. I explained I never do and why. Did not make any difference. Her e-mail yesterday said she is waiting for my Christmas card.

Following her discovery of the blog several years ago, Pat sent me a quilt she had made. I wrote I had used it again a few days ago when the temperature dropped. And have any time it gets cold in Key West.

She responded telling me she has made and sent to various persons around 450. All made with love and good wishes, I am sure.

Recall last year, I mentioned that I had lost inches. I went from 6’1″ to 5’9″. Pat shared yesterday that a recent doctor visit revealed she had gone from 5’0″ to 4’10”. She described herself as a “munchkin.”

I would like to see Pat again. I have a selfish reason. She is an outstanding cook. I have not enjoyed a good Italian meal in at least 15 years. The kind of cooking our mothers and grandmothers did.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “More broadly, the damage he has done to Americans’ faith and trust in democratic institutions will last long after he packs his bags and ends what will go down as one of the worst presidencies in history.”

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