The insanity of it all!

Words spoken by Trump followers at the Million MAGA March saturday in Washington, D.C. War and secession. The year 2020 and there are those talking that way. Even worse, they believe it is the only option left them.

Thousands attended the rally. Photos taken from an airplane showed thousands in front of the Capital. MAGA people had also gathered before the Supreme Court.

Why secession and war? They were upset with the most recent Supreme Court decision which tossed the Texas case out. Speakers claimed a Civil War the only option left.

A fantasy perhaps, but spoken by those believing the words coming out of their mouths. So assume it is for real.

It was stressed the Civil War must be a “total meltdown.”

The protesters were not happy with the GOP. They had been let down by the GOP. Trump lost the election. “Destroy the GOP” was a cry. One person wrote afterwards “Burn the Republican Party to the fucking ground.”

Note these are Trump supporters uttering in one fashion or another Trump’s rantings. I have a feeling the anti-Republican words are not going to be helpful to the Republican Senate candidates in Georgia.

The MAGA people are convinced Biden’s people broke the law and such was why he won. They blame Biden for the evil deeds of Master Donald.

They went beyond Biden. They claimed in effect Biden’s people were attempting a coup.

Can you believe?

The MAGAs wanted help: “Where is the military? This is a coup.” The military were needed because the DOJ and FBI were not doing their job.

Another cry heard and one consistent with war and secession: “The South must rise again!”

Violence turning into war a distinct possibility. Biden may have to become Lincoln to save the Union.

Protesters were present from both sides. Proud Boys and church groups. Both urging the faithful to participate in the demonstrations to come. Recommending Jericho Marches and prayer rallies specifically for Trump.

Violence was inevitable saturday. The two sides clashed. Four persons stabbed and 9 injured. The 4 stabbings have resulted in life threatening situations. The four are not yet out of danger.

The police arrested 23.

The odd thing is that the the clash did not occur till the rally was over and people were dispersing.

Additional cries during the rally included “Four More Years”  and “Stop The Steal.”

Two pictures of the altercation appeared on the internet. I was surprised. Could even be described as shocked. Appeared everyone was wearing a mask.

Georgia’s 2 Senate seats came into play. As earlier indicated, the protesters were not happy with Republican assistance in Georgia. Ergo, the cry “Destroy the GOP.” They also booed Georgia’s”RINOS Loeffler and Perdue.” RINO is short for Republicans in name only.

Violence may be the only alternative facing Biden. These demonstrations are not going to stop when he is sworn in. Trump has empowered the swamp people and the worst of Americans to perform. Perform quite possibly in a war and secession fashion.

I believe Biden may have to impose some civil rights restrictions even before an all out revolution and/or secession occurs. Such is the way unfortunately how civil disturbances as are growing in the U.S. need to be handled.

Lincoln did not sit back and let secession divide the country. He imposed restrictions. Some severe. He suspended habeas corpus. Freedom of speech and press were curtailed. Lincoln shut down 300 newspapers and detained editors without hearings.

As matters become more serious, and they will, Biden may have to evidence he has what it takes when things get tough. I believe he would after some deep thinking invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807.

Such would be legal under the circumstances. The Act can be called into play in the name of quelling dissent, silencing criticism of political decisions and preserving national security.

The Act would empower Biden to deploy U.S. military and national federal guard troops within the U.S under circumstances already described.

There are occasions where force is the only alternative.

I recall a friend while I was in college. He was from Hungary. He had participated in the Hungarian Revolution.

His words have never left me. He said initially they were just a bunch of bored college kids who began throwing empty beer bottles at Russian troops. Within 24 hours, the Russians took to shooting back. His people got guns and shot at the Russians.

On the third or fourth day, the Revolution was over. The Russians sent tanks in in a show of force. He and his friends had to quickly get their asses out of Hungary lest they be arrested and jailed or executed.

Biden may be forced into retaliation. Even before a formal act of secession by any state. The war portion is inevitable. These extreme right wing conservatives will already have been using weapons. Not they aren’t already. Small use today becomes big use tomorrow.

Now to Mitch McConnell. The man has transformed over the years into a bad person. His track record nothing to be impressed with unless you belong to the MAGA side.

McConnell cried on the Senate floor. Hard to believe.His every action indicates a cruel and uncaring person.

The crying occurred on December 2 . McConnell was giving a speech extolling Lamar Alexander who was retiring from the Senate.

McConnell’s tearful farewell speech came up on Tweet yesterday. Why was it not reported by the media on December 2 or 3?

A minor observation.

More important, very important in fact, is why doesn’t McConnell cry for the hundreds of thousand COVID deaths in America or the millions of Americans waiting for him to approve a stimulus package?

The Texas case was decided by the Supreme Court earlier this week. I thought that was it. Fifty plus cases and Trump only won one. Then yesterday, I read there was a federal court case left in Wisconsin. It was decided against Trump.

Yesterday, I read somewhere that Trump’s genius legal team now wants to start the whole process of lawsuits over. This time all being brought in state courts rather than federal ones.

Syracuse blew out Boston College yesterday 101-63. Not expected by either side. An indication of things to come?

Many ask why I do not write much about Key West these days. Simple. I have spent over 300 days in self-quarantine. I do not go out! Ergo, I know not what is going on.

My friends who occasionally sneak out for an evening tell me the town is dead.

What is there to report? When I pick something up from friends or the newspapers, I report it. That’s the best I can do.

On the other hand, I must concede I am enjoying my political writings.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Hey Lou, you should write what you want, what ever that is. This is your blog and we who read it can choose something else if we want, any how

    Besides, most of those who complain are people who disagree with you politically and only complain in an effort to get you to do THEIR bidding, something I doubt you would ever do.

  2. Lou is right and wrong today. He is correct in surmising that the Biden administration will face extraordinary difficulties in its attempt to govern over a population where millions do not recognize the legitimacy of the government. Lou is also correct to say that violence will follow the inauguration in January, and for years to come.

    But Lou is wrong, horribly wrong, in suggesting that Biden might invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 “in the name of quelling dissent, silencing criticism of political decisions and preserving national security”. What does that sound like to you? The heavy boot of dictatorial power? Fascism?

    Just how is governmental suppression of dissent and criticism supposed to heal our political differences? Tell me how that has worked out for governments in the Mid East, Myanmar, Venezuela and China, among so many others. Everyone agrees that Americans must come together. Suppression is not the answer.

    • Totally agree, but true and today’s reality.

      Don’t forget, Obama ran on a promise of bringing America Back together but met with REPUBLICAN refusal and complete non cooperation. Trump made it worse.

      Biden needs to do what’s right and just and restore dignity and trust. Forget unity, that’s just something Democrats wine about and then spin their wheels trying to achieve. Republicans define success as DOMINATION, not unity and they will never even try for that.

  3. More than 3300 people died of Covid on Friday alone. That is more than died on D-Day in World War II, or died on 9/11 when the twin towers came down.

    For all of those who are deniers on this subject (no worse than the common cold, etc), do you still think it is just a hoax? Over blown and nothing to worry about?

    Deny, Deny, Deny ……

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