A right on COMMENT in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice: “Governor DeSantis doesn’t want the federal government dictating how and when cruise ships can sail out of Florida ports, but he’s fine with Tallahassee telling Key West how to manage its ports. That doesn’t square up. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

I believe the DeSantis’ path taken has nothing to do with the quality of Florida harbors. It is DeSantis sucking up to his affluent Florida business donors.

There is a special honor and pride in being a “conch.” A conch is a person born in Key West.

Where does the label conch come from?

In modern U.S. today, many fly balloons in front of their homes to signify a new birth. The conch shell had a similar purpose.

In days gone by when a new born arrived, it was noted by the proud father putting a 3-5 foot stick in the ground and placing on it a conch shell. Conch shells are large. Some as big as a football.

Thus was born the term “conch” to signify a Key West new born.

Karl Tanzler aka Count von Cosel in the news again.

The Count was in love with the younger Elena Hoyos Mesa. She died at a relatively early age.

The Count had a tomb built for her in the Key West Cemetery. Therein lies the reason for a phase of the Count von Cosel story being reported today. KONK Life and the Citizen ran a photo of the mausoleum the Count had constructed. Massive for one body. Beautiful.

Elena was laid to rest.

As discovered seven yeas later, in the dark of night the Count removed Elena’s body from the mausoleum. He took the body to his home where he lived with his Elena unknown to anyone.

When seven years later it was discovered Elena’s remains were in the Count’s home, the body was removed and the Count charged. Nothing ever came of the charge for some reason.

Elena was not returned to the mausoleum for reburial. She was buried elsewhere so the Count would not be tempted to steal her again.

The Count left town. Hours after he left, the mausoleum blew up.

Thus ended the Count/Elena story.

Biden has announced the removal of all American troops from Afghanistan by September 1.

I agree the U.S. should get out. We have been in Afghanistan 20 years and accomplished little if anything. Except in some fashion for permitting the poppy growth to flourish.

The U.S. presently has 3,500 troops in Afghanistan.

I disapprove of a specific date being announced by which the U.S. troop contingency would be removed. It tells the enemy (whoever they may be at the moment) to sit back and relax. Stop the fighting at their end. Then after the U.S. troops leave, get busy again in killing, looting, and making war in and out of Afghanistan.

A stupid move on Biden’s part. Not wise militarily.

The departure also represents what can be described as another American defeat since the end of World War II.

Netanyahu continues to be a major threat to peace in the Middle East.

Netanyahu is another Donald Trump. A bully and liar. A deceiver. Perhaps a thief. He is under indictment on several corruption charges.

Netanyahu wants Iran defeated and a new regime to replace the present one. He is convinced Iran is out to get Israel. He is correct. The abuse Netanyahu has been heaping on Iran since the Trump yeas and now were generally uncalled for.

Trump emboldened Netanyahu in every conceivable way. They need not be itemized. The world knows.

This past week a bomb planted by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, blew up their main and back up electrical power lines to Iran’s nuclear center in Natanz.

The purpose was to sabotage U.S. peace talks with Iran. The talks recently underway. The issue resumption of U.S./Iran talks about the dormant nuclear deal. The one Trump threw out early in his administration.

One news agency described Netanyahu as behaving like a “sneaky saboteur.”

Putin has returned as an active aggressive player on the world stage. He had Trump conned for 4 years. Got away with many things. With Biden, it is not the same.

Putin is one smart individual. He sees the political discord in the U.S and has decided he can step actively back onto the world stage.

He is getting ready to attack Ukraine as he did Crimea. Russian troops are on the border on 3 sides.

Putin’s popularity has been diminishing at home. He needs a war to boost his fading popularity.

Biden’s recent reference to Putin as a “killer” bothers him.

Almost simultaneously, Putin got his vaccine shot and put 28,000 troops on the Ukraine border.

What Putin wants is a “mano-mano” battle with Biden. It would make him look good. Not a war exactly. Merely confrontations that makes it appear war is an excellent probability. Such would return Putin’s image to Vlad the Terrible.

What Putin is telling the world at the moment is “I’m back!” He is pushing for a confrontation with Biden to prove it.

Biden was preparing to send U.S. warships to the Ukraine area. Putin retorted with a warning to the U.S. that the U.S. should stay far away for “their own good.”

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  1. You have never been to the southwest US if you think Mexico wants or deeds to take back that part of this country!

    We (America) on the other hand need Mexico as it is, because sooooo many US companies choose to manufacture our goods there.

    Besides, what would we had to politically complain about if Mexico wasn’t there? Mexico is the boogie-man Republicans need to scare Americans with, to get elected.

  2. Good Riddance to Bernie Madoff, the corrupt finance maven who nearly got away with one of the worst financial scams in history.

    … and let this be yet ANOTHER example of the foolish and dangerous Republican and Libertarian mantra about smaller government with less regulations and rules !!!!

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