Justice lost yesterday in Broward County, Florida. The decision the same quality as Dobbs which reversed Roe V. Wade in the Supreme Court.

Nicholas Cruz was on trial in the sentencing portion of his criminal case. In 2018 Cruz shot and killed 17 in the Parkland school shooting. He pled guilty and threw himself on the mercy of the jury in the sentencing phase.

The jury could return one of two verdicts. Death or life in jail without parole. The jury returned a verdict in favor of life in jail without parole.

An injustice. A flagrant one.

Place everything in perspective. You are a parent sitting throughout the trial and waiting for the verdict. Nothing less than death will satisfy you. Your child is dead. God will permit vengeance in this situation. One mother’s daughter was shot 8 times.

I write about the Parkland result as an example of how the judicial/legal system is totally screwed up.

When I was a young lawyer, a criminal case concerned the rights solely of the defendant, the person charged. Then social groups started chanting victim’s rights. Developed over the years. Now an integral part of a criminal case.

Makes me laugh. Many Judges, especially Supreme Court Justices, view their decision making involving how the law was when the Constitution was written in the late 1700’s. No victim’s rights back then. Not even a whisper.

I blame not the judges so much. Their responsibility is to apply the law. Law is made legislatively. In state legislatures and Congress. Republicans are not so stupid when they recognize how important it is to control local elections, including state legislatures.

The pendulum has swung. Far in one direction. At some point, it will begin to swing back. Soon, I suspect. People cannot take too many decisions like this Parkland one and Dobbs which reversed Roe. It took 40-50 years for the pendulum to swing to the point it has. It may take as long to swing back.

Half way would help. Still looking at roughly 25 years.

In the meantime, there is no hope for the Parkland parents. No justice.

With one exception. Cruz may not live long enough to die a natural death. Prisoners have a way of meting out their own justice to persons who commit crimes on the outside. Especially those involving children.

Spent yesterday afternoon watching the January 6 Committee proceeding. Not as good as the previous ones. A lot of bones. Insufficient meat.

Voting the subpoena for Trump to be produced meaningless. The Committee ends December 31. Assuming Republican control of the House thereafter, the subpoena is not worth the paper it is printed on.

What did impress me was the leadership Pelosi and Schumer showed which was captured on video. They were in a room with other legislators. The insurrectionists were elsewhere all over the capitol. Looking  for Pelosi and Pence. Perhaps to kill them. Looking for other legislators perhaps to kill them, also.

Pelosi and Schumer acted like leaders. Doing Trump’s job. On the phone looking for national guard assistance from governors of nearby states.

My fear/concern for the additional information which was revealed re the Secret Service and FBI extremely bothersome. An investigation of both bodies is called for regarding the information developed.

Must be I was not the only one to mention Mika’s problem yesterday. The camera several times swept by where the cluttered table was yesterday. No table, no clutter. Merely an empty chair.

Syracuse/North Carolina State tomorrow at the JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse at 3:30. The game will be carried on the ACC Network.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, I think maybe your comments concerning the Parkland murder trial in Florida a little naive.

    In order to punish this monster Cruz with execution or life in prison, you need a 100% unanimous guilty vote by that jury. You are not going to get that in Florida, where a majority of people are right wing wackos who love guns and believe in Alex Jones theories on this kind of tragedy.

    We’re lucky to get any kind of justice here. If this was Wisconsin, he would be free today, jut like Rittenhouse.

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