Since Bum Farto disappeared in the 1970’s, people ask :”Bum Farto, where are you?” Today they ask a similar question of Florida’s Governor DeSantis: “Governor DeSantis, where are you?”

The public has not heard from DeSantis since December 17. Except for his immediate staff, no one knows where he is. Most believe he is on vacation with his family.

Whereas Bum Farto never reappeared, DeSantis will. He wants to run for President in 2024.

DeSantis should be in Florida working. COVID-19 is at its worst. Not off somewhere enjoying himself. He is pulling a Senator Cruz. Running of with his family to some tropical paradise following the horrible storm which hit Texas.

Florida’s case load exploded thursday. New cases 77,848. Governor, it is time to come out of hiding. At the moment, Florida needs a governor. As inept as I consider you, Florida needs you! Speak to your constituents! They want to hear from you!

Knock off the disappearing act!

Interestingly, a pic was run yesterday showing DeSantis at a bagel shop in Ocala saying how great the bagels were. Appeared current. Was not. Taken several weeks ago. Typical DeSantis.

DeSantis’ hero is Donald Trump. Understandable. They are birds of a feather. Sort of like “Trumpy see, Trumpy do.” Except in this case, “Trumpy see, DeSantis do.”

This past week Florida ran second to only New York in number of new cases.

Governor, where are you?

You have not had a personal appearance since December 17. As bad as you may be, Floridians are desperate. Looking for leadership. You are that leadership.

Today’s blog is obviously a COVID one.

I continue.

Wednesday reflected another COVID high. Every state in the Union was at its highest level of new cases ever. The day gave birth to 488,000 new cases.

Children. Our children and grandchildren. Omicron has become a tidal wave as far as young ones are concerned. Those infected are being referred to as “omicron kids.”

Dr. Matthew Harris is a New York pediatric emergency room doctor. He spoke regarding the night after Christmas. Thirty young patients came in. Twelve tested positive for COVID-19. Every child with a fever had been infected. Several were babies.

The shocking thing about Dr. Harris’ recitation was when he advised the child Covid cases were the first he had seen in 2 months. Not one positive case in that time.

All infected had an underlying condition such as leukemia.

The following by Dr. Harris shows the seriousness of what he believes awaits our kids: “What’s going to happen 3 weeks from now? These are the sickest kids I have seen in my career.”

Tonight New York City has some problems not considered by many. Thousands of New York Police and Fire Department members are already out sick. Part of the huge number being afflicted by the COVID surge.

On tuesday, 6,600 police officers were out sick. The number represents 20 percent of the police work force. The Fire Department was not much better. The Fire Department’s EMS workers were down 30 percent. Overall, 17 percent of the firefighters were sick.

Two examples of what is going on here in Key West.

We all are beginning to think the booster shot on top of 2 vaccine shots may not be the cure all. Some are personally finding out.

My lesbian wife Donna. Wednesday morning at 3 am she drove herself to the hospital. She was having great difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed with COVID. Given several medications and sent home.

I spoke with her yesterday. She sounded horrible!

Donna is exceptionally religious when it comes to taking care of herself. With Terri’s condition as it is, she must.

Donna had her 2 shots and then the booster.

Donna’s job a precarious one. She is a concierge at one of Key West’s busier hotels. Always wears a mask. She believes she was infected while working.

My grocery shopper is Michelle. She too received 2 shots plus the booster. Called me this morning. She would not be able to deliver my groceries today. She had coronavirus AGAIN.

Michelle had her 2 shots and booster. Then afflicted. COVID! She did her duty by God and country and yet has been infected again.

She told me she woke at 5:30 this morning not feeling well. Tested herself for the virus. She had it. No fever, however. Two hours later at 7:30, she tested again. No question. Two positive results. And her temperature was 101 degrees.

I may never leave home again!

We have heard many crazy things in the past two years. The best example was an injection of bleach to cure the virus.

Many many in our country do not believe the virus even exists. They come up with different “causes” for the spreading roaring illness. Instead of receiving the shots, the simplest way thus far to control getting COVID, they come up with different things to explain the new surge.

COVID does not exist. They are convinced the recent surge is the result of some persons who are spreading anthrax around.

An even better one is earlier this year when deep state non believers claimed it was plutonium which was causing the virus.

And people believe this shit!

Whatever, I am staying in tonight. As I did last New Year’s Eve and the one before. Too much at stake not to do otherwise.

Enjoy your day! Have a safe evening!


  1. My wife and I were going to Atlantic City to celebrate New Year’s eve. Both fully vaccinated. We canceled our reservation at the hotel. Maybe next year. Why take chances. Let’s hope things turn for the better in 2022. In spite of all that is happening Lou, have a better(happy) new year. Be well.

  2. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer treatment, I told my boss, who told me to take as much time as I needed to help and be with her. The only thing he asked was that I try and schedule that with our office manager, so that everyone could work around the issue. I worked for an engineering firm that is considerably smaller than the state of Florida. Why should we tolerate a complete disappearance from our chief executive, without explanation as anything acceptable?

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