There is an old Christian tune that begins something like this: “Onward Christian soldiers, marching on to war…..” The world is marching through a war today. The COVID one.

Daily record highs are being set in the U.S. every day. Yesterday, the highest at 265,427.

The previous high was 252,000. One year ago on January 11.

My phone keeps ringing with personal updates. Friends who have had the 2 shots plus the booster. Now have coronavirus.

We have a way yet to go before we can put the COVID problem behind us. I hope the path is a short one, though I doubt it.

It is being described as “airport hell.” An additional 2,000 flights cancelled yesterday. Cause two-fold. Weather and crew shortages.

Got to be absolutely awful. I got stuck overnight years ago in Kennedy. Snowstorm of all snow storms. No motel rooms available. No way of getting to a motel if you could get a room. The snow had traffic all snarled up.

I rolled my coat into a pillow and went to sleep on the floor. Midst many others who had done the same thing.

No fun.

Imagine how bad it must be this Christmas holiday with families. All those young kids.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid died. A Democrat from Nevada. Regarded as one of the best ever to lead the Senate.

Obama commented Reid helped him get the nomination for President and then helped him again with his legislation. Especially the Affordable Care Act.

May he rest in peace.

Ever wonder how Washington, D.C. came to be? I never did. I doubt many others did also.

Came across the information the other day.

The land for the Nation’s Capital was cut off from Maryland. The year 1788. Maryland passed an act ceding an area “not exceeding ten miles square” to be the seat of the national government.

Two thirds of the area became the Washington, D.C. of today.

U.S. house prices have been surging. Dramatically. It is unclear if the rise is permanent or an aberration.

For a while, I thought house prices rising was common only to Key West and other popular vacation communities. Not so. The trend is evident in many communities, though not all.

In Key West, many buy today to renovate a bit and flip. Making a quick profit. Others to rent their properties as vacation homes by the week or month at exorbitant prices.

The surge is like COVID. Keeps surging.

The rise nationally in October was 18.4 percent. Up from the previous October. September was slightly higher. Up 19.1 percent from the previous September.

The hottest markets were Phoenix 32.3 percent, Tampa 28.1 percent, and Miami 25.7 percent.

Dr. Jack Norris is my primary care physician. They do not come better. He is a great diagnostician. Caring, besides.

The Key West Camber of Commerce annually hands out awards. The Best this and that. A Comment in Citizens’ Voice this morning decried the fact that Dr. Norris had not been selected.

The comment: “I was very surprised that the Chamber of Commerce overlooked Dr. Jack Norris when handing out awards. All through the pandemic he was out there testing people and making house calls whether they could pay or not and providing information how to stay safe. He is truly our hometown hero.”

I agree.

No blog tomorrow. Early morning doctor visit with Dr. Perry. He is dealing with my four trigger fingers on one hand.

The steroid pills are helping. I now have considerable bend. With pain, however. Sometimes extreme. The middle one also continues to lock.

Enjoy your day! Wear your mask!


  1. So much for all those Covid deniers and obstructionists, who insisted that heard immunity was the ONLY solution and easily obtainable. Haven’t heard from them lately. Maybe they’re all dead.

  2. It’s “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war…”

    I sang it hundreds of times at my grandmother’s non-denominational mission/little church in the 50s and 60s, the words are seared into my memory. I haven’t been a Christian since my mid-teens but I always have loved that song.

    I had trigger finger on my thumb for a few months, orthopedist gave me a brace, didn’t help much. Eventually it just went away. I hope yours resolves soon, so annoying and I can’t imagine having four!

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