What a Sunday! And I never left the house!

My day began at 5 am. Ended at 11 pm. 

My usual rise and shine time is 5 to 6. I immediately go to work on the blog. Takes till 11 am to finish. Sometimes to noon.

I went to work on the blog and had it completed around 11. Immediately went to the TV. The Canadian Open Final Round! Sloan interrupted me around 1. We had work to do. Lost an hour from the golf. She left and I glued myself to the TV through early evening. The tournament took longer than normal. A two way tie that took 4 holes to determine the winner.

Canadian Nick Taylor and Englishman Tommy Fleetwood pitted against each other.

Taylor won it on the 4th playoff hole by sinking a 72 foot putt for an eagle. Wow! There was a special joy involved. The huge crowd went wild. It was the first time since 1954 that a Canadian had won the Canadian Open. Even I was excited!

The Tony Awards went on the air at 8. Great show! Unusually so. One of the best theatrical awards shows I have seen in my lifetime.  

Two “cast” members brought age to mind. My age, though I sensed I was in better shape than the two men involved. 

Joel Grey received a life time award, Barry Manilow was an award presenter. Their ages obvious. Not only face wise, but also in their walk. Both stiff legged and slow. Whatever, I was pleased to see them both. Grey brought back memories of Cabaret for which he had received years ago the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Manilow for the many songs he sang that I enjoyed.

At this stage of my life, age plays a part in everything. There was an award for Best Musical Revival.

I discovered Broadway in 1960. It captured me. I could not see enough Broadway musicals. Plays did not move me.

My second Broadway show was Camelot. It has returned to Broadway as a revival and was up for an award. I saw it when Robert Goulet was still in the cast playing Lancelot.

In 1979, I saw Sweeney Todd in its first season on Broadway. I was not particularly impressed. A female barber slicing the customers throat with a razor and then turning his body into hamburger meat. As I today enjoy manicures and pedicures, back then I occasionally enjoyed a barber shave. Smooth and close. The next time I sat in a barber’s chair for a shave, I was very uncomfortable. All I could think of was Sweeney Todd.

It was the last time I ever had a barber’s shave.

Silvio Berlusconi died. The former three time Prime Minister who led three different governments was 86.

He was loved and hated. Yet, respected by all – even his opponents. One commented following his death: “A void that can never be filled.”

Berlusconi had several homes. His main one was in Portofino. I visited Portofino several times. My father thought it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen.

From my favorite drinking spot on the water, I could clearly see Berlusconi’s home and yacht. The man lived well. The house monstrous and gorgeous. The greenery surrounding it had to cost a ton to maintain. Trimmed to perfection all the time. The yacht one of those 150 footers.

The man was a close friend of Putin. Putin visited him frequently. They were close. Putin’s daughter spent a whole summer residing with the Berlusconi family in Portofino. Some time later, Putin had a home built for himself near Berlusconi’s.

Berlusconi’s career was a checkered one. Sex scandals were commonplace. He particularly liked young ladies. Underaged ones. Was arrested, tried and subsequently acquitted for one such dalliance. Corruption scandals of all sorts followed him. He was finally convicted for tax fraud and spent one year in home confinement in his Milan residence.

I’m curious what type of persons and crowd size will appear in Miami for Trump’s arraignment tomorrow. Recall, in New York extremely few appeared for Trump’s arraignment there.

Everyone wants to sun at the beach in this hot weather. Even a bear.

Yesterday, a bear walked out of the ocean and ran through bathers at a crowded beach in Destin, Florida.

The bear appeared scared,  ran away and has not been found.

Bears are not uncommon in the area. A veteran charter boat captain  said, “They swim around the bay. Sometimes they go for a joy swim.”

A Citizens’ Voice comment. One which makes sense: “Any anti-drag legislation is absurd. The responsibility lies on the parents and not on the state. Any sane adult who goes to a drag show knows what to expect. Any sane adult who goes to a drag show with children knows what to expect. Responsibility starts at home.”

In my 30 years in Key West, I’ve generally attended a drag show with visiting guests who wanted to see one. Never saw any kids, except for grown up ones, who attended.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hey Lou, how’s your tax law chops?

    Would the Saudi government’s involvement in the PGA (or any other) tournament, alter tax-exempt status?

    …and why is the PGA tax exempt to begin with?

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