One of the many comments made by Trump the past few days was: “See you in Miami on Tuesday!” 

The invitation to his followers similar to those made prior to January 6.

An invitation to violence? Perhaps. 

Trump made a similar one for his Manhattan indictment. Few showed. Those that did were not violent.

Is  the Miami court appearance today to be different? Rhetoric is running hot. Some calling for blood. Some calling for a civil war.

It is claimed mass protests are planned for this afternoon. Some persons promise to come well armed.

Some of the comments.

“MAGA will make Waco look like a tea party.” Written by 1776take2 re the planned protest to The Donald.

GOP Representative Andy Briggs tweeted his 730,000 Twitter followers: “We have now reached a war phase. Eye for an eye.”

Another Donald member wrote: “Who’s coming with me on Tuesday? I will be the one in the (fuck around and find out) armor, easy to find, KEK on the back collar…..I will be there peacefully to speak up about this injustice, legally I will also be armed, well armed.”

Another Donald member: “Revolution now.”

Another: “I want blood. I want fucking blood.”

The Proud Boys are making noise, also.

On Twitter, GOP Representative Clay Higgins posted what “appeared to be a battlefield command” that featured militia talk, referenced military grade maps, and told Trump supporters to “know your bridge.”

Even religious groups are involved. The Christian conservative Florida Republican Assembly advised they have chartered 4 buses from all corners of the State to bring Trump fans to Miami Tuesday for what they describe as the “America First Freedom Road Trip.”

Recall Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. She organized a rally in Palm Beach for last night and said she planned to be in Miami today. She made it clear that Trump supporters should come armed. She spoke at a Georgia Republican Conference Saturday where she said, “We’re at war, people – we’re at war.”

Over the weekend, Trump shared a meme about his indictment with a caption declaring: “THIS IS NOT A GAME, THIS IS WAR.”

War being suggested from the top down.

What will happen? Quite frankly, I don’t know. I am not sure. I suspect and hope no more than what showed up in New York City. A small group of relatively silent protesters. My concern is that a small spark can set off a conflagration of some size.

Time will tell.





  1. With right wing MAGA republicans, it is ALWAYS about violence. Patriots they are NOT. Once again, the good people of Florida, what’s left of us, will have to pay for any clean up., both real and reputation.

  2. If this was Washington and a bunch of negros were peacefully protesting ANY grievance, while Trump was president, he would order the police to shoot to kill, and they would.

    If Al Sharpton had publicly called for the protest, he would be up on charges and have to sit through another Gym Jordan hearing.

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