Key West and lower Keys heat has been “extreme.” Some feel they are suffocating.

The temperature is in the high 80’s every day. Hit 90 one day this past week. Humidity the problem. Heavy.

Yesterday a big sports day! The Belmont Stakes and Round 3 of the Canadian Open.

Arcangelo won the Belmont Stakes. Great race! Arcangelo came out of the pack in fifth place and went on to win.

I was fortunate to have seen two Belmont races. From one of the best seats in the house. My client had a private box at the finish line. 

Terrific golf! The Canadian Open.

At the end of Round 3, Pan has a 2 stroke lead at -14. Six players are second at -12. Rory McIlroy in that group.

Today’s final round will be a wild one!

The World Bank Group has a new President. Ajay Banga is that person. He took office June 2.

He is the former CEO of Mastercard. He was the U.S. nominee for the position.

I heard him speak this morning on one of the TV talk shows. Never heard of him before nor heard him speak. I was impressed! Try to hear him when he speaks and try to read what is said concerning him in the newspapers. The man is a winner. One needed by today’s world with its many problems.

General Philip Schuyler was a Revolutionary War hero. He resided in Albany, N.Y., New York’s capital.

He served as a Major General in the Continental Army, was a U.S. Senator representing New York, and was Alexander Hamilton’s father in law.

Schuyler’s statue has stood over Albany’s City Hall for nearly a century. It was removed Saturday morning. The reason: Schuyler owned slaves.

Too much! The man is an integral part of American history. He was a significant influence in the winning of the Revolutionary War.

One of Albany’s main streets is Washington Avenue. Albany also has a Washington Park. Washington owned slaves. Why not remove Washington’s name from the street and park?

Good, bad, or indifferent, such factors as slave owning were part of a person’s wealth back then. Removal of Schuyler’s statue represents a form of rewriting history. Again, I say wrong!

On this day in 1979, John Wayne died a age 72. An iconic film actor. Everyone’s hero!

Trump stares down criminal jeopardy with bluff and bluster.

Why not? “His people” expect it. He received a hero’s welcome at a Georgia GOP Convention yesterday afternoon and another at a rally in North Carolina in the evening. In Georgia, Trump’s comments were typical of his past presentations. Full of falsehoods.

His position the same as in the past: He is blameless, framed and persecuted.

Why do his followers buy it? How stupid can they be?

Trump’s North Carolina speech can best be described as “defiant.” “Witch hunt” part of his address. He claimed his indictment constituted “election interference.”

All I could watch was part of his Georgia comments on a news broadcast. He was far from the former Donald Trump. He lacked the power and thrust in his delivery. Appeared the indictments are getting to him. His words the same. However, the tone and volume nowhere what they used to be.

I suspect the pressure is beginning to get to him.

Enjoy your Sunday! If you are in Key West, watch the Pride Parade at 5. Exciting!


  1. Regarding the statue in Albany, there is a large statue of Oliver Cromwell just outside the House of Commons adjacent to Westminster Abbey. If ever there was a scalawag in English history it is Oliver Cromwell! They dug up his body in Westminster Abbey and paraded his severed head all over England for years. England hated him and yet, his statue still stands. I enjoyed the column Louis.

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