No question, a day or two can make a difference in some instances.

I was out and about friday night. A bit of Duval and the Chart Room. Both dead.

Yesterday around 3, I was out again.

Drove down Duval. People falling off the sidewalks.

Drove to Harpoon Harry’s for a late lunch. Could not find a parking place. The streets and the huge parking lot across from Harpoon Harry’s full.

Key West loading up for Thanksgiving week.

No sense driving around to find a place to park and grab a sandwich. Drove to Publix instead.. Picked up a few things I needed and then proceeded home for lunch. One of the breasts from the broiled chicken I bought.

The cashier at Publix said the day had been busy from early morning. Thanksgiving shopping.

Remained in last night. Some reading, TV and then early to sleep.

Tonight will be my usual monday. Dueling Bartenders and La Trattoria. Not hard to take.

Flooding becoming a problem. Water flooding some Key West Streets even when no rain. Attributable I assume to King Tides and rising sea levels caused by climate change. Plus, the full moon where applicable.

Key West flooding at the usual places. Parts of Flagler, intersection of Eaton and White. Also the intersection of Front and Duval.

Front and Duval can get a bit deep. The water there was 5-6 inches friday night. I had to stop for the light. Volkswagens ride low. I was concerned water would get where it should not be in the car.

Key Largo has been experiencing flooding for a long time. One neighborhood for 82 days. Some have stopped driving their cars for fear the salt water will cause corrosion.

The water level is rising. Properly stated, has been rising. A little bit at a time. Which means beaches and oceanfront homes may be in danger sooner than anticipated. No one really seems to be concerned at this time. The problem a tomorrow one. The issue is when. It might be sooner than anyone thinks.

Came across a Hemingway line I believe might have some applicability to Trump: “You can wipe out your opponents. But if you do it unjustly you become eligible for being wiped out yourself.”

Enjoy your day!



    • No joke. In some cities, Venice for example, the flooding problem is exacerbated by the slow sinking of the continental shelf beneath the city.

      • ..as well as having pumped ground water from beneath for years and years and the the earth in that area compacting from centuries of building on top of it.

        Like climate change some natural changes have unfortunately been exasperated and helped along with man’s otherwise preventable actions.

  1. “Key West flooding at the usual places.” Usual means it has always flooded there. So why do you say it is some thing new? Not very scientific.

        • The typical troll is an attention whore who posts stupid comments onto websites in an attempt to get a reaction towards him (usually negative) and in an attempt to get someone else to acknowledge their pathetic, insignificant lives since they don’t receive that sort of attention in real life.

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