This is a follow up to yesterday’s blog wherein I questioned whether ticket sales were a rip off where locals are concerned. A situation not benefiting locals whose tax dollars built the Amphitheater.

Tickets advertised for the Willie Nelson show at $69 and $99 a piece within minutes were only available from $244 for the cheapies and as much as $300 to $400 for reserved.

Comment responses were interesting. I refer you to them.

I believe this is a problem that has to be dealt with. Key West is not New York City or Nashville. Prices should be what locals can bear, not what money hungry scalpers seek.

My suggestions at the moment three fold.

First, on the date and at the time tickets first go on sale, locals may only purchase them during the first 4 hours on sale. Either by standing in line and proving residency or paying via the internet with a credit card having a Key West address.

Second, locals should be permitted to purchase only up to 4 tickets. Don’t want locals to turn into scalpers.

Finally, there has to be an arrangement between the city and whoever holds the contract to operate the Amphitheater to check following the show to determine if those operating the Amphitheater locally are benefitting in any way via a kick back from scalpers. I am not insinuating any wrongdoing by those holding the contract or operating the Amphitheater. However from a business perspective, a system of checks and balances is required.

Key West has had a history of getting stuck on construction jobs re overruns and paying a lot more more money in the end. Such has occurred too often in many other ways also. Elected officials…..It is your responsibility to protect residents and taxpayer dollars.

I was at the Chart Room friday night. John bartending. Steve and Cindy at the bar.

Steve and Cindy go back to the Key West of the 1970’s. Steve successfully ran several businesses. Cindy was Jimmy Buffett’s secretary.

Each knows much about the Key West of yesterday. Interesting people to chat with.

Syracuse sports yesterday!

Won one, lost one.

The basketball team beat Bucknell 97-46. Obviously, a good victory.

The football team as usual did not do well. Lost to Louisville 56-34. Now, 4-7. A lousy season!

I grew up in New York’s Mohawk Valley. Named after the Mohawk Indians. The Mohawks were part of the Iroquois Nation which consisted of six separate tribes.

During the Revolutionary War, the Iroquois generally fought on the side of Britain. They were unhappy with the colonial settlers who they considered to be encroaching on their ancestral lands.

Leading the Iroquois Nation was Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant. Brant was Indian by birth, though a white man in every other respect. Well educated. He studied with Eleazar Wheelock at Moor’s Indian Charity School. The parent institution of Dartmouth College.

Brant successfully led Indian troops against the colonials in many battles.

One battle proved not to be successful. The Battle of Oriskany. One of the bloodiest battles of the Revolution. The colonials were able to delay the Indian and British troops from reaching Saratoga in a timely fashion. As a result, the colonials beat the combined Indian and British forces at the Battle of Saratoga.

Saratoga was significant since it proved to certain European nations the colonials could win. Money poured in. Especially from France.

I mention Brant and the Battle of Oriskany since I grew up with both of them. Our grammar school history books spoke of Brant and the Iroquois Nation. It spoke loudly of the Battle of Oriskany.

Even more significant re the Battle itself, is that Oriskany where the battle was fought is a mere 12 miles from my hometown Utica.

A Washington monument type edifice stands in remembrance of the Battle. Though significantly lower than the Washington one. About 30 feet in height.

A small wrought iron fence surrounds the monument.

It always bothered me that no one stopped at the monument, except on the day commemorating the Battle. A handful that day to pay homage to those who died in assuring the United States would have a chance to be born.

President John Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was captured and charged with the shooting.

Oswald was being held in the Dallas jail. Two days after the shooting, Oswald was being moved to another location.

What occurred next, I recall specifically. It has remained in my mind since that day. I was sitting in my mother in law’s living room watching television.

It was announced Oswald was to be moved. A parking garage was beneath the Police Station. A concrete ramp led up from the garage to street level.

Oswald was being led up the concrete ramp on foot. Police surrounding him. Newsmen pressing in. Spectators all over the place.

I thought to myself how stupid! Someone could easily shoot Oswald. As the thought crossed my mind, Jack Ruby walked up to Oswald, put a gun  to his stomach, and killed him.

Ruby was a local nightclub owner. Later established a bit off mentally.

The flu season is upon us. Going to get worse. Anyone above 6 months recommended to get a flu shot.

So recommended by all federal health agencies.

One place flu shots are not being given. The Trump Administration again. No flu shots to those detained by the Border Patrol. Undocumented immigrants.

On any given day, there are 3,500 undocumented immigrants at undocumented immigrant detention facilities. Not a bad number. Down from 20,000 earlier in the year.

Trump’s people apparently don’t care about the health of these immigrants. Strange. Several years ago, the U.S.Supreme Court ruled jailed persons were entitled to the “best medical care.” Why not undocumented detainees?

Another thought crossing my mind is what if certain of these detainees come down with the flu and pass it on to other persons and eventually the flu germ spreads outside detention walls.

Typical Trump judgment re undocumented immigrants. Deny them. Make their lives hard. Cause them all kinds of pain and suffering.

Today, Sunday. Time for a treat. A shower and then to Harpoon Harry’s for eggs benedict.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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