Harvard University is one of the richest universities in the U.S. It has an endowment of $40.9 billion. Not niggardly by any means.

Harvard received aid under the recent $2.3 trillion stimulus package. $8.7 million. Coronavirus relief.

The $2.3 trillion stimulus package contained $14 billion for colleges and universities.

Harvard’s endowment is not the only part of Harvard’s high side. The end of its 2019 fiscal year found Harvard with an operating surplus of $298 million.

I do not understand why Harvard needed an $8.7 million stimulus or any stimulus at all.

Washington had its head on backwards with this one. Similar to its screw up with stimulus dollars for small businesses. Few truly small businessmen will receive the dollars. Another stimulus package is required to help them.

Education Secretary Betsy De Vos is not one of my favorite people.  However on this Harvard thing she had her head screwed on right. De Vos expressed concern with the Harvard stimulus. She said, “Sending millions to schools with significant endowments is a poor use of taxpayer money.”

Harvard has not announced whether it will accept the $8.7 million.

Think for a moment. What do the protesters in the streets clamoring to reopen America really want? Their desire one they have not considered. They are protesting for the right to catch coronavirus.

They crowd the streets carrying automatic rifles, waving American flags, waving Confederate flags, and signs with swastikas on them. They chant lock up female Governors and fire top infectious disease experts. In one instance, blocked an ambulance en route to a nearby hospital.

Who are these people?

Obviously some have been incited to violence with Trump’s encouragement to “liberate” their States.

Grassroot groups. Many small business owners. A “proud people” who have “cabin fever” and “want their lives back.”

Conservative activists on the streets. Financed by wealthy conservative groups. Being used to bring down the America we love and replace its control with a money society whose sole goal is to make more money.

Trump is not part of that money group. He is not smart enough for them. He is their puppet. Available for their use and one who appeals with his bravado to those protesting.

A sensitive question arises: Who does “tomorrow” belong to? Trump and his followers? Affluent conservative donors? Liberals?

Hard to answer. Liberals the weakest group. After the next election, perhaps not. Trump will go at some point. Superseded by another demagogue. His followers will remain.

At the moment, the affluent conservative donors look like the winners.

Our country is in a war. Not the coronavirus one. The war for the soul of America.


We will defeat coronarirus. Make take another year or two. America will overcome.

Regardless of who is in power, America’s next significant problem will be the economy. The vast endless sums of money the U.S. is printing to defeat the virus. The dollar becomes worth less and less.

A time will come when we will find that a house built on sand cannot stand.

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  1. “America’s next significant problem will be the economy.”
    Lou, spoken like a true conservative. Maybe the government should stop paying for part of our flood insurance.

  2. And here is the result of one of funding programs of the US. Last Friday a reporter asked Trump if had a comment on
    For once a reporter asked a pertinent question at a White House daily virus briefing. On Friday one reporter asked President Trump if he was aware of U.S. Intelligence reports that the Obama administration sponsored the Wuhan lab, the same lab coronavirus may have come out of, to the tune of $3.7 million in 2015.”
    Trump said he would look in to it Lou. No answer from Trump yet.
    Maybe we all should enroll in the Chines language course at college so we can get a job at Casa Marina.

    • Annoying troll, whose posts are almost always factually wrong and who admits to post for the propose of starting arguments.

      • That wasn’t my comment, but instead of continuously saying the same “annoying troll” comment please add actual content to refute the claims. It will make these discussions much more lively and be a better source of debate.

  3. Up Date from Cruz: Ted confirmed that $76,000 U.S. tax dollars in 2019 went to one of the Chinese virology labs in Wuhan at the center of the coronavirus outbreak. The tax dollars were specifically used to study bat-coronavirus infections and predict which of the viruses posed the greatest threat to humanity.
    Sorry the first one never made it to the blog, but it is all over.

    • Typical troll who frequently posts factually wrong arguments and who admits to post for the propose of starting fights.

      • If you’re going to continue posting a saved comment, at least spell purpose correctly. Your repeated post makes you sound like an idiot, which you probably are.

  4. For the past year Trump had his eyes on the impeachment ball
    and upper levels of the FBI. And for the past 10 years the CIA was blinded at the top by thoughts of keeping HRC in the top poison. Both were not aware of RED CHINA moving forward. All under the watch eye B. Oboma who had no eyes in China, nor did he try to correct that. However, American intelligence today is operating in China at a severe disadvantage. As reported by the New York Times (NYT) in 2017, between 2010 and 2013 the Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. clandestine operations in the country, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward. The result was that U.S. intelligence was virtually blinded during the formal rise of China’s President-for-Life, Xi Jinping in 2012, and is still suffering serious gaps in its China coverage.
    Trump set on by the Left and right an not given a chance to see what Obama set up for him–Remember “to fundamentally change America” speech. This is our economic Peril Harbor.

    • Partisan pest and China hater, whose posts are almost always factually wrong and who admits to post for the propose of starting arguments. Read with caution this, person is of questionable character, frequently willing to disrespect Lou and complain about other posters spelling.

      • Yes, China has Lou in house confinement for 40 days now. Lou do like your confinement? Our government new about the loss of spies in China during the last decade as well as our CIA director. We new about it as it was reported in the news. We also provided funding for the research center in China were the vires came from. This administration was even stupid enough to provide China with funding for the same lab. You do not make dynamite in your children’s back yard.
        You cut corners when you need to cut $ in a project like BIO WARfair in a RED STATE– Remember Russia and their nuclear plant The commies do not care about their people. China could louse 1/2 their population and still be ahead in this game. This pandemic has crushed out economy leaving China ahead with destroying our physical country
        Oil at $0.00/ba but who ahs a job to drive down A1A to see KW. You may be not sick but with out a job you may as well be dead as far as restaurant goes. No work. Right now we are all stuck in our area with no jobs just as Luo is stuck in his home by a bug, you are stuck here without a job. Obama has “fundamentally changed America”. Giving US dollars to a lab which we were warned about not up to job of handling this level of research is the last president failure. Along with letting killing our spies killings go unanswered. How many old folks are stuck in their homes, or nursing homes due to a bunch of MAD scientist who can not run a level 5 lab which Oboma gave our dollars to! Yes I am a RED CHINA hater. I can no longer drive down US1, I can no longer, hug my neighbor, or not line up to do my shopping.
        And when I get to go to the market you will not see me with a Smithfield ham in my basket, nor a package of Nathan’s Hot dogs. Nor will I have Christmas dinner at the Casa Marina or stay at a movie house owned by China.

  5. Studying the bat thing in China was a smart idea. Why is it Obama’s fault if it is true that the Chinese did not handle it properly?

  6. I hear that the CIA and Hilary Clinton are operating a child sex ring out of a Pizza Parlor in New Jersey, funded by the Chinese, to distribute the CaronaVirus to Italy so that the Spain can take over the Fairfield Pork Product business in North Dakota and thus ruin Wisconsin’s ability to ignore sensible infectious disease precautions.

  7. The CaronaVirus research in Wuhan China has been supported with significant US money since at least 2005 (the Bush years) and is known to just about everyone, except maybe Donald Trump, Sandy Feet (who ever that is) and “Anonymou*” (who we all know who that is). This information is all available on Wikipedia and elsewhere.

    That could very well be why the Chinese government has recently claimed that it was US Army soldiers who brought Covid-19 to China. We may never know the exact causes, but we do know Sandy Feet is full of sh*t, yet again.

    • You know Bush was a failure as he could not even talk his way out of a DUI ticket by the K’port police. He is right up their with Oboma in my book.

    • There can be no doubt that Trump would have been briefed by at least the CIA on this. Which along with further briefings, certainly by his trade secretary Peter Navaro, in Jan 2020 and probably by the CDC, before that, and of course Obama’s 2014 speech (YouTube) on the probability of a Pandemic in “5 years or a decade” (wow), all of which should make Trump’s speech on March 19 2020 about the pandemic, when he said “who knew, etc.,” a complete and utter lie that no one, including his most staunch defenders, should accept as anything other than an outright lie.

    • Trump and his apologist defenders want to claim his actions are a ‘witch hunt’ by people who don’t like him (you know, the Democrats and the rest of the whole world). But the real truth is, he’s only being called out and criticized for things he is actually doing (or not doing) that are wrong and dangerous, time and time again. Nobody has to make anything up, it all just right there like a dog’s pile on the sidewalk.

  8. I’m a newby when it comes to the whole blogging thing. But isn’t it suppose to be where the blog host sets the topic and then people respond to it? I read Lou’s words twice today. He talked about Harvard getting virus money and protest groups in the streets. Not about China or bats like everyone is commenting here. I don’t get it. Am I missing something? Sorry if I’m getting it wrong.

  9. Marie. You are not wrong. It’s not unusual for this blog to be hijacked by people who don’t seem to care what Lou’s topic is today.. These are people, often the same one every day, who have their own agenda and political viewpoint. And they will have their say, regardless of accepted blog protocol. I don’t believe it to be appropriate but Lou doesn’t seem to object, so maybe it’s okay with him.

  10. Nonsense, Lou’s blog has always been like this, at least since Patrick was first around many years ago, posting then under his own name. He’d always just start blathering on about some right wing talking point, totally (and arrogantly) ignoring anything Lou was talking about. Nowadays that’s been taken up by this butthead guy SandyFeet, who some people think is actually Patrick, posts using what he thinks is a clever name. SF’s posts don’t even pretend any kind of honesty or facts, let alone stick to Lou’s topics that day. And John Galt (not his real name either) often just posts something not anything to do with Lou’s topics of the day – Then answers only questions (or even survey’s) he himself has brought up. And if he, just like Sandy Feet and Patrick before them, cries like a baby that everybody else won’t respect their opinions. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

    So, if you are not yourself just another one of Patrick’s snowflake pseudonyms, you are just going to have to get used to it, or move to Canada?

    • Trump just closed all boarders –cant move to Cd now!
      But I do not call folks on this list names I respect their right of expression. And I am truly sorry that a 84 year old citizen has to stay huddled in his home because of an envision from a parasite living off our works and good hearts.

      • Slipery Feet, you can’t even lie very well, even when lying makes you look even worse than just keeping your mouth shut.

        Nobody here, including me (and I’m a newby) would bother to count the times you’ve called other people on this blog libtards, idiots, or morons and that’s just only a few of the names I care to remember.

        ASVAB much?

  11. “America’s next significant problem will be the economy.”

    Deja Vu ? wasn’t that the exact same issue when the last Republican President left office too?

  12. I agree with you Lou and with Betsy DeVos on the $8.7 million stimulus money granted to Harvard University. I don’t see why anyone would think they need that, especially when that kind of money would have gone a long way to help pay down some student loans.

    But the blame is tough to pick out any one group. Why, for example did the Ruth Chris Steak House restaurant chain get $20m? Nearly 3 times what Harvard got? Or why did the Fossil Fuel industry get anything at all, they had nothing to do with the Virus or it’s consequences. Farms are a soft spot amongst the American people, but the truth is, most of the farms getting stimulus are Corporate Farms, and their problem is because of the trade wars Trump got us into, not the caronavirus.

    The problem is corporate lobbyists doling out money in exchange for legislation in an election year. Without the Citizens United ruling by a corrupt SCOTUS a few years back, we wouldn’t have this problem.

  13. When you call them “Conservative activists” as in “Conservative activists on the streets.” you make them sound legit and maybe even suggests they’re acceptable. But these are recognizable hate groups, hired to protest by astroturf political groups.

    I say, if they are legit, then they must also be considered the real Republican Party, and all other Republicans painted by their actions, including paid for hire to hate. If they are to be considered a fringe group within an otherwise decent group of people, they should then be labeled for that and what they really are.

    Lou I am a Republican and these groups don’t represent my beliefs. Please call them what they are!

  14. You say “Think for a moment. What do the protesters in the streets clamoring to reopen America really want? Their desire one they have not considered. They are protesting for the right to catch coronavirus.” well, many of them already have aids, so what’s a little carona, huh?

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