Each week, sunday, monday and tuesday are consumed with writing. A pleasure. After tuesday night I need a break, however.

Wednesday has become my screw off day. The best way to describe it. The intent is to do nothing. What I end up doing are regular every day things. Like grocery shopping, now the anti-gravity treadmill, some sun, and a night out. Sometimes, even these activities are too much. I may do only some.

Two activities consume my sundays through tuesdays. First is the research and writing of the week’s KONK Life column. The other is the preparation and broadcasting of Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Each a pleasure. Each time consuming.

I finished research and preparation for Tuesday Talk at 5 yesterday. Show time not till 9. There was time to go out for dinner.

I have not been to Pepe’s in two years. The last time was lunch with Robert and Ally. Pepe’s was quiet. I sat alone at the bar. Enjoyed the barbecued chicken and mashed potatoes. Love the gravy covering the mashed potatoes!

A woman sat opposite me at the bar. She was harassed. Obviously so. Speaking rapidly. She had just arrived in Key West an hour before. First time. Staying at a guest house. Did not know what to do, where to go. Someone said eat at Pepe’s.

We talked. On different levels, however. I could not keep up with her. An odd conversation.

The show last night was a bit different. I devoted all but two minutes to banks. One of my favorite topics.

Banks/bankers are devious and conniving. No more one of the most respected members of a community. They seem to consistently come up with new games/procedures which work to their benefit and to the detriment of the customer.

New ones include negative interest, no cash in safety deposit boxes, and electronic banking. My column this week in KONK Life is titled Banks Hurt People and covers in detail the three items. KONK Life hits the stands today.

This morning’s E-News Blast included pictures of the Larry Smith Show at The Studios of Key West last week. A few were of my friend Jenna. A striking woman!

The Key West City Commission wastes hundreds of thousands and in some instances millions of dollars. Generally because they do not pay proper attention to projects they approve. It is in the details!

There is a plan under way to paint rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Duval and Petronia. Total cost $4,000. Some one else paying half. The City’s end $2,000. Several Commissioners are up in arms. Who is going to pay for it?

Love their concern where pennies are involved. One Commissioner even expressed he was a taxpayer. Wow! Where was he and the others when major projects in Key West resulted in huge over runs?

Enjoy your day!

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