Back. Only one day off. Doctor and emergency room.

Problem gave me some concern. Woke in the middle of the night choking and having difficulty breathing.

Fine now. Endoscopy next. In several weeks. Told I am not so bad that I need an immediate one. There are others who do. Bothered me initially to have to wait. On the other hand if such was the opinion, it did contain a degree of good news.

Florida Governor DeSantis not the best of leaders. Never the less, he is up front as the Republican candidate for President in 2024. He is a junior Trump.

Monday DeSantis signed into law a bill giving him the power to preempt local COVID rules.

Preemption getting big in Florida. Key West continues to have the cruise ship problem. DeSantis expected to sign that bill into law soon. Now he wants to dictate wearing of masks, etc. He claims by preempting the local COVID rules he’s helping “people, businesses, jobs , schools, and personal freedom.”

Hitler was a #1 tyrant. In my order to things, Trump was and still is #2. DeSantis could be #3. God help us!

The Citizens Voice portion of today’s Key West Citizen had an interesting comment regarding Florida. The last line read: ” We have the best government money can buy.”

Though this is fantasy, I sometimes think the island of Key West is going to sink into the ocean. Too many people!

Everyone wants Key West! Prospective residents and tourists. Each group willing to spend astronomical amounts of money to be in Key West as owners and tourists. Demand being high and supply limited, prices are ridiculous. But, they still keep coming.

United Airlines announced yesterday they have decided to extend the Houston/Key West connection till September 7. The present run which actually was a short one was to end May 5. However, business is obviously good.

Rents are very high. Many cannot afford them and have left. Workers, especially bar and restaurant ones, are in short supply. Most landlords will not rent for more than 7 months. They want their property back by December or January so they can gouge the tourists. I don’t blame them. Rental properties are an investments. Investments are intneded to make money. Here a bit piggish. However, part and parcel of a capitalistic society.

The situation overall is too much. Key West is growing. I don’t like it. Doesn’t matter. Merely one person’s observation.

An example of the growth is interesting. When I first started coming to Key West in the mid 1990s, the season was it. The season ran from January 15 till the sunday after Easter Sunday.

Then it became quiet. Nice.

It was always said at the time that during the summer, a person could throw a bowling bowl down Duval and not hit one person. Things were so slow that many restaurants closed August and September.

There no longer is a slow season. Key West has become a summer vacation land. The season runs all year. At most a 25 percent difference makes for a slow month. The hotels getting big dollars in what used to be the off season and summer.

Some day the boats with a glass bottom will tell its customers to look closely and you will be able to see Key West.

A respected and honored Key Wester died this day in 1937. Judge Jefferson B. Browne. A prominent person. His positions included President of the Florida Senate, Collector of Customs, Chairman of the Railroad Commission, and a Judge of the Florida Supreme Court 1916-1925. From 1916-1923, he served as Chief Judge.

I know of his background personally. In 1912, he published the book “Key West, The Old And The New.” Considered the best historical reference for Key West data from its beginnings to 1912. The book covers everything in detail. Politics, churches, businesses, burial grounds, hurricanes, cigar manufacturing, hospitals, Civil War, education, etc.

I know. I discovered his book about 3 years ago and purchased it. Many times the book provides facts I cannot find elsewhere.

Peter Minuit. I have not heard nor seen that name since grammar school. It appears in this morning’s Key West Citizen’s day in history section. The event occurred on this date 1626: “Dutch explorer Peter Minuit landed on present day Manhattan Island.”

Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are 2 Republicans I have always respected. Rarely agreed with their views. We are diametrically opposites when it comes to political philosophy. They are both staunch Republican Conservatives. I am a Liberal.

The “new” Republicans are beating the hell out of them. Trump’s people. His followers. Those who believe everything he utters. Those who want to ride his coattails, if that will be possible, into nomination and election to office.

Cheney’s Dad was Vice President under Bush 2. He had a tremendous influence on Bush. I believe Cheney talked Bush into invading Iraq.

Liz Cheney today is #3 in the Republican House caucus. An important and powerful position.

Her party is ready to dump her. Probably will occur in the next 2 weeks. Her sin accusing Trump of the “Big Lie.” His insistence that the election was rigged. She has no fear in repeating her position that Trump is fabricating.

Her penalty for speaking truth. A truth her party presently refuses to acknowledge.

I have always respected Mitt Romney. His business and political career without reproach. He was the Republican Party’s Presidential candidate in 2012. Now, a U.S. Senator representing Utah.

The Utah Republican Party held its State Convention over the weekend. He was booed when he came on stage to speak and during parts of his speech.

Romney’s sin was he voted “yes” to Trump’s impeachment.

This consistent lying by Trump that the Election was rigged and stolen from him has a significant number of followers. People who have bought the “Big Lie.” Some those who attacked the Capitol on January 6. Most of whom are anti Cheney and Romney.

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. He was the one who said and sold the statement which in effect said tell a  lie, make sure it is a big one, repeat it constantly, and it will be believed.

Trump’s claim of victory reflective of Goebbels’ statement. The statement used by Hitler to capture power and retain it for a number of years.

In a recent Opinion Piece in the Dessert News it was written: “Without open and civil debate within a party, it will grow ossified, the GOP will miss out on the immolation that is bred from diverse incidental exchanges.”

I first thought Trump was not actually lying when he argued the election was stolen. I attributed his comments to his not being that intelligent and having a sick mind.

Now I am convinced he is lying. He is following the Goebbels’ line And it is working!

Trump’s first wife Ivana said he kept Hitler related books in his nightstand drawer and would read a few pages each evening. He obviously knew where he wanted life to take him.

Today is tuesday. Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday talk with Key West Lou.

Join me at 9 my time for an interesting half hour of my rantings and ravings. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump shares too many of Hitler’s tactics and strategies for it to be happenstance. Hitler was an original, Trump is a plagiarist. Both countries payed a heavy price for failing to see the truth about these twisted individuals.

  2. It is NOT just Trump, he has a significant support among many of the American people and nearly all of the Republican party.

    These are the most self unaware people on the plane. They are constantly complaining about having their personal rights suppressed whether it be free speech or gun control or so many other things. Yet theses are the same people who are trying to shut up anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney being only two examples. What is wrong with these people. Why do they hate and distort freedom so much?

  3. Trump is the worst thing to happen to the World since Hitler and he could not have come along at a worse time given the problems facing Humanity. One more 4 year long bout of him could finish off the place.

    • The only person on this planet better than DeSantiss, is Donald Trump.

      One day you ashole libtards will realize that.

  4. OMG – So how is it we have all these Trump lovers shouting on right wing programs and posting on blogs about how wonderful Donald Trumps is/was for having gotten drug companies to produce a Covid vaccine in record breaking time, yet all the while there is something like nearly 50% of all Republicans themselves who are not willing to get vaccinated, claiming they feel the vaccine isn’t safe, principally because it is not safe and wasn’t properly tested and proven not to be worse than not taking it at all?

    What is a matter with these idiots they can’t see the foolishness of their false duplicity on both sides of either argument?

    Are you Republicans so stupid that you think everyone doesn’t see that your arguments, either one, contradict’s each other, let alone is not true in either case?

    • It’s private, without any independent monitoring, so we don’t know exactly, but I’m told it is already over 17 million fake ballots.

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