6 comments on “MY BODY NOT GOOD TO ME

  1. Lou, Good morning. You have been speaking of your left foot ankle swelling. Has your MD looked into congestive heart?

    • I have had heart problems for years. Stick closely to my heart doctor. I knew it could not be my heart. Thought it was gout and I could handle it. I did speak with heart doctor’s nurse several times and she said heart not involved. Kept saying see promontory care physician. You have the gout. Thanks for the suggestion, however.

  2. Left foot swelling and pain? Sounds like Gout to me.

    Principle cause is too much rich food, particularly shell fish.

    I cut back by no shrimp on Mondays, didn’t seem to help.

    • Gout it was. Gone now. I made the mistake of not doctoring immediately. Put up with pain fr 5-6 days. Doctor prescribed the magic pill. Colchicine. Pain gone in less than a day. Swelling took close to two weeks. Doctor had me off my water pills. Back on water pills and everything returning to normal.

      • Thought that would be it. Cut back on the shell fish and watch the big beef dinners – you’ll be fine – except for the damn Furosemide water pills that’ll keep you tied to the uriBobbynal 24/7.

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