Trump’s Big Lie has taken hold. Metastasized like cancer. It is a cancer. A death threat to our country.

The Big Lie: The election was rigged.

Yesterday, New York Times opinion writer Tom Friedman wrote an article titled: “The Big Lie Devoured the GOP and Now Eyes Our Democracy.”

Some of Friedman’s comments.

“We are close to a political civil war – more than any other time in our history.”

“The Big Lie is not fading away.” It is “being enhanced by a solid majority of elected Republicans and ordinary party members – local, state and national.”

Friedman quoted an article by University of Baltimore School of Law professor Kimberly Wehle in The Hall. She noted, “As of late March, state legislators have introduced 361 bills in 47 states this year that contain limitations around voting, a 43 percent increase from just a month earlier.”

Wehle indicated the GOP’s position was that the bills were about election integrity and security. She wrote, “The lack of actual evidence of fraud and mismanagement in the American electoral system totally belies those cynical beliefs.”

Friedman went on to point out that Republicans claiming a fraudulently rigged election result is “equivalent to lighting a fuse to a bomb planted beneath the foundations of our democracy.”

Regarding Liz Cheney, Friedman wrote, “Unless more principled Republicans stand up for the truth about our last election, we’re going to see exactly how a democracy dies.”

Following January 6, Twitter refused to permit Trump the use of its social media. Facebook merely suspended Trump. Both basically for the same reason. That Trump was using the social medias to promote and encourage violence.

Rather than handle whether Facebook should make Trump’s suspension permanent, Zuckenberg took the easy way out. He passed the buck. He had Facebook create an Oversight Board to deal with the problem. Twenty persons selected from all over the world to decide whether Trump should be permitted to return.

The Oversight Board announced its decision at 9 this morning. The suspension is to continue. However within six months, Facebook should issue some guidelines by which such “expulsions” will be dealt with in the future..

It assumes Trump will have the opportunity to reapply.

Trump desperately needs Facebook if his desires to run again in 2024. He needs Facebook for fund raising. The need to use Facebook therefore is crucial.

In the meantime over the weekend, Trump announced he has launched his own communications platform. A blog. It will operate as mine does. Its platform will be WordPress as mine is.

I assume his cost will be my cost. No big deal.

I checked out the new Trump blog this morning. Up, but not yet running.

I find it amusing that Trump will be communicating as I do. With one difference, of course. He will have a couple million subscribers while I a mere 70,000. I could never run for President on my blog.

John Keats. Poet exemplary. Now long dead.

It was on this day in 1816 that The Examiner published Keats’ first work. The sonnet O Solitude.

Thirty five yeas ago, I spent a month in Italy with my then wife, 3 of my 4 children, and my parents. On one of those days when we went our separate ways, I found myself at the Spanish Steps in Rome.

I had what might be described as a Keats moment. I wrote about it in this blog in later years on 10/31/14.

My recollections of Keats and the Key West Lou article.

John Keats was an Englishman who wrote romantic poetry. He did not have a long life. Born in 1790, he died in 1821 at the age of 26.

I was in Rome at the foot of the Spanish Steps. Alone. I was walking back and forth deciding what to do next. I passed a small building next to the Spanish Steps. There was a small plaque on the front door reading John Keats.

The last time I had heard of Keats was back in college in an English writing class.

The building was a small four story structure. A tiny villa. I entered.

Inside, I discovered this had been Keats’ last resting place. He lived there several months before dying. He died in his bedroom on the fourth floor. I was able to view the room and all the other rooms he lived in. Off Keats’ bedroom, there was a small library containing his works, some in original form as first written.

One of the writings brought tears to my eyes. It was a line from one of Keats’ poems. The poem had been written with pencil on a piece of paper. Scribbled best describes his handwriting.

The poem contained what probably was the most famous line written by him…..A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

This apparently is the day when an occurrence of some importance was written by me. Keats was one. I wrote about that experience in this blog. I have another to write about. This one written in September 2014. However, not in the blog. I was writing a weekly column also at the time in KONK Life.

The famous Scopes trial. It came to my attention this morning because on this day in 1925 John Scopes was tried for teaching that man had evolved from an ape.

The KONK Life title: Scopes Monkey Trial…..A Fraud.

The trial was rigged. Not just the trial. Even the facts leading up to the trial. All phony.

A criminal case. Titled State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes. The trial took place in July 1925. Human evolution the issue. State law prohibited teaching man was descended from apes.

The town involved was Dayton, Tennessee. A small community. The local merchants were distressed. Business was not good. Something had to be done to put Dayton on the map so people would visit.

Local merchants came up with the human evolution trial idea. They convinced school teacher John Scopes to lie and say he did teach it. He had not.

I suspect the judge was in on it. I do not believe the attorneys Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan were.

What is amazing is that most people to this day consider the trial a for real one dealing with an important issue.

People can be fooled. In this instance for almost a hundred years now.

I am old school. I consider divorce a sad happening. Perhaps because my marriage ended after 52 years.

It was announced yesterday that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing after 27 years. Gates is purported to be the second wealthiest person in the world. The founder of Microsoft.

It is reported $150 billion is at stake.

There is no prenuptial agreement. However the parties have apparently resolved the financial issues. A separation agreement has been offered to the court outlining how they wish their respective properties be allocated. The court will have to approve it. Should not be a problem.

Enjoy your day!


    • I have to believe there are people ready to start shooting back should that become a reality. I think they will be surprised too.
      Trump supporters need to open their eyes and minds. It is country over Party and Party over individual. Anything less will lead to disaster.

  1. “Free Speech has been taken away from Congresswoman Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney because the Radical Right Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before,”

    • I know, Can’t make this sh*t up, can you!

      … and they wonder why no one in the real world will take them seriously?

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