I have been up since 3 watching the final hours of Queen Elizabeth’s services. History and tradition. Love it! The heart of a nation exposed. Reverence, sensitivity, value. What it’s all about.

It is 7 am at the moment. I have one eye on the computer as I prepare today’s blog and the other on the TV screen.

Key West in its own way is honoring the Queen. On friday, city workers installed a British flag aside the Southernmost Point marker and wrapped the marker in a purple banner.

Lunched at Hogfish yesterday. Sat at the bar. Julia waited on me. Enjoyed a special. Peppered lemon shrimp. Delicious!

Veronica came by at 4 to massage my feet. Tough lady! Strong hands! She bring me close to tears.

Yesterday was my second consecutive day for Veronica to hopefully work what I will consider a miracle if it succeeds. Solving my now more than 2 month old foot and leg swelling problem which medical science has failed to accomplish. She is making headway. My ankles were smaller yesterday before she began. Even smaller afterward. Normal appearing this morning. Though they will enlarge as the day moves on.

The third and final massage this afternoon.

I suspect further success. Hope for it! Actually desperate for it! Believe it will take another 3 days next week.

A manicure at noon today. Followed by lunch somewhere.

Puerto Rico can’t win. Struck by another devastating hurricane. Fiona. A Category 1. Winds 85 miles per hour. Two hours of rain.

Flooding extensive. Power system totally gone. The entire island in blackout.

Biden has already declared an emergency. Assistance on its way. I am confident it will be more than the paper towels Trump threw around.

Puerto Rico never learns. I hold it responsible for its continuing problems. It needs to become a State. For some reason, the Puerto Rican people have an obstinacy in doing it. They must enjoy what I am beginning to view as self-abuse.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, I vacationed in Puerto Rico several times. Every visit, I ran into the same thing. People on street corers making speeches about whether to become a State. Never amounted to anything more than talk, however. Years later when I spent 2 weeks on the island handling an environmental matter, it was the same. A lot of public talking with nothing coming out of it.

DeSantis is aggravating Trump. Love it!

Rolling Stones reports Trump is complaining in private DeSantis is stealing his thunder by sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and elsewhere. Trump claims it is taking the spotlight away from him.

Two sick men vying for the same sick issue.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, I read in yesterdays newspapers how the people and officials of Masachusetts treated and took care of those helpless Venezuelan refugees, fleeing from an oppressive dictator, only to be manipulated by a nasty officials and people from Florida and Texas.

    It reminded me that the people of Martha’s Vineyard acting like Oskar Schindler, leaving me to wonder who this Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are like in this mess.

    I am proud to be a Yankee and embarrased to be an American. Have we forgotten all of this and become the monsters we said were evil back then?

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