Guy is fortunate. He’s in a hotel room in the Canary Islands. His boat on the rocks.

Available information limited. What occurred happened early this morning. While dark.

Guy’s ship hit rocks 50 meters from a Canary Island beach. Guy made mayday calls. Local Coast Guard responded. Guy was not sure where he was. Rescue Coordination of Spain got involved.

Guy was located. He refused to leave his ship Spirit.

Sprit began moving on its own. Towards the beach. The movement helped save Guy and hopefully will prove to make it possible to save Spirit.

Lifeguards helped Guy off the boat.

I know no more.

Thank God Guy is safe. Hopefully Spirit will be salvageable.

Appears the race is over for Guy.

Oh, what a game it was! Syracuse beat Purdue 32-29. In the final 7 seconds on a 25 yard touchdown pass by Garett Schrader.

Syracuse now 3-0.

Crazy game. Syracuse losing 9-3 at halftime. The second half was a BALL GAME!

The combined score of both teams in the last quarter was 42. Syracuse scored 22, Purdue 20. The scoring was like the last minute of a close basketball game. One touchdown after another. Each team going ahead only to soon fall behind.

Two observations.

I was at the Carrier Dome when it opened in 1981. Private box seating 16, with bar, etc. Spent many happy years there watching football and basketball.

The new Carrier Dome held around 55,000. When Syracuse was playing well, attendance at that or close to that number for football. When playing poorly, attendance 35,000-40,000.

Syracuse is having a good year so far. The new Dome should have been jam packed. Not. Vacant seats observable everywhere. Looked like a 35,000 crowd to me.

Forty plus years ago was when the crowds were as I recall them. Apparently less interest in the games today. Sad.

Vegas and its ability to predict scores amazes me. Syracuse was projected to win by 1.5 points. Won by 3. How does Vegas do it?

A video of a New York City MacDonald’s is running rampant on the internet. The scenario occurred yesterday. A customer went crazy inside swinging an ax.

A black man was attacked orally and physically by several Latinos. The black gent remained cool and covered his head with his arms to protect himself. What led to the situation, I do not know.

Finally, the Latinos walked away. Words were still being exchanged. The black gent went to his duffel bag and pulled out a hand axe.

He threatened, however hit no one. A lot of yelling continued. The axe was used to destroy a lot of MacDonald property.

While physical damage was being done, many were laughing at the gent with the axe. New Yorkers apparently tough people. Only time a person appeared afraid was when he had the axe in that person’s face.

Finally, he got on his bicycle and rode out.

I thought yesterday was going to be a bad one for me. Too much on my plate. Turned out to be nothing. Everything moved smoothly.

My leg and foot massage at 4. Oh, the pain! Is it working? I “think” so. Not sure. Less swelling today. The lady doing me returns today and tomorrow. She claims 3 consecutive days will help considerably. We shall see.

The Los Angeles School District issued a report concerning whether students had met established standards for Math and English during school year 2020-2021. Especially in Math. Only 28 percent met or exceeded the standards. Which meant 72 percent failed to do so.

English was another problem. Only 42 percent met the standards.

School official blamed school lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The officials stated the results prove there is no substitute for in person instruction.

School officials claim COVID had wiped out decades of progress and it would take a number of years to catch up to pre COVID numbers.

Winston Churchill and the Ukraine’s Zelensky have much in common. Led their countries during the worst of war times.

A quote by Churchill fits Zelensky’s attitude: “Never, never, never give up.”

Enjoy your Sunday!




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