Whacko speaks out again! Bess Levin reports it.

Got to love Bess Levin. Vanity Fair’s star investigative reporter isn’t afraid to call them as she sees them. And correct she always is!

Her recent 9/19 article: Trump Throws Important Shit Fit Over FBI Agents Not “Taking Off Their Shoes”” In His Bedroom. According to Trump, Mar-a-Lago will never be the same.

Things a little confusing. Trump facing 30 years in jail if indicted and convicted. Yet his primary concern is FBI shoes on his bedroom carpet.

Trump a recognized germaphobe.

Trump’s shoes on concern true. His words. On Sunday, he took to Truth Social to inform his followers: “…..they didn’t even take off their shoes in my bedroom. Nice!!!”

Truth Social is an all tech social media platform created by Trump Media & Technology Group, an American media and technology company founded in October 2021 by former President Donald Trump.

Trump spoke at a Youngstown, Ohio rally Saturday night. In effect, a QAnon rally. Trump appeared to openly embrace the group. One of its primary purposes to wipe out pedophilia worldwide. They believe Democrats and liberals are primarily engaged in the practice. Remember Hillary Clinton being involved in an alleged pedophilia ring operating out of the basement of a pizza establishment in Washington, D.C. several years ago.

Trump’s words similarly suggestive to those said January 6. Without being specific, he said he would lead them in whatever was to be done to make America what it had been. He would lead them.

Trump’s words had the ring of Jones’ as the Kool Aid was being passed out. Amazing how his followers buy his crap.

Queen Elizabeth II apparently had a unique relationship with South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. The relationship was mentioned on TV this past week. Whenever the two met, Mandela greeted the Queen with “Elizabeth!”

As the years move on, women seem to wear less and less clothing.

“A bra top is the new T-shirt,” says well known French fashion designer Eli Mizirahi. They are being worn today without any cover.

Last week was New York Fashion Show Week. Show after show featured at least one woman in a bra. Some, several.

The bra top trend began in 2019. Every year more and more designers utilized the concept. One designer said, “Can definitely raise eyebrows, but I don’t think that’s negative.”

Western Mexico suffered another major earthquake yesterday. A 7.6.

My former wife and I were in Acapulco when a large one hit years ago. A 6.4.

We were staying at the Acapulco Princess. A magnificent resort!

One of its features was a series of ponds. The water ran downward one pond to another. Trees and huge boulders in the water. The story was the original Tarzan movies were filmed where the ponds were located.

My wife and I were sitting chest high in the water on one of the boulders. All of a sudden, the boulder moved. Five to six inches sideways. I looked at my wife and quietly said, “The boulder moved.” She nodded in agreement. Then it moved back.

I looked around. Life was still going on. People walking and chatting. Laughing. No one seemed to have noticed what we had. I told my wife not to mention what we experienced to anyone. They would think we were crazy.

That evening we were having dinner with a couple we met at the hotel. The wife asked where we were when the earthquake struck. They had been downtown, saw the street open and a car disappearing in the hole.

My wife and I, as well as our friends, all had a good laugh as we relayed our experience and concern.

The earthquake’s center was south of Acapulco. The effect was felt in Acapulco.

Yesterday was day 3 of my massages. My feet are improved 75 percent. Not the 100 I had hoped for. Still a hell of a lot better!

Taking a day off today. The game plan is to continue tomorrow.

I feel like I am part of a voodoo experience.

Things seem to occur when they shouldn’t. Like a fire occurring when the fire fighting system was undergoing repairs resulting in a lack of water to fight the fire. Such exactly happened to St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church when it was located on Duval. It was destroyed by fire this day in 1901.

Shit happens. I reported yesterday that Key West had planted a British flag next to the Southernmost Point and wrapped a purple banner around the structure itself in respect for Queen Elizabeth.

In the middle of Sunday night, 3 men took down the flag and absconded with it. Stupid is as stupid does. Probably tourists. Drunken tourists. Unaware that Key West keeps a 24 hour video running on the structure. The 3 were captured on video. Their pictures. They have not been apprehended yet.

In the meantime, it appears the flag was abandoned within a few blocks. It was found by a local who is in the process of returning it to the police.

Guy DeBoer. Not much new to report. Only item I am aware of is Guy met with salvagers yesterday morning. No report re the meeting itself or anything else at the moment.

Enjoy your day!

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