It is claimed Winston Church made the greatest speech in modern history.

It was June 4, 1940, The British were trapped at Dunkirk and facing annihilation. His own party lost confidence in his leadership and urged him to sue for peace with Hitler. Churchill stood alone with the British people.

Churchill addressed Parliament that historic day. He thundered he and the British people would fight “on the landing grounds, and in the streets, and on the beaches, and in the fields, and in the hills. England will never surrender!”

Courageous words at a time when England was at its lowest ebb.

Years later, John Kennedy shared his impression of Churchill’s words: “He marshaled the English language and sent it off into battle.”

One of Hemingway’s better remembered statements: “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.”

Hits home for me!

For years, friday night was couples night. My former wife and I would go to dinner with two other couples. The people and conversation always the same. The conversation never deviated.

The ladies were close friends and pretty much dominated the conversation.

It became too much for me. The solution came soon. When we arrived where ever we were to eat, I had 3 Beefeaters on the rocks in rather rapid succession. Followed by at least 2 more during dinner.

No problems! I handled these evenings for years afterwards. Smiled through dinner. Uttered an occasional yes , how wonderful, really?

Made it through the night. Hemingway was absolutely correct.

Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Truman. How many times do I say it! Never boring. Always true.

On this day in 1950, Truman returned to Washington after a month’s rest in the Key West sunshine. Good for him!

McConnell was quick to respond to Biden’s friday announcement that he was appointing a Commission to study the Supreme Court.

McConnell came back with a swift statement that Biden’s move was a “direct assault on an independent judiciary!”

Makes me laugh.

McConnell is a whore. He speaks through both sides of his mouth on every issue. He led the war for 10 yeas to pack the Court from the Republican perspective. He accomplished it. The Court now is 6-3 with conservatives in control.

McConnell was open about his aim over the years. His party and many conservative groups wee constantly lauding him.

There is nothing democratic about a Court overloaded with members of one party. The correct mix should be 4-4 with the 9th jurist a swing vote. Like rolling dice to achieve.

The Democrats cannot permit the Court to remain as it is. Neither fair, balanced nor democratic. Unless some sort of packing is permitted, what Congress and the President may want to do is meaningless. The Court will continue to be the final arbiter leaning to the conservative right in most instances.

Note that a 9 member Court is not sacrosanct. There have been differing numbers in different periods of American history.

Last night was Cocktails at 7 with Cathy in Seattle. It had been a bit of time since we last met via Skype.

As usual, pleasant. Nice lady.

We touched on many subjects. Nothing boring.

Occasionally cooking becomes a topic. She has cooked her whole life. I am a newbie at it. She has helped me with many of the simple things like how to defrost frozen meats and fish, what to throw away out of the freezer after months of sitting there, how to prepare certain dishes, etc.

A new one came up last night.

Somehow we got into egg salad. I told her I did not like store bought. Nor did I enjoy making it myself. The egg boiling, cooling, removing the shells, was too much for me. Not from a labor sense. It forced me to do things that did not turn me on. Cathy came up with the solution! Buy already hard boiled and shelled eggs. Simple from that point forward to prepare egg salad.

The eggs Cathy recommended came with this morning’s grocery delivery. I plan on making egg salad this afternoon.

It amuses me how my years of legal training are of no value in my attempts at cooking.

Tomorrow a big day! A very big one! I am leaving the house. Going out into the world. Associating  with virus laden people.

Today marks my 411 day in self-quarantine. A good boy I have been.

I am now 2 weeks past the second shot. Doctor says go out and enjoy! Keep wearing a mask and social distancing wherever you can.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Matt Gaetz was the featured speaker at the Republican “Women for America First”m gathering at Trump’s National Doral, In Miami Florida, on Saturday.

    What does that tell you about today’s Republican party?

  2. The New York Times announced, “Biden Creating Commiszion to Study Expanding the Supreme Court.”

    They will cite a need for diversity because we will need on the Supreme Court a black woman communist, a transgendered communist, a Hispanic male communist, a pansexual him/her communist, and a Muslim communist to re-interpret that Constitution that was written by those slave owners. Oh, and they need to replace that Karen that President Trump put on the court.

    Writing liberal gibberish is easy-peasy. That’s really why journalists write it. The truth is, they are as lazy as sloths on Quaaludes.

    • Don S. is a political terrorist, who never lets facts or truth get in his way. He writes a little known personal political blog that is nothing but incendiary nasty and racist garbage, with enough time to spare that he trolls people he disagrees with, like Lou with unnecessary Bull Sh*t.

      It is people like Don who are making America what it has become.

      BTW – Quaaludes is a discontinued pharmaceutical that was most used as THE date rape drug, by older inept men, don!

    • If we need any communists, we need only call Trump or any of his supporters, probably even you Don. Trump loved Puten and all his communist friends. You and other Trump supporters NEVER once complained about any of those friendships then or now. You reserve any thoughts on the subject only to smear Democrats. What a hypocrite.

      As for Muslims, has any president been closer to any Muslim country than Trump was to Saudi Arabia and it’s monarchs? Where was the criticism then, Don?

      Is it hard talking out of both sides of your mouth Don?

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