Walmart has announced an uncommon act of generosity. Shocking in its broadness. So much so that Walmart can be considered a Thanksgiving Santa Claus.

Walmart is offering this year’s Thanksgiving meal at last year’s prices. Astonishing! Especially when taking into account that turkeys alone are costing twice what they did last year.

Walmart’s announcement: “We’re removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional  Thanksgiving items. We made significant investments on top of our everyday low prices so customers can get a traditional Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price at Walmart.”

The offer extends through Christmas ending on December 26.

An abortion. A Key West abortion. A Key West dog abortion.

It was 1993. Two main characters: Rocky a 7 pound Chihuahua and Camella an 80 pound Rottweiler.

Rocky found love on a neighbor’s deck. His love attention Camella. Camella was in heat. Rocky impregnated her.

Camella had been left on her owner’s deck. Her owner Kevin Foley. He had left her alone while he went inside to get her something to eat. That is when Rocky and Camella became involved.

Camella got pregnant.

Foley was upset. He had planned on breeding Camella “to an acceptable male so that a litter might be sold.” He sued Rocky’s owner Dayami Diaz for $2,567.50.

Foley had left Camella tied on the deck. Rocky intruded. There was no evidence Camella tried to avoid Rocky’s charms.

The facts showed an animal control officer was passing by. He stopped to observe. Little Rocky engaging sexually with the big Camella grabbed his attention.

Foley took photos while the animal control officer tried to separate the dogs with a hose.

One month later it was discovered Camella was pregnant.

The world would never know what the pups would look like. Foley had Camella aborted. The term back then for a dog abortion a hysterectomy. A litter of 10 pups were terminated via the abortion.

The hysterectomy left Camella sterile. Diaz defended Rocky by casting aspersions on Camella’s character. Other visiting male dogs.

Camella apparently had a thing for smaller dogs. One was an inadequate Shih Tzu with an injured hip. Nevertheless, the judge was convinced Rocky was the culprit and awarded Foley $2,567.50.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman Avenue was so named this date in 1948: To honor a visit to Key West by President Truman.

The roadway was previously named Division Street. Better named as Truman. Has remained so all these years and will remain so for all the years to come. Key West will never forget Harry Truman.

Significant day today. The Earth’s population reaches 8 billion persons. The number based on UN projections.

The 8 million represents the largest number ever.

No boredom tonight. Syracuse/Colgate basketball at 7 and Trump’s announcement at 9.

Enjoy your day!


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