It was instantaneous. The second I heard missiles had landed in Poland, my mind screamed WAR.

Poland all over. It was German troops, tanks and planes that ignited World War II. NATO stood on the ready today in the event Russia went beyond Ukraine. Should it occur, Poland was where the experts thought it would happen.

Cool heads prevailed. Investigation now suggests the cause was  wayward Ukrainian defense missiles and not Russian missiles.

It could have been otherwise. I hope it never will.

Trump announced his candidacy for President again. Reminds me of Harold Stassen. I am old enough to recall Harold Stassen.

Stassen was a young successful Republican politician. In his early years recognized as Presidential timber. Kept running however even beyond his Presidential timber years. He ran 9 times between 1944 and 1992. Never received the Republication nomination. Came close in his early runs, however.

Stassen was a successful gubernatorial candidate. Four times Governor of Minnesota and two times Governor of Pennsylvania.

This is only Trump’s third try. Hope springs eternal, however. Especially with a pompous dreamer. All he has to do is live long enough.

His speech was unimpressive. I watched most of it on CNN. FOX carried parts also. The other networks refused to cover the event.

Two significant observations.

He was consistent in lying. Never a speech without. Numerous wildly incorrect statements. Fact Checks killing him this morning.

His appearance caused me concern. I may not agree with him. Does not mean I want to see him drop dead.

He looked tired. Extremely so. Huge difference from last week prior to election day when he was full of pep and energy convinced of success. Not a wonder. Even Trump got the message. The Republican Party took the worse mid term beating ever. Within hours/days, Republican supporters were abandoning him. Even daughter Ivanka who said she would not be getting politically involved this time.

How much can one human take? Investigations, lawsuits, political failures, etc. Trump has to be beat up physically and mentally. He looked like a candidate for a stroke or heart attack last night.

The only other major die hard remaining is Arizona’s Kari Lake. Will she go quietly into the night or stand and fight?

Artemis I finally made it up, up and away! At 1:47 this morning on its fourth try. The trip to take it around the moon and back.

Lord, why in my old age must I be made to suffer the pain of Syracuse defeats? At least let them win the games the team should.

Basketball season is here. Early games against easy opponents. Last night, Colgate. Colgate won 80-68. Last year, the same. Colgate defeated Syracuse 100-85.

You forget Lord that prior to last year, the last time Colgate beat Syracuse was 1902. What happened? Why have you abandoned Syracuse? A Christian school. Methodist. That should not make any difference however.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Didn’t Trump say, back in 2016 when running for president, that no one should vote for his opponent (Hillary Clinton) because she was about to be indited? Wasn’t that a BIG Republican talking point.

    Wouldn’t that now be the case with him?

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