“Call me Ishmael.” Opening line to Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. One of the most famous opening lines in literary history.

Melville published Moby-Dick this day in 1851. A failure. Turned few on. Melville died in 1891. Moby-Dick still an economic flop.

It took to the 1920’s for Moby-Dick to become a literary success. It was “discovered.” Actually, Herman Melville the author was discovered. At the same time in the 1920’s, his first novel Billy Budd became a popular best seller.

I envy Steve Thompson that he came to Key West in the 1970’s and became a part of the island. At the same time that he discovered Key West, he likewise discovered the Chart Room. A winning combination!

Steve became friends with Phil Tenney.

Phil was a Chart Room regular in the ’70s. One of the nicest people I met in the Keys. He shared his 19 foot Mako with all of us and showed me how cool catching lobsters was.

His dad was a diplomat overseas for a while. His mom drove a Porsche and I sure liked her style. They talked about living overseas and strange places. All the ancient cities and mysterious faces.

Phil had a woodshop on Caroline Street. The door was always open and it was really neat. He had all the best stuff from band saws to jointers.

His index finger was shaped like a spiral pointer. He said he looked up when a car honked his horn. He was on the drill press and he saw the bandages torn. He had a wire in his finger from a previous repair. He said it reminds him to pay attention when working there.

Phil now owns probably the best restaurant in the Keys. Everyone knows it by its first name, Louie’s. Louie’s Backyard.

Phil and his wife Pat bought Louie’s in 1983. Today, Phil and his son Jed run the place.

I experienced a bit of a calamity a few days ago.

I live on the golf course. Two blocks in from the 18th fairway. There is a whole block of houses across the street from me that are directly on the golf course. All homes are 2 stories.

In the five years I have rented here, my home has been hit by errant golf balls 5-6 times a week. A loud noise. Never any damage. Till last week.

My bedroom on the second floor. A golf ball hit and broke a bedroom window. Glass all over the floor, a dresser, TV set and my bed sheets.

Called the realtor who manages the property. He said your house too far in to be hit by golf balls. Just what I needed. Bullshit! Anyhow, the manager is now trying to determine who is responsible for replacing the window. The homeowners association or my landlord.

Yesterday, a carpenter showed up. To fix the window? No. To cover the entire window with a piece of plywood. The board was drilled into the house.

Nothing is simple in Key West. Probably take months to resolve the issue.

I got my cleaning lady Sylvia and her husband Jose over to clean up the mess, change the sheets, etc.

Harpoon Harry’s own a boat that was in the Powerboat Races. Big stuff! Boats expensive to purchase. Expensive also to maintain and operate. Not kid stuff.

The Harpoon Harry boat won the friday races. A big deal! Congratulations in order.

Donald Trump has advised he will be announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President in 2024 tomorrow. Woe is we!

He can’t win. He’s lucky he won the first time.

If he loses a primary, he will run independently to be a spoiler. If he wins a primary, I cannot believe the people will elect him again. The odds actually are he will lose a primary and run independently.

Even a good and talented person like Theodore Roosevelt could not win as an independent.

What Trump will succeed in doing is helping to elect the Democratic candidate.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “MOBY-DICK

  1. Morning Lou! Have read and enjoyed your column (via Konk Life) for a long time. Now regarding the Dems securing the Senate, let’s hope they keep a full court press in GA. If they win GA, the first sound you will hear is Joe Manchin’s cry of agony as his testicles are being cut off.
    Enjoy your day as well.

  2. Lou – I don’t think it will matter if Trump runs and loses. It won’t matter, he’ll just claim he did win and people all over America, like the Hogan brothers will have his back.They are the real problem with America, always more interested in creating problems than creating a better America.

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