Violence today, tomorrow, when?

A threat was made. the gauntlet thrown. Another Capitol invasion today. If not, perhaps the 6th. If not, when?

The U.S. is at war. Plain and simple. The opposition may be U.S. citizens. However, unhappy ones. As the South was prior to the Civil War.

January 6 was Fort Sumter.

Violence must be net with violence. Otherwise the opposition will continue.

The insurgents threaten in the extreme. This time to take prisoners. Democrats in the Capitol. Then harm them. To what extent, who knows.

I do not believe the government is sitting idly by. I am confident they know the location of most training camps, headquarters, persons in charge, etc. My advice: Get them now before they get us. Including any elected officials that have been silently aiding them.

Delay invites defeat.

China is moving “asses” to further protect against COVID-19.

China has made anal COVID-19 swabs mandatory for all foreign airline travelers arriving in China.

China claims such tests provide a higher degree of accuracy than other screening methods.

Anal testing presently being done at Beijing and Singapore Airports.

Apparently anal testing works better because virus traces stay longer in fecal samples than they do in the nose or throat.

Assume China is correct. Its anal testing will spread throughout China. Spread world wide also. Which raises a degree of concern in my mind.

The U.S. is a society that does not like to do certain things. Wearing face masks, an example. If we cannot get our people to wear face masks, how are we going to convince them to accept anal swabbing?

The Senate has narrowed income eligibility in order to qualify for the full $1,400 check, some portion thereof, or none at all.

I love it! Most if not all Senators are millionaires. Most have become so since arriving in the Senate. They are quick to take from those who have not. At the same time that the Senators and their families are living the good life.


Breaking news. Elaine Chao is the recently resigned Secretary of Transportation. She is Senator McConnell’s wife. She is recognized as a power figure in Washington.

She is of Chinese extraction. Her family also of course. Her parents reside in China. Do an extensive amount of shipping business in the U.S.

It has just come out that in December, while she still was Secretary of Transportation, the Department’s Inspector General referred her China related activities to the Department of Justice for possible criminal investigation. Justice refused to prosecute.

The Inspector General’s charge involved Chao’s “use of public office for private gain.”

Chao was Secretary of Transportation under George W. Bush also.

She and her husband’s personal worth has largely grown over the years.  They are part of those who have become exceptionally wealthy while holding public office.

Senator Ron Johnson is a fanatic. He behaves most times in a fanatical fashion. He is pro-Trump and pro-far right. He buys it all.

Anything to disrupt Democrats, of course.

The stimulus bill will becoming up before the Senate in a matter of days. It is more than 600 pages long. As is his right, Johnson has advised that he wants the Clerk of the Senate to read the bill before the Senate. It is anticipated it will take 10 hours.

The action of a youngster. A mature adult playing the game of government as a child would.

One thing I cannot understand. It is coming to my attention daily that more and more Floridians like DeSantis. They think he is doing a wonderful job. One item pleasing them is that he did not succumb to coronavirus warnings. He generally kept businesses open.

God help us if he ever becomes President. He will be as bad if not worse than Trump.

Texas Governor Abbott announced tuesday he is opening Texas 100 percent as of next wednesday. All businesses. Rescinding his mask mandate,also.

Last year, Abbott created a “strike force.” It consisted of business leaders and 4 medical experts. Their function was to advise the Governor on a safe plan with all things coronavirus affected. Including  restaurant openings and mask wearing.

It was revealed yesterday that Abbott did not consult 3 of his 4 medical advisers on lifting the mask order.

The Chairman of the Strike Force announced when the strike force was established the following: “Every recommendation, every action by the Governor, will be informed and based on hard data and the expertise of our chief medical advisers…..we will rely on their knowledge and expertise every step of the way.”

Does any one speak the truth anymore? People should be able to rely on the word of a Governor, for example. Perhaps not. We have learned we cannot depend on the word of a President.

Three U.S. Presidents were inaugurated on this day March 4. In different years, of course. All 3 regarded as “greats.” Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Syracuse beat Clemson this week 64-54. Made for 2 consecutive victories. Created a situation where Syracuse is back on the NCAA bubble.

Many Key West businesses survived the pandemic so far. Some even made money.

The reason therefore is Key West’s local Chamber of Commerce, the Key West Lodging Bureau, and Trip Adviser.

Money made. People got sick along the way, however.

Today’s Citizens’ Voice contained 2 interesting comments re Keys business.

The first, “Trip Adviser: After seeing the commercials, we assumed the Keys would be safe. Imagine our shock at the packed restaurants, lack of masks, horrible traffic and crowds. So much for truth in advertising, showing deserted beaches and calm streets instead of the zoo the Florida Keys really are. Shameful.”

The second, “No need for cruise ships. The City is packed without them.”

Enjoy your day!

DAY 38…..Greece the First Time

Posted on July 4, 2012 by Key West  Lou

Good bye Courmayeur and Chamonix!

Hello Camogli!

I had a three hour drive to get to Camogli yesterday. It took four. Construction. Two of three lanes closed. For 20 miles.

I have been vacationing too long. It seems I have acquired patience. It did not bother me. Plus, I had the Alps on each side of me. Great viewing at all times.

Castles accompanied me the whole way. Even as I got close to Camogli. Whereas I said yesterday they were about a mile apart, they seemed even closer during the drive. The castles are exciting to see. All different. Except for location. Each on top of a steep hill. Churches also, of course.

After viewing so many castles and being aware of the fighting that went on between them over the years, I do not know how Garibaldi got the various Kings to join in and create one nation in 1861. An accomplishment!

Clotheslines were with me also the whole trip. Even now in Camogli. Greece and Italy are loaded with them. It seems to be the only way to dry clothes in these countries. Clotheslines between windows and on balconies and terraces. Sometimes merely a rope between two windows.

I have been of the impression that there are no dryers because of the electrical problem. I have been asking the natives. They tell me no. It is because they prefer their clothes to be sun dried. I do not buy it. But…

Even million euro/dollar apartments hang their wet clothes out.

I suspect that if someone could invest a dryer that needed little or no electricity, Italians would run to buy them.

An interesting experience occurred on one of the thruways I was driving. Italian gas stops have restaurants and stores just as in the U.S. Not McDonald types. Better wholesome food. And anything else you can consider buying.

I had an ice cream. I was waiting in line to pay for it. A middle aged woman in a black dress was in front of me. She had made a 51 euro buy. A big buy for such a store. She told the girl behind the counter she had just became aware she had to feed the whole family in the evening.

The woman paid the 51 euros with three 20s. The girl checked out the bills. They use a machine to do it in Italy. No crossing with a marker.

The girl said the bills were no good. The woman got upset. I just got them from the bank, she said. She pulled out a large bunch of 20s. Tried to pay two more times. None of the bills good. Finally the woman paid with genuine Italian money.

Outside were two tough devious looking men watching the whole proceeding. She went out to them and the whole three got in a car and drove away.

The girl behind the counter spoke English. That is the reason I am able to relate this story. She explained it all to me afterwards. Apparently passing counterfeit bills a common problem in Italy.

Parking sucks in Camogli. The condominium I am using is located on the water. There is no parking on the water. Nor for a couple of blocks behind the rows of waterfront buildings. I had to park far far away. Then drag and roll my suitcase up and down little hills. Additionally Camogli is all steps. Reminded me of Rome. I had to carry the bag up the steps.

I find it amazing. Each time I am confronted by steps, they go up. Never down.

I am getting stronger. Six weeks ago I would have died. After all the hilly walking I have done this trip, my body is getting accustomed to it.

Every place I have visited has had a different flavor. As does Camogli. It is the Italy as I thought it would be. Old medieval buildings, steps, people chattering incessantly and loudly.

The buildings are medieval. Each more than a thousand years old. Along the waterfront, which by the way is the Mediterranean, they are six stories high. The first floor consists of stores and restaurants. Second through sixth floors apartments. No elevators in any of the buildings. Steep narrow staircases in each.

In the U.S. the higher the floor, generally the more expensive. Not in Camogli. Because of the lack of elevators the higher up you go, the cheaper the apartment.

Of course, no air conditioning in any of these buildings. Open windows and fans instead.

Camogli is on the western side of Italy. Significantly above Rome. Immediately next to Portofino. There is a mountain on the sea shore separating Camogli and Portofino. It is called Mount Portofino.

Last night, I ate in Camogli rather than run over to Portofino. I was tired from the drive. From what I am told, Camogli and Portofino are the same. Perhaps Portofino later today.

I had dinner at a sea side cafe around 11. Too late, I know. However, I was hungry.

I selected the cafe because there were white tablecloths and what turned out to be real silver and china glasses.

I was not disappointed. I had one terrific meal! The entree was lamb encased in ground pecan nuts . It was served on top of a bevy of cooked fruits and vegetables mixed. The key was the taste. There was an oil which appeared to keep the pecans attached to the lamb. Whatever, it was delicious. One of the finest meals I have ever enjoyed.

Greece was cheap dollar wise. Italy is expensive. Like 3-4 times.

I was tired after dinner. A bit bloated. It was after midnight. The area was still bustling. I went immediately to bed.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Re Violence in Washington – Lou, I believe you were confident the government was prepared to handle the violence last time (jan 6) too.

    This time the will not have the deliberate obstructions and orders to ignore in place. This Time the government itself is NOT part of the violence.

    Bring it on, fools!

  2. My guess is that nobody will show up and ergo, there’ll be no violence – They well all be at Trumps Q-Inauguration and not acting out and killing anyone at the capitol.

  3. Yawn. Another slow day at the Capitol. Someone should toss some Dr Seuss books over the razor wire. That would cause the liberals to jump into action to save the country.

      • Congress is not in session today because of fear of some sort of attack.
        The Capitol is surrounded by razor wire.
        Seven thousand troops and Capitol Police are guarding the empty building.
        No, it’s not funny..
        It’s stupid.
        Just plain stupid.

        • But necessary because Republicans within Congress itself promoted violence, supported those who attacked congress last time and promised to do it again, denied that they were complicit, still defend those who did it and will NOT condemn those who participated.

          No it is NOT funny, but is is also not stupid, it’s necessary and until YOU speak out against those who did it and those who STILL support it, it is YOU who is stupid!

    • The QOP theory regarding voter suppression (fewer people voting) has nothing to do with reducing fraud and everything to do with reducing the opposition vote. They are on record stating that large turn out of voters does NOT favor their candidates.

      America to them is never about fairness for Americans

  4. The Washington Post said, “At the Capitol, a March 4 threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage.”

    No threat was made.

    Nancy Pelosi made it up as an excuse to keep the Capitol in a military lockdown.

    • Don, you are a useless troll with your misguided intention of false and inciteful information.Nancy Pelosi did NOT make this up, she with many other people, including QAnon, the Proud Boys and Oath keepers themselves, promising they were going to protest in DC on the 4th. Furthermore many government agencies, including the FBI predicted violence. The fact that nothing happened is more likely because people like Pelosi and the FBI’s warning was persuasive enough to scare these hateful insurrectionists away.

      The Capitol should be kept in military lockdown for as long as people like you are willing to try and subvert our country with lies and violence

  5. Nancy Pelosi has long over lived her usefulness. Oh wait, she was actually never useful in any sense.

    Isn’t she one of the lunatics that believes the only fence in this country belongs around her home.

  6. The date has been changed from the 6th to the 20th. Keep up. Oh, they don’t tell you that on MSM, do they. You need to watch Fox for real news.
    The date will likely keep changing so Nancy and Chucky can keep the fence and Guard there for as long as they please. That may mean forever.

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