Somewhere in the last 24 hours, I read or saw on TV an item suggesting Trump was a dead rat on the floor no one wanted to touch. Strong analogy. I agree, however. Republicans are walking around Trump instead of removing him from Party influence.

Trump is dead politically. He cannot accept it. His party knows it even if he won’t admit it. Republicans simply do not know how to get rid of him.

Again like a dead rat on the floor, everyone sees it. No one wants to touch it. Some major Republican honchos better assume the responsibility. Otherwise Republicans will fare even more poorly in 2024.

Words by H.L. Mencken: “Love is like war: Easy to begin but very hard to stop.”

Kathleen Martinez is an archeologist affiliated with the University of San Domingo. A criminal attorney turned archeologist.

She has been searching the past 15 years for Cleopatra’s burial place. She believes she may be close.

Martinez recently discovered an underground tunnel at Taposiris Magna, a temple dedicated to Osiris, the God of Death. The tunnel is 6.5 feet tall, 4,300 feet long, and 43 feet underground. The tunnel is located in Egypt, west of Alexandria.

Not only does Martinez believe Cleopatra lies nearby, she also is convinced she will find Cleopatra buried along side Mark Anthony.

Her search continues.

There are parasites among us. Always have been. Modern day parasites are motivated by money and position. Biden was in Egypt yesterday at a major UN environmental conference.  Anti fossil fuel people from all over the world were present. The meeting a big deal in efforts to clean up the atmosphere.

A Republican Congressional delegation was also present. They represented the benefits of fossil fuels and spoke in support of their continued use. The thrust of their words were it was wrong to demonize fossil fuels.

Joe Manchin types. Personal gain more important that the health of the world.

Syracuse/Florida State tonight at 8. Will be televised on the ACC Network.

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  1. I’m a Republican, but, don’t like Trump. I like what he did as President, don’t like him as a person. That said, he made a huge mistake demeaning Gov DeSantis. One should not speak against one of the same party, especially as he did.

    Fossil fuels ? They are here to stay, at least for another couple decades. No way around it. They work, they are cheap, and they can be clean. look to other countries, we are not the big polluters. Our current electric grid can not support electric demand if it is increased much more. There are thousands of fields of windmills being abandoned simple because they don’t work and too expensive to repair. These will be cleaned up with taxpayers dollars. There are solar fields in the North East that don’t work during the winter. it seems some don’t understand why they won’t work when covered with snow.

  2. Cut the crap Patrick – There is and can be NO difference from Trump the president and Trump the man. Those like you that try and rationalize your own limited intelligence and significant personal hate, by trying to claim otherwise, is why this country is in deep trouble.

  3. Well spoken Michael – Hey Patrick, who are you trying to kid? You loved this guy Trump, everything about him not just as a president, but as a person and a businessman. You are acting like you didn’t post all those years or that everyone will have forgotten your bromance. Trump hates blacks and Trump hates Puerto Ricans, that ‘s YOUR kind of guy. Remember your denial and condemnation at the time of Katrina – INSISTING only 19 died and that the rest were on strike. Ha! – Now you want us to forget your stench – won’t happen, everybody here remembers your hate posts and MAGA love! Your attempt to reinvent yourself now that Trump is exposed as the rodent no one wants to touch is pathetic and won’t work. It is you that is the problem – once again you can’t hide from it.

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