He’s done it again!

All 50 Republicans report they will vote to nix Biden’s requirement for businesses with 100 employees or more. A bill will be passed to that effect. Manchin announced yesterday he will vote with the Republicans on the issue.

Amazing! Manchin is all for bipartisanship. Early on in Biden’s administration, Manchin said he voted against many of Biden’s proposals to encourage bipartisanship.

So far, bipartisanship has been a one way street. Manchin threatening to vote with the Republicans. When will the man learn?

The House may not support Biden on this issue also. However there seems to be little concern. Biden will most likely veto the bill when it reaches his desk.

Today a big one in medical history. The year 1967.

Dr. Christian Barnard in Cape Town, South africa, performed the first human heart transplant. It was the talk of the world! Everyone excited!

Austria being buried with new COVID cases. Two weeks ago declared a total lockdown. It has not worked.

Thousands protested in the streets. Anti-vaxxers.

Austria has come up with a new approach. Unvaccinated Austrians will face huge fines and prison time for non-compliance with vaccine mandated rules. A fine of $4,000 or 4 weeks in prison.

I continue failing to understand why many do not wish to be vaccinated. It is a proven life saver. Is freedom more valuable than life?

Assuming it even is a freedom issue. I sometimes think it was originally “created” for political purposes. Took off! Now half the humans on earth have bought into the freedom argument.

Meghan Kelly on her show Meghan Kelly TODAY did a program involving “crossing over.” Dying and returning to life.

The show was aired 8/17/18. Her guest Cherie Aimee. Cherie was on the operating table when she suffered cardiac arrest. She flat lined. She was dead 90 minutes. No question about the time.

Her doctor continued giving her CPR the entire time. Other medical staff in the operating room told him to stop. The woman was dead. The doctor  refused. After 90 minutes, his efforts were rewarded.

Some of Cherie’s comments.

I was “in white space…..I felt free of the burdens of everyday life.”

She chacterized her surroundings as being “so beautiful.”

She said she was in “another realm connected to Heaven…..She gracefully walked through this door.”

In an instant, she claims her entire life flashed before her. A “life review of any experience her soul had ever undergone.”

She claimed she “definitely no longer was afraid of death.”

Tennessee Williams lived in Key West from 1941 till his death in 1983.

On this day in 1947, Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire openid on Broadway.

It is believed the final draft of Streetcar was written by Williams at the La Concha Hotel.

I have seen the movie version many times over the years. Never boring. Always consuming. I saw it again last week on TV. A shadowy event starring Marlon Brando.

Yesterday a busy one for me. A haircut with Lori, picked up my laundry, a bank stop, and a meeting. Would you believe I was tired? Normal things tire me frequently.

My plan was to stop at The Side Door  at dinner time and have a drink with David. He is always at The Side Door thursdays.

I never made it.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “USELESS JOE MANCHIN

  1. The Missouri Independent reported that Gov. Mike Parson, had the Missouri Department of Health conducted an analysis of COVID-19 infections and deaths in those cities and counties that implemented mask mandates compared to the rest of the state. The results of that analysis were clear: During every part of the pandemic, mask mandates worked to reduce rates of infections and prevent deaths. So naturally, Parsons did what any good Republican governor would do when confronted with information that could save thousands of lives in his state—he buried it.

    • Compared to what, the plague in London?

      Missouri’s cases wee overwhelming hospitals across the state and killing people EVERYWHERE.

      We know you think Covid was a hoax, but now trying to say is wasn’t such a big deal is just dishonest and wrong.

      The governor of Missouri buried a report that said things he didn’t like. That is the story. You minimizing that with a stupid comment shows why America has become a third world country

  2. Hey Lou, Biden said he was in Israel during the 6 day war. He also claimed he was a liaison between Golda Mier and the Arabs. Unfortunately, Biden was nowhere near Israel in 1967. He was still in law school. Lou, either Biden Is a complete liar or Biden is cognitively impaired. Which is it?

  3. Biden is unfit for office and so is his stupid wife and criminal children. He should be removed from office NOW

    Let’s Go Brandon

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