It is going to snow today. On top of the Honolulu Volcanics. A series of volcanoes in the Pearl Harbor area on the island of O’Ahu.

The weather man predicts 12 inches of snow and winds of 100 miles per hour.

No time to be up there.

Snow can fall in the summer near high peaks. I know from experience.

Some 15 years ago on one of my European trips, it was July. Warm. I was staying in a swiss chalet half way up Mont Blanc. On the Italy side near Courmayeur.

When I woke, I walked out onto the balcony. Had to blink. Could not believe what I saw. Snow everywhere. Above me, at my level, and below. It was winter!

A blanket of white. By 11 am, the newly fallen snow at my level and below had melted. Summer again.

I have visited Courmayeur several times. A place God created. One of the most beautiful my eyes have seen. Surrounded by Mont Blanc.

Spring, summer, fall and winter there is always ice and snow on the upper levels of Mont Blanc. I sight to behold. The height and snow. What a combination!

Mont Blanc is part of the Alps. It is “mighty.” Height 15,777 feet. The highest mountain in the Alps and Europe.

Courmayeur is near the French border. Italy and France are connected by a seven mile tunnel which goes through Mont Blanc. On the French side is Chamonix. I have visited Chamonix each time I I have been in Courmayeur.

Two totally different flavors. One French, the other Italian. Physically and people wise.

The Italian people warm. The French cold, distant. The buildings though built differently are each beautiful.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis is a Donald Trump clone. He wants to be President.

He is authoritarian. Could be a Hitler in the making.

He is in the process of creating a “civilian military force.” Florida’s own. Under control and direction of the Governor.

He argues the civilian military group will exist to help the Florida State Guardsmen and assist in specific state emergencies.

I fear he bullshits us. The civilian force will be his personal army. DeSantis says he does not want “to be encumbered by the federal government.”

A civilian military is not uncommon. Twenty three states have such in one form or another. I am not aware if any have ever been used. If so, I would suspect infrequently.

The State would have to pay the bill/expenses of a civilian military.

It was reported yesterday that DeAntis is in the process of having 4 new anti-vaxxing laws created. Strange devious ways to get around federal laws that would prevent such activity. Somewhat like Texas has been doing with everything.

One item would be Florida not having to adhere to federal OSHA laws. Florida would set up its own.

Floridians would pay that bill also.

I smile. Florida’s senior population is conservative. Tight. Understandably. They will follow DeSantis till they recognize the bill is getting heavy. Then DeSantis may be out.

I am not sure that time will ever come, however. With all the things DeSantis has done and is now trying to do, I worry he might want to withdraw from the Union and run Florida as a separate entity. Don’t laugh. There is no reason for a civilian military answerable to him. Never forget, Hitler wanted the Gestapo.

We live in strange times. Anything is possible.

The New York Times published this morning an interesting article by Eugene Robinson: On Voting Rights, Democratic Senators Need To Face Reality.

Robinson’s position strong: “This is a demand, not a request…..Calls for voting rights for all Americans.”

Robinson asserts “the right to vote should not be a partisan issue. But it is.”

Republicans don’t care. They forget that what goes around, comes around. If problems cannot be reasonably solved by legislative action, I fear Civil War may be possible.

It could happen again.

Syracuse/Florida State in basketball this afternoon at 4. An ACC opening game.

Syracuse 4-3 and Florida State 5-2. Florida State a slight favorite.

I will be in front of the TV set beginning at 4.

Enjoy your day!



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